Mental Ability MCQs

Mental Ability MCQs for preparation. ( PPSC FPSC NTS ) Mr. and Mrs. Sajjad have seven daughters. Each daughter has one brother. What is the total number of persons in the family? A. 14B. 10C. 15D. 12 If a girl earns 7500 in two weeks working 6 days per week, what will be her 2 … Read more

Ratio And Proportion MCQs

Ratio And Proportion MCQs for preparation.(PMS KPPSC MOD ) The ratio of 500: 1500? A. 2: 3B. 3: 5C. 5: 10D. 10: 15 The sum of three numbers is 98. If the ratio of the first to the second is 2 : 3 and that of the second to the third is 5 : 8, … Read more

Percentage MCQs

Percentage MCQS for preparation. ( IBA PTS ARID ) 75% of 120 is equal to _____. A. 85B. 60C. 95D. 90 A man spends Rs. 3,300/-. This was 75% of his monthly income. His monthly income is ____. A. 4,000B. 4,400C. 4,500D. 3,500 40% of a number is more than 20% of 650 by 190. … Read more

Average MCQs

Average MCQS for preparation. (PMS KPPSC MOD ) Ahmad earned Rs. 45,696/-in a year. What is the average monthly income? A. 3,508B. 2,888C. 3,656D. 3,808 Rashid buys 3 books for Rs.16 each and four books for Rs. 23 each. What will be the average price of the books? A. 24B. 18C. 20D. 22 If 7 … Read more

Clock MCQs

Clock MCQS for preparation. (CSS OTS MPT ) In 6 minutes, how many degrees minute hand traverses? A. 6°B. 30°C. 5°D. 36° In a minute, how many degrees hour hand traverses? A. 0.5°B. 1°C. 1.5°D. 3° How many times do the hands of a clock are in perpendicular to each other in a day? A. … Read more

Algebra MCQs

Algebra MCQs for preparation. ( ASF OTS MCQs ) If the roots of the equation are -7/4 , 4/7 then the equation will be? A. 28x^2+43x-28=0B. 28x^2-43x-28=0C. 28x^2+49x-16=0D. 28x^2-33x-28=0 If S=the sum of the roots of the equation and P= Product of the roots of the equation, then their equation can be written as: A. … Read more

Basic Athematic MCQs

Basic Athematic MCQS for preparation. ( PPSC FPSC NTS ) 3 candidates participated in election and received 11628,1136 and 7636 votes. Calculate the percentage of the total votes that the winning candidate got ? A. 70%B. 59%C. 57%D. 62% A number (85%) is added to 24, the answer is the same, Select that number from … Read more