Basic Computer MCQs

Most repeated basic computer MCQs from past papers held in previous years.

Which of the following window do not have start button?

(A). Window 10

(B). Window 8

(C). Window Vista

(D). None of these

In MS Excel, Conditional Formatting is in ____ tab.

(A). Home

(B). View

(C). Page layout

(D). Insert

What is the largest font size available in drop down menu of MS word 2016?

(A). 72

(B). 82

(C). 76

(D). 78

To start slide show of a presentation?

 (A). F5

(B). F8

(C). F9

(D). F3

In PowerPoint, the selected design template can be applied?

 (A). To all the slides

(B). To current slide only

(C). To all the new slides you create

(D). All of these

MS Word and MS Excel are?

(A). High level language

(B). Applications Software

(C). Operating systems

(D). Low level language

A word in a web page that, when clicked opens another document?

(A). Reference

(B). Hyperlink

(C). Anchor

(D). URL

Which of the following keystrokes updates a bibliography field?

(A). F5

(B). F7

(C). F3

(D). F9

A new Presentation can be created from?

(A). From design template

(B). Blank Presentation

(C). From existing Presentation

(D). All of the above

What is defined by handout master?

(A). Layout of Handout

(B). Layout of template

(C). Layout of slide

(D). Layout of Design

Numbers of columns in MS-Excel 2007 are?

(A). 16,384

(C). 15,000

(B). 20,000

(D). 17,000

In MS Word 2016 _____ is not is not available in font spacing?

(A). Expanded

(B). Loosely

(C). Normal

(D). Condensed

The keyboard F12 key in MS Word opens a ___?

 (A). Save As dialog box

(B). Save dialog box

(D). Close dialog box

(D). Open dialog box

Which part of computer used for transfer of data?

(A). Software parts

(B). Physical part

(C). Both A & B

(D). None of these

Which memory functioned as a buffer between CPU and storage?

(A). Read Only Memory

(B). Random Access Memory

(C). Cache Memory

(D). None of these

The keys used to lock the keyboard are ___?

(A). CTRL + Alt

(B). CTRL + K

(C). Window logo + L

(D). Windows logo + Tab

What is the Short cut key for line break?

(A). Space + Enter

(B). CTRL + Enter

(C). Shift + Enter

(D). Alt + Enter

Which one is faster?

(A). ROM

(B). Hard Disk

(C). Cache

(D). RAM

In Excel 2016, one has to go to _____ option for setting or clearing print area.

(A). Data

(B). Page Layout

(C). Review

(D). Insert

Which of the following software is used to prepare presentation?

 (A). Power point

(B). Spread sheet

(C). Microsoft Word

(D). None of these

In Word 2016, to extend a selection to one line up, press ____  Keys from keyboard?





In Excel 2016, which of the following can be used to split windows into two?

(A). View –> Split

(B). Format -> Window

(C). Window -> Split

(D). View -> Window-> Split

The structure or format of data is called:

(A). Syntax

(B). Structure

(C). Semantics

(D). None of these

In MS Word this describes the size, weight and spacing of a character?

 (A). Font

(B). Typography

(C). Points

 (D). Typeface

Which of the following line spacing is invalid in MS Word document?

(A). Single

(B). Multiple

(C). Triple

(D). Double

In Microsoft Window 7, which of the following is not a gadget?

(A). Recycle Bin

(B). News

(C). Date and time

(D). Weather

To change text in italic form:

(A). Ctrl + I

(C). Ctrl + B

(B). Ctrl + C

(D). Ctrl + M

The World Wide Web (WWW) was invented by?

(A). Robert E. Kahn

(B). Adam Osborne

(C). Tim Berners-Lee

(D). Robert Cailliau

Email consist of two parts one is username and other is _____ ?

(A). Domain name

(B). User ID

(C). User Password

(D). All of these

Which is used for web page and web address ___?

(A). Software

(B). Search engine

(C). Both A & B

(D). None of these

Which device is required for the Internet connection?

(A). Modem

(B). NIC card

 (C). Joystick

(D). None of these

In MS office 2016, “Watermark” option is available in:

(A). Design

(B). View

(C). Layout

 (D). Insert

Which of the following is a text editor?

A) Word pad

B) Note pad

C) Ms-Word

D) Excel-Pad

In Microsoft Access to create a new table, in which method you don’t need to specify the field type and size?

(A). Create table using wizard

(B). Create table in design view

(C). Create table by entering data

(D). All of these

CD-ROM stands for ____?

(A). Compact Data Read Only Memory

(B). Compactable Read Only Memory

(C). Compact Disk Read Only Memory

(D). None of these

A gigabyte is equal to?

(A). 1024 MB

(B). 1024 KB

(C). 1000 MB

(D). 1000 KB

HTML is the basic language used to create:

(A). Spreadsheets

(B). Desktop publishing

(C). Web pages

(D). Databases

To edit in an embedded excel worksheet object in a MS Word document?

(A). Use the excel menu bar and toolbars inside the word application

(B). Edit the data in a excel source application

(C). Use the word menu bar and toolbar

(D). Edit the hyperlink

Which of the following is the starting point of website?

(A). Index

(B). Java script

(C). Home page

(D). Bookmark

Which of the following is not one of PowerPoint’s views?

(A). Slide view

(B). Outline view

(C). Presentation view

(D). Slide show view

Which shortcut key is used to moves the cursor one Page Down?

(A). Ctrl + PageDown

(B). Alt + Page Down

(C). Shift + Page Down

(D). Page Down

Linux is a/an?

(A). Operating System

(B). Application Software

(C). Educational Software

(D). Utility program

Which of the following is the latest version of MS Excel?

 (A). Excel 2016

(B). Excel 2017

(C). Excel XP

(D). Excel 2007

Hybrid Computers are ____ ?

(A). Digital Computers

(B). Analog Computers

(C). Analog and Digital Computers

(D). None of these

In Microsoft Word 2016, Shortcut key to open “Font Display Box” is:

(A). Alt + F

(B). Ctrl + F

(C). Alt + D

(D). Ctrl + D

File Format used in Power Point?

(A). Gif

(B). Way

(C). Jpg

(D). All of these

Which shortcut key is used to insert an end note in MS office 2016?

(A). Alt + Shift + D

(B). Shift + Ctrl + D

(C). Alt + Ctrl + D

(D). Ctrl + D

Which of the following is not a function in Microsoft Excel?

(A). MIN

(B). MAX

(C). SUM

(D). AVG

A computer on internet is identified by its?

(A). Login Password

(B). E-mail Address

(C). Street Address

(D). IP Address

In which menu can you find features like Slide Design, Slide Layout?

 (A). Tools Menu

(B). Format Menu

(C). Insert Menu

(D). None of these

Incoming messages are stored in a folder known as?

(A). Mailbox

(B). Inbox

(C). Postbox

(D). Outbox

Computer mouse was invented by ___ in 1964?

(A). Douglas Englebart

(B). Bill Gates

(C). Allan Shugart

(D). Herman Hollerith

In Excel 2016, “Ctrl + Space” shortcut keys are used to?

(A). Selection Entire Rows and Columns

(B). Select Entire Column

(C). Select Entire Row

(D). None of these

What is the function of “Ctrl + B” in MS Word?

(A). It adds a line break to the document

(B). It converts selected text into the next larger size

(C). It makes the selected text bold

(D). None of these

BIOS is used for?

(A). It helps in routing

(B). Loading operating system

(C). Updating system information

(D). It takes inputs from keywords and other devices

What is bulk e-mail known as?

(A). Spool

(B). Spam

(C). Hebrew

(D). Arial

How many different documents you can open at one time?

(A). Only one

(B). As many as your taskbar can display

(C). As many as your computer memory will hold

(D). Not more than three

Mac operating system is developed by which company?

(A). Microsoft

(B). Apple

(C). Google

(D). None of these

What is the maximum font size you can apply for any character in MS Word?

(A). 16038

(B). 1638

(C). 163

(D). Nona of these

Which of the following is an example of Database Management System?

(A). Power Point

(B). MS Word

(C). Adobe Photoshop


The orientation of page in MS Word can be changed from?

(A). Insert Tab

(B). Layout Tab

(C). Design Tab

(D). View Tab

To stop a slideshow in MS Power point which of the following option a correct?

(A). Press F5

(B). Press CTRL

(C). Press Escape

(D). Press F2

Pressing F8 three times selects:

(A). Sentence

(B). Change the margin

(C). Select the dialog box

(D). All of these

Hyperlinks are?

(A). Text

(B). Pictures

(C). Drawing Objects

(D). All of these

In computing, which of the following connects two similar network segments?

(A). Bridge

(B). Router

(C). Gateway

(D). Algorithm

DOCX is the extension of?

(A). Microsoft Word

(B). Windows

(C). Microsoft Excel

(D). Microsoft Access

In MS word, extend a selection one screen down press?

(A). ALT + SHIFT + Page down

(B). SHIFT + Page down

(C). CTRL + Page down

(D). CTRL + SHIFT + Page down

Format painter tool can be found in?

(A). Drawing toolbar

(B). Options toolbar

(C). Formatting toolbar

(D). Standard toolbar

What is the largest hardware company?

(A). Dell

(B). Microsoft

(C). HP

(D). My Space

In Excel 2016, one has to go to _____ option for setting or clearing print area.

(A). Data

(B). Page Layout

(C). Insert

(D). Review

In the field of computers what is BASIC (Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)?

(A). A Programming language

(B). A basic course in computers

(C). A Software

 (D). Software coding

____ are used to display data:

(A). Input devices

(B). Storage devices

(C). Communication devices

(D). Output devices

UNIX operating system was developed by ……?

(A). Ken Thompson

(B). Dennis Ritchie

(C). Both A & B

(D). None of these

Microsoft Windows uses a GUI environment GUI stands for?

(A). Geometrical Upper Intelligence

(B). Graphical User Interface

(C). Grammatical User Incorporation

(D). Geographical User Interchange

When you insert a comment in a document, the comment appears in a?

(A). Sidebar

(B). Balloon

(C). New window

(D). Sticky note icon

Portrait and Landscape are _____?

(A). Page Orientation

(B). Page Layout

(C). Paper Size

(D). None of these

In MS Power Point, on mouse click option can be used by ___ ?

(A). Format > on mouse click

(B). Review > on mouse click

(C). Transition > on mouse click

(D). Insert > on mouse click

Illustration group is in which tab?

(A). Insert

(B). Page Layout

(C). Home

(D). All of these

MS Excel is a?

(A). Design format

(B). Workbook

(C). Spreadsheet

(D). None of these

Ctrl, Shift and Alt are called _____ Keys?

(A). Function

(B). Alphanumeric

(C). Modifier

(D). Adjustment

In MS PowerPoint two kinds of sound effects files that can be added to the presentation are?

(A).  .wav files and .gif files

(B). .wav files and .jpg files

(C). .jpg files and .gif file

 (D). None of these

Internet was first developed in?

(A). 1980s

(B). 1960s

(C). 1950s

(D). 1970s

Which feature starts a new line whenever a word or sentence reached a border?

(A). New Line

(B). Text Line

(C). Text Wrapping

(D). None of these

Who is the father of Computer?

(A). Augusta Ada King

(B). Charles Babbage

(C). Allen Turing

(D). Seymour Cray

What term describes a picture that has been resized by a percentage?

(A). Stretched

(B). Cropped

 (C). Flipped

(D). Scaled

In MS Word, “Delete” key deletes letters from _____the side of cursor?

(A). Right

(B). Left

(C). Down

(D). Up

What is the function of Logical Unit in a computer?

(A). To store result data

(B). To perform arithmetic and logic operations 

(C). To produce result 

(D). To control flow of information

A hard disk becomes totally inaccessible when a computer virus corrupts it’s___?

(A). File Allocation Table

(B). Partition table

(C). Boost Sector

(D). None of these

To copy a picture of the screen to the Clipboard use?

 (A). Shift Key

(B). Alt Key

(C). Print Screen Key

(D). None of these

In Word 2016, which of the following shortcut key is used to use paste special?

(A). CTRL + ALT + V

(B). CTRL + TAB + V

(C). ALT + V

(D). CTRL + V

Which of the following can be renamed?

(A). Workbook

(B). Worksheet

(C). Cell

(D). Worksheet and workbook both

What is the name of the founder of Zoom video conferencing app?

(A). Jeff Boss

(B). Mark Zikerburg

(C). Eric Yuan

(D). Ghose peel

To access directly font dialogue box in PowerPoint which shortcut key used?

(A). Ctrl + T

(B). Shift + T

 (C). Ctrl + Y

 (D). Alt + T

To set indent, to change Margins and to set tabs show under?

(A). Ruler

(B). Insert

 (C). Home

(D). None of these

MS Excel is used to _____ Data?

(A). Organize

(B). Obtain

(C). Share

(D). Communication

The basic operation performed by a computer is/are?

(A). Storage and relative

(B). Arithmetic operation

(C). Logical operation

(D). All the above

In MS-Word, which shortcut key is used to Undo the last action?

(A). Ctrl + Z

(B). Ctrl + X

(C). Ctrl + V

(D). Ctrl + Y

To select all the slides or more than one slide in a presentation?

(A). Alt + F4

(B). Shift + Click on Slide

(C). Ctrl + Enter

(D). None of these

______ is used to transmit digital data over telephone lines?

(A). Sound card

(B). Graphic card

(C). Network card

(D). Modem

Which one of the following functions in MS Excel is used to count items in a cell range?

(A). Count

(B). Sum

(C). Max

(D). Average

Which command can be set to prohibit or allow a cell entry?

(A). Go to special

 (B). Data validation

(C). Back ground error checking

(D). Evaluate formula

The _____ option is used to show a specific row or column on every printed page?

(A). Print title

(B). Print preview

(C). Page layout

(D). None of these

Who is the father of Internet?

(A). Martin Cooper

(B). Vint Cerf

(C). Denis Riche

(D). Charles Babbage

ALU is a component of processor, which consists of:

(A). LU (Logic Unit)

(B). AU (Arithmetic Unit)

(C). Both A and B

(D). None of those

CRT is the technology used in a?

(A). COO

(B). Monitor

(C). Trojan horse

(D). Mouse

Which of the following is not a valid Zoom percentage in Excel?

(A). 100

(B). 300

(C). 10

(D). 500

The process of transferring files from the internet to your computer is called?

(A). Downloading

(B). Forwarding

(C). FTP

(D). Uploading

Which of the following is not an example of internet browser?

(A). File Zila

(B). Safari

(C). Firefox

(D). None of these

If a computer has more than one processor then it is known as ……?

(A). Multi-threaded

(B). Multiprocessor

(C). Multi-programming

(D). Uni-process

Slide Transition done on?

(A). New Slide

(B). Current Slide

(C). Previous Slide

(D). All of above

In MS Excel, we cannot edit the contents of a cell by?

(A). Pressing the Alt key

(B). Pressing the F2 key

(C). Double clicking the cell

(D). Clicking the formula bar

Software in computer:

(A). Enhances the capabilities of the hardware machine

(B). Increase the speed of central processing unit

(C). Both A and B

(D). None of these

CPU is an example of?

(A). Program

(B). Hardware

(C). Software

 (D). Output unit

A light sensitive device that converts drawing, printed text or other images into digital form are_____?

(A). OMR

(B). Scanner

(C). Keyboard

(D). None of these

Which of following show document name and information?

(A). Home

(B). Format

(C). Insert tab

(D). Title Bar

What is a terabyte?

(A). Flash memory

(B). An optical storage medium capable of storing vast amounts of information

(C). A multifunctional operating environment

(D). Roughly a trillion bytes


(A). Execution

(B). Logical

(C). An error

(D). Syntax

WWW stands for_____?

(A). Web World Wide

(B). Wide World Web

(C). World Whole Web

(D). World Wide Web

In MS Word 2016, Screenshot is in?

(A). Insert

(B). Options menu

(C). Backstage view

(D). Review bar

What does RAM in a computer stand for?

(A). Random Access Modem

(B). Random Access Memory

(C). Random Access Module

(D). Read and Memorize

A collection of related worksheets is called?

(A). Workbook

(B). Group

(C). File

(D). None of these

A collection of system programs that controls and co-ordinates the overall operations of a computer system is called_____?

(A). Utility program

(B). Operating system

(C). System software

(D). Device driver

For combining two or more cells we use?

(A). Cache

 (B). Merge functions

(C). Trail

 (D). A data field

PowerPoint presentations are widely used as?

(A). Communication of planning

(B). Note outlines for teachers

(C). Project presentations by students

(D). All of these

PowerPoint Is a/an example of?

(A). Multimedia software

(B). Spread sheet

(C). Entertainment software

(D). Graphic software

What type of operating system MS-DOS is?

(A). Command Line Interface

(B). Menu Driven Interface

(C). Graphical User Interface

(D). Multitasking

To fix values in an excel we use?

(A). Absolute reference

(B). Thread

(C). Thumbnails

(D). None of these

A common name for software errors is?

(A). Bugs

(B). Viruses

(C). Trojans

 (D). Logic bombs

______ is computer software whose user interface and API resembles that of printer driver?

(A). Virtual Printer

(B). Digital Printer

(C). Plotter

(D). None of these

Which technology is used in compact disks?

(A). Electromagnetic

(B). Electrical

(C). Mechanical

(D). Laser

‘Header’ and ‘Footer’ is in?

(A). Home

(B). Insert

(C). Tool bar

(D). View menu

Which short cut key inserts a new slide in the current presentation in PowerPoint?

(A). Ctrl + S

(B). Ctrl + M

(C). Ctrl + N

(D). All of these

In Microsoft Word 2007, to select a column of the table from bottom to top, press?





The default name of document saved?

(A). Document 1

(B). Document 2

(C). Document

(D). All of these

In MS office 2016, which of the following command is not available in Insert menu?

(A). Columns

(B). Page Number

(C). Object

 (D). Table

“Add or Remove programs” is a/an ___?

(A). Device driver

(B). File manager

(C). Utility program

(D). Productivity software

Which type of computer program would be used to design an invitation card?

(A). Word processing

(B). Virtual reality

 (C). Simulation

 (D). Desktop publishing

The shortcut key for Undo is?

(A). CTRL + D

(B). CTRL + O

(C). CTRL + Z

(D). CTRL + U

Macintosh series of personal computers were developed by which of the following companies?

(A). IBM

(B). Apple

(C). Dell

(D). Microsoft

Microsoft word is?

(A). Document

(B). Workbook

(C). Cell

(D). All of These

Shortcut Keys to switch to the next window is?

(A). Alt + Tab

(B). Alt + Ctrl

(C). Shift + Tab

(D). Ctrl + Tab

How many types of page orientations?

(A). 5

(B). 3

(C). 2

(D). 1

The shortcut key used to close a selected window?

 (A). Alt + F4

(B). Alt + F3

(C). Ctrl + F4

(D). Alt + F5

Clipboard in home is used for?

(A). Copy and paste

(B). Cut and paste

(C). Storage of letters

(D). None of these

In MS Excel, which function automatically total a column or row of values?

(A). ADD


(C). SUM

(D). AVG

“Mail Merge” tab is in?

(A). Registers

(B). Combining

(C). Mailing

(D). None of these

Which of the following is not a major reason for an email bounce?

(A). Stale file handle

(B). Bad user account name

 (C). Bad domain name

(D). Domain server is down

Shortcut key for finding something?

 (A). Shift + F

 (B). Ctrl + F

(C). Ctrl + Shift + F

(D). None of these

The transfer of data from one place to another is called?

(A). Data distribution

(B). Data processing

(C). Data communication

(D). Data encryption

The minimum number of rows and column in MS Word document is?

(A). 1 by 1

(B). 1 by 2

(C). 2 by 1

(D). 2 by 2

_____ to used as a disk-scanner in Microsoft Windows?

(A). Disk cleanup

(B). Disk cleanout

(C). Disk cleaning

(D). Disk defragmenter

Maximum zoom percentage in PowerPoint Presentation?

 (A). 500%

(B). 200%

(C). 400%

(D). 300%

A program that can destroy all of your computer programs?

 (A). Switched computer

(B). Virus

(C). Anti-virus

(D). Dust

MS Word Automatically save document after every?

 (A). 30 min.

(B). 10 min.

(C). 20 min.

(D). No specific time

Which of the following way cannot be used to link excel worksheet data to a Word document?

(A). With a hyperlink

(B). With the copy and paste special commands

((C). With the right drag method

 ((D). With the copy and paste buttons on the standard toolbar

Rows and columns intersect at?

(A). Content

(B). Cell

(C). Style

(D). Structure

In computing, NOS stands for?

(A). Node Open Software

(B). Network Operating System

(C). Neutral Operating System

(D). Non-operating Software

Which symbol most all formula begin with?

(A). #

(B). *

(C). =

(D). All of these

Shortcut key for the next slide?

 (A). Dot

(B). Space

(C). Page up

(D). Ctrl+F4

Which alignment choice spreads the data across the width of the cell?

(A). Indent

(B). Distributed

(C). Center

(D). Justify

Dictionary used in MS-Office?

(A). Thesaurus

(B). Functions

(C). Macros

(D). None of these

“Clipboard function” in Microsoft PowerPoint?

 (A). Dashes

(B). Copy

(C). Semicolons

(D). Insert

Drop cap means?

(A). Title caps

(B). Small caps

(C). All caps

(D). None of above

DNS refers for?

(A). Domain number sequence

(B). Data number sequence

(C). Digital number sequence

(D). Domain name system

Your _____ files stores various versions of running programs?

(A). Memory

(B). Temp

(C). Static

(D). Cache

Reusable optical storage will typically have acronym?

(A). DVD

(B). RW

(C). ROM

(D). CD

DPI Stands for?

(A). Divide per inch

(B). Dots per index

(C). Dots per inch

(D). None of these

What is to be used to add text in slide?

(A). Text box

(B). Text layer

(C). Note box

(D). Comment box

In Microsoft Window 7 _____ can give you information about weather?

 (A). Window explorer

(B). Gadgets

(C). File

(D). Both A and B

Which component of computer is also considered as it “heart”?

(A). Keyboard

(B). Scanner

(C). Monitor

(D). Microprocessor

Trackball is a(n)?

(A). Storage device

(B). Output device

(C). Input device

(D). Programming language

Silicon Valley is famous for:

(A). Computers

(B). Cars

(C). Sugarcane

(D). Film industry

DOS cannot retrieve any data from disk if computer virus corrupts its:

(A). Directory Area

(B). BAT Files

(C). File Allocation Table (FAT)

(D). Data Area

What term describes a background that appears as a grainy, non-smooth surface?

(A). Pattern

(B). Gradient

(C). Texture

(D). Velvet

There are two different ways to insert content from one application into another i.e. embedding and ___ ?

(A). Bookmarking

(B). Importing

(C). Linking

(D). Integrating

The function is a ______ which can calculate the values given in a specific order.

(A). Software

(B). Predefined formula

(C). Program

(D). None of these

What is the name for a webpage address, select from following?

(A). Protocol

(B). Domain

(C). URL

(D). Directory

Who gave the idea to combine the internet with the hypertext concept?

(A). Bill Gates

(B). Jeff Bezos

(C). Tim Berners-Lee

(D). Steve Jobs

Many programmers call writing the software program:

(A). Compiling

(B). Looping

(C). Coding

(D). Prototyping

‘Adobe flash’ is an example of:

(A). Utility software

(B). Multimedia software

(C). Spread sheet

(D). File manager

Which of the following in the latest version of MS Excel?

(A). Excel 2019

(B). Excel 2017

 (C). Excel 2016

 (D). None of these

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