ASF Corporal Past Paper 2022 Solved for the preparation of ASF test preparation online. Currency of Ukraine is: The capital of Thailand is: Which city is the capital of china? The capital of Canada is _____ ? The currency of Algeria is ? K-2 is the second highest peak in the world is located along … Read more

FPSC Test Preparation

FPSC Test Preparation Online For all Federal department jobs. Who abrogated 1962 constitution and became CMLA? (A). Gen. Tikka Khan (B). Gen Mansoor Khan (C). Gen. Ahsan Khan (D). Gen Yahya Khan Source: Assistant Director FIA 2020 Who was the second Governor General of Pakistan? (A). Khawaja Nazim-ud-din (B). Ghulam Muhammad (C). Muhammad Ali Bogra … Read more

FPSC Past Papers MCQs

Solved FPSC Past Papers MCQs compiled from various past papers held in last two years. The official languages of NATO are? (A). English and French (B). English, French and German (C). English and Spanish (D). English and German Source: Assistant Director FIA 2020 World Environment Day is observed on? (A). 5th June (B). 21st June … Read more