English Literature MCQs

English Literature MCQs for all kind of competitive exams preparation online. Repetition of sentences using the same structure A. AdageB. Parallel StructureC. AphorismD. Pastoral “The Alchemist” is written by_____? A. Ben JohnsonB. Paulo CoelhoC. MarloweD. None of them Name the first Englishwoman who earns her living as a playwright was: A. Ann HathawayB. Nell GwynnC. … Read more


ASF Corporal Past Paper 2022 Solved for the preparation of ASF test preparation online. Currency of Ukraine is: The capital of Thailand is: Which city is the capital of china? The capital of Canada is _____ ? The currency of Algeria is ? K-2 is the second highest peak in the world is located along … Read more


ASF ASI past paper 2022 solved for the preparation of ASF ASI mcqs test online. First president of Pakistan is: Which is the capital of Tajikistan is __? The latest version of Hatf-5 is __? ASF was raised under ASF Act __? The selling price of 42 blankets is equal to the cost of the … Read more

FPSC Assistant Past Paper

FPSC Assistant Past Paper held by federal public service commission in the year 2022. Who Presented Lahore Resolution (Pakistan Resolution) on 23rd March,1940? Who is the first Hindu Lt Colonel in Pakistan Army? Who Was The First Civilian Chief Martial Law Administrator In Pakistan? Allama Iqbal gave his historical Presidential Address at Allahabad in: The … Read more

Punjab Police Constable Test 2018

Punjab Police Constable Test preparation MCQs from the past paper held by PPSC in 2018. Colombo is the commercial capital and largest city of __? Braille education system was introduced by Braille for? Synonym of Vitiate Synonym of Vacant Synonym of Popular Synonym of Extreme ECG is a test related to: Against whom the Muslim … Read more

Police Constable Past Papers 2020

Punjab Police Constable Past Papers 2020 for the preparation of Police test held by Punjab Public service commission. Hazrat _ added 2nd Azan for Friday prayers. Who is the current Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP)? The Capital of Country Australia is? Who is the current Governor of Punjab is __? Capital of … Read more

Punjab Police Junior Clerk past papers

Punjab Police Junior clerk past papers held by Punjab Public Service Commission in the year 2022. Who was known as king of Squash ? Pakistan largest glacier When is World Children`s Day celebrated? When Allama Muhammad Iqbal Died? Pakistan purchased Gwadar port from which country? How many masarif of zakat? Largest Island of Pakistan is … Read more

MOD Sub Inspector Past Papers

MOD Sub Inspector Past Papers for the preparation of Ministry of Defence tests and Jobs interview questions. What is the currency of Afghanistan? Internal hard disk is Quaid e Azam joined All India Muslim League in : What is the rate of Ushr on products of irrigated land? First time In which language Quran was … Read more

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