Shortcut Keys of Computer A to Z

Important Shortcut Keys of Computer A to Z to make your daily job less hectic and more fun.

These Keyboard shortcuts demonstrate computer keyboard keys and their functions particularly in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and window browser.

MS Office Shortcuts Keys

Keyboard ShortcutAction Done in MS Word
Ctrl + ASelect all text
Ctrl + XCut selected item
Ctrl + CCopy selected item
Ctrl + VPaste selected item
Ctrl + SSave a document
Ctrl + BBold Selected Text
Ctrl + IMake your Text italic
Ctrl+UUnder Line Text
Ctrl+]Increase font size +1 point
Ctrl+[Decrease font size -1 point
Ctrl + E Align Text in Center
Ctrl + LAlign text Left
Ctrl + RAlign text Right
Ctrl + ZUndo last action
Ctrl + NOpen a new blank document
Ctrl + FOpen find box
Ctrl + POpen the print window
Ctrl + KInsert a web link in a word or a Phrase
Ctrl + HFind and replace a word
Ctrl + JJustify paragraph alignment
Ctrl + MLeftIndent the paragraph
Ctrl + QRemove selected paragraph’s formatting
Ctrl + YRedo the last action performed
Ctrl + DFont Option (body, style, size)
Ctrl+WClose the window
Ctrl + 1Single Space Between Line
Ctrl + 51.5-line spacing
Ctrl + SpaceReset highlighted text to default font
Ctrl + Alt + 1Change texts to heading 1
Ctrl + Alt + 2Change texts to heading 2
F7Spell check selected text
F12Save as Option
F1Open help Option
F4Repeat the last action
Shift + F3Change Selected Text Case (Capital, Small)
ALT+F6Switch between open MS Windows Document
Alt+F7Find the misspelling or grammatical error
SHIFT+F10Opens menu (work same as right-click) 
Shift + HomeSelect from current position to beginning of line
SHIFT + ENDSelect from current position to end of line
Alt + Ctrl + PSwitch to Print Layout view
Alt + Ctrl + OSwitch to Outline view
Alt + Ctrl + NSwitch to Draft view
Alt + Ctrl + ISwitch to print preview
Ctrl + Shift + FChange options for font
Ctrl + Shift + >Increase selected font size +1
Ctrl + Shift + <Decrease selected font size -1
Alt + Ctrl + FInsert a footnote
Alt + Ctrl + DInsert an endnote
Shift+ Alt + TInsert the Current time
Shift + Alt + DInsert the Current Date
Alt+F4 Exit from MS Word

Move Around the MS Office with Keyboard Shortcut

CommandCursor Move
HomeGo to beginning of current line
Ctrl + HomeGo to beginning of document
EndGo to end of current line in document
Ctrl + EndGo to end of document
Ctrl + Left ArrowMove One word to the left
Ctrl + Right ArrowMove One word to the right
Left ArrowMove One character to the left
Right ArrowMove One character to the right
Ctrl +Up ArrowOne Paragraph up
Ctrl + Down ArrowOne Paragraph down
Alt + Ctrl + Page UpMove To the top of the Document
Alt + Ctrl + Page DownMove To the end of the Document
Ctrl + Page UpTo the top of the previous page
Ctrl + Page DownTo the top of the next page
F8Turn on Extend mode for arrow Keys
Shift + Page DownExtend a selection one page down
Shift + Page UpExtend a selection one screen up
Ctrl + Shift + Right ArrowOne word selection to the right
Ctrl + Shift + Left ArrowOne word selection to the left
Shift + Down ArrowExtend a selection one line down
Shift + Up ArrowExtend a selection one line up
Ctrl + Shift + Down ArrowExtend a selection to the end of a paragraph
Ctrl + Shift + Up ArrowExtend a selection to the beginning of a paragraph.

Deletions Shortcut Keys of MS Office

Backspace Delete one character to the left
Ctrl + DeleteDelete word to right of cursor.
Ctrl + BackspaceDelete word to left of cursor. 
DeleteDelete one character to the left
Shift + DeleteDelete files permanently without placing in recycle bin.

Shortcut Keys of MS Excel

Important shortcut keys of ms excel for excel daily user to make their job more easy and timeless.

CommandAction in Spreadsheet
F1Opens the Help menu
F2Can edit the selected cell
F4Repeat the last action
F5Go to a specific cell
F7Spell check selected text
F11Create chart
F12Save as Option
Ctrl + DFill down the cell in selection
Ctrl + HFind and Replace
Ctrl + KInsert Hyperlink
Ctrl + PPrint the Sheet
Ctrl + SSave the Open Sheet
Ctrl + WClose the Workbook
Ctrl + YRepeat the last action
Ctrl + ZUndo the last action
Ctrl + 0Hide Selected Columns
Ctrl + 9Hide Selected Rows
Ctrl + Shift + (Unhide the rows
Ctrl + Shift + )Unhide the Columns
Alt + Shift + F1Insert new worksheet
Shift + F3Open the formula box
Shift + F5Open the search box
Ctrl + F9Minimize current window
Ctrl + F10Maximize the selected window
Ctrl + F6Switch between open workbooks
Ctrl + TabMove between open Excel® files
Ctrl + Shift + ;Enter the current time
Ctrl + ;Enter the current date
Ctrl + SpacebarSelects the entire column
Shift + F2Edit a cell comment
Alt + F4Exit from Excel

MS PowerPoint Shortcut keys

F1Open the help
F5Start the PPT slide show
Ctrl + NCreate a new presentation
Ctrl + SSave the open presentation
Ctrl + MAdd a new Slide
Alt + NInsert a picture
Alt + GSelect a theme design
Alt + HMove to the Home tab
Ctrl + BBold Selected Text
Ctrl + CCopy Selected Text
Ctrl + DDuplicate the Slide
Ctrl + EAlign the Text in center
Ctrl + FOpen the find box
Ctrl + HIn slide show hide the cursor
Ctrl + OOpen a dialog box
Ctrl + PPrint View
Ctrl + TFont Size, Style and Shape
Ctrl + YRedo the last action
Ctrl + ZUndo the last action
Ctrl+ [Decrease selected font size
Ctrl + ]Increase selected font size
Shift + F3Change Upper/Lower text case
Alt + FOpen File Menu
Alt + KOpen the Transitions tab
Alt + AOpen the Animations tab
Ctrl + HOpen the replace dialog box
Page UP ArrowMove to the previous slide
Page down ArrowMove to the next slide
Esc ButtonEnd the Slide Show
Ctrl + QClose PowerPoint Window

MICROSOFT® Windows User® (Browser) SHORTCUT KEYS

Keyboard CommandAction in Browser
Alt + TabSwitch between open applications
Alt + Shift + TabSwitch backwards between open applications
Alt + F4Close current open program
Alt + FFile menu options in current program
Alt + E Edit options in current program
Ctrl + Alt + DelReboot/Windows® task manager
Alt + EscSwitch between applications on taskbar
Ctrl + EscBring up start menu
CTRL + ALT + DELOpens task manager
CTRL + TABMove through property tabs
SHIFT + F10Opens context menu (same as right-click)  
F5Refresh Browser

WINKEY (Window Symbol on Keyboard) SHORTCUTS Keys:

⊞ WINKEY + LLock the computer
⊞ WINKEY + MMinimize all windows
⊞ WINKEY + DBring desktop to the top of other window
WINKEY + F1Display the Microsoft® Windows® help
⊞ WINKEY + ROpen the run window
⊞ WINKEY + EOpen Microsoft Explorer
⊞ WINKEY + TabCycle through open programs on taskbar
⊞ WINKEY + CTRL + FDisplay the search for computers window
⊞ WINKEY + UOpen utility manager

Important outlook shortcut keys

Shortcut KeysAction Done
Alt + SSend a message
Alt + HGo to Home Tab
Alt + NInsert a new file
Alt + H, (R, P)Reply to message
Alt + FForward Message
F3 or Ctrl + EOpen Search Bar
Ctrl + Shift + KOpen New Task
Ctrl + 2Go to Calendrer
Alt + JGo to Send/Receive tab
F9 or Ctrl + MCheck new messages
Ctrl + Shift + MCreate Message
Ctrl + 1Go to Mail View
Ctrl + 3Go to the Contact
Alt + OOpen Folder Tab
Ctrl + Shift + ACreate Appointment
Ctrl + Shift + ECreate Folder
Ctrl + Shift + XCreate a fax
Alt + PPrint an item
Alt + DColor categories dialog
Alt + F11Open Visual Basic Editor
Alt + AOpen menu list
Ctrl + 4Tasks view
Ctrl + YGo to a different folder
Alt + RGo to Reply button
Ctrl + 5Go to the Notes
Ctrl + 8Open Journal
Alt + BBack to previous view
Tab or F6Move b/w Outlook window
DeleteDelete task/message etc
EscClose a menu

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