Geography MCQs

Important Geography MCQs with Answers for all Exams.

The earth is estimated to be 4.54 billion years old.

  The surface area of earth is 510.1 million km².

 The circumference of the earth is 40,075 km.

 The ratio between land and oceans by area is 70.8% and 29.2%.

  The total area of oceans contains 361,132 million sq. km.

 Largest ocean is The Pacific Ocean.

 Smallest ocean is The Arctic Ocean.

 The smallest sea of the world is Baltic Sea

 The largest sea is South China Sea.

 Yellow Sea lies between China and Korea.

 Caspian Sea is the largest salt water lake in the world.

 The deepest part of the earth is Mariana Trench.

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  Largest gulf is The Gulf of Mexico.

 Largest active volcano is Mauna Loa, Hawaii, USA.

 River carries the maximum volume of water is Amazon.

Longest river of the world is River Nile.

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 Largest freshwater lake is Lake Superior.

Country of shortest coastline is Monaco.

 Country with the longest coastline is Canada.

 The highest part of the earth is Mount Everest (Asia).

Greatest land mountain range is Himalaya.

 The highest point of Africa is Mount Kilimanjaro

The highest point of North America is Denali (Mount Mc Kinley former official name). 

 The highest point of Australia is Mount Kosciusko

 The Alps Mountain is situated in Europe.

 Longest land mountain range is Andes of South America.

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  The lowest part of the earth is Dead Sea.

 The earth has an ellipsoid shape.

 Longest strait of the World is Strait of Malacca.

 Strait of Gibraltar connects Mediterranean Sea with Atlantic Sea. 

 Panama Canal connects Atlantic Ocean with Pacific Ocean. 

 Johor strait separates Singapore and Malaysia.

 Strait of Dover separates England and France.

 Suez Canal connects Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

 Straits of Florida connects Gulf of Mexico with Atlantic Ocean.

 Straits of Florida is located between Cuba and Bahamas.

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  Earth Surface is divided into 7 continents.

 Asia is the largest continent with the area of 44,391,162 sq. km

 Asia comprises about 30% of the earth land area.

 The second largest continent by area is Africa.

  The total area of Africa is 30,365,700 sq. km

 Africa has about 20.3% of the area of the earth.

 The lowest point of Africa is Lake Assal

 The third largest Continent on earth is North America

 Total area of North America is 24,256,000 Sq. Km

 The lowest point of North America is Death Valley

 Smallest continent on earth by size is Australia.

Total area of Australia is 7,686,884 sq. km.

  Australia contains 5.2% of the total area of the earth.

 The lowest point of Australia is Lake Eyre

 About 8.2% of the earth’s crust is composed of Aluminum.

  The deepest part of oceans is Mariana Trench.

  The greatest depth in the Indian Ocean is Java Trench.

  The highest waterfall of the world is Angel Falls

 The area around the North and South poles within the polar circle is called Frigid Zone. 

 Death Valley in California (US) is famous for hottest area

97 percent is salt water and only 3 percent is fresh water.

 Sea of Japan is famous for Fishing

 Estonia is a Baltic state.

 Takla Makan Desert is located in China.

Greenland is the biggest island of the world.

 Kuril Island is situated between Russia and Japan.

 The eastern Mediterranean island Cyprus is divided between Greece and Turkey.

 Sakhalin Islands are claimed by Russia and Japan.

Indonesia has large number of islands.

 Diego Garcia is an Island in Indian Ocean.

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 Kazakhstan is world’s largest producer of uranium.

 World largest city (by area) is New York.

 Rainfall related to mountains is called Orographic rainfall.

 Friendship Bridge on Oxus River connects Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.

 Bay of Biscay is situated between France and Spain

 The longest underwater tunnel “Seikan Tunnel” is located in Japan

 The coldest region of the world is Siberia.

The standard time of Pakistan is 5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

 Dead Sea is situated between Israel and Jordan.

 World’s smallest Islamic state (area-wise) is Maldives.

 World’s famous Golden Gate Bridge is situated in San Francisco.

 Subway is an Underground passage.

 Aral Sea is located in Central Asia.

 Netherlands is below the sea level.

 Kazakhstan is ranked sixth in the world in terms of its amounts of mineral resources.

 Shale is not a metamorphic rock.

 Bore is caused by rising tide with meeting river currents.

 Attrition is a process of transportation in a river.

 The Elastic rebound theory deals with Earthquakes.

 World’ largest delta is Bangladesh.

 Equinox means Day and night are equal.

 The seasons change because the earth is revolving around the sun.

 Antarctica is situated in South Pole.

 Africa is called the Dark Continent.

 The shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere is December 21.

 The earth rotation on its axis is from West to East.

 Solstice means when sun reaches its maximum distance from earth’s equator.

A canyon is a large form of Gorge.

 Frost-shattering takes place in the valley side above the surface of the glacier.

 Conventional rains in the equatorial region are the results of influences.

 Mediterranean regions are useful for Fruit growing, wine production and tourism.

 Any wind that changes direction with the season is known as Monsoon.

 Greenwich is situated near London.

 Red Sea is an example of a Rift Valley.

 Graben is a down faulted area.

 The focus of the plutonic earthquakes is at great depth in the interior of the earth.

 The cradles of civilization have been Plains.

 Atacama desert lies in Chile.

 Rhine Valley is a rift valley.

 Aswan Dam is in Egypt.

 Forest soil is High Organic matter.

 River Po flows in Italy.

 The biggest exporter of food is Europe.

 Bedrock is the solid rock of the earth.

 Erosion is the process by which the surface of the earth is worn away.

 The term ‘Humidity’ indicates Amount of water vapors in the air.

 Meander means a bend of a river.

 Tropical climate is Considerable rain, three distinct seasons.

 Area dominated by trees and shrubs is commonly known as Woodland.

 A period of dry weather, caused by lack of rain is termed as Draught.

 The Gulf of Mannar is located in Indian Ocean.

 Cirrocumulus clouds likely to cause heavy rainfall.

 Cyclone is a low pressure system with anti-clock wise winds in Northern Hemisphere.

 Benulux countries are Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg)

 Sheesham (Dalbergia sissoo) is hardwood tree.

 Speleology is the scientific name of Caves.

 One would find the Yak in Tibet.

  The theory continental drift is the earth land masses are moved throughout the time.

 Ionosphere layer of atmosphere is vital for telecommunications.

 Nimbostratus clouds likely to cause heavy rainfall.

 Warm air tends to rise up through cold air because the warm air is less dense.

 An iceberg is a floating mass of ice.

 Organisms that live on the ocean bottoms are Benthos.

 The grassland of Asia is called Steppe.

 Rice needs Heavy rainfall and high temperature.

 Viticulture is Cultivation of grapes.

 Horticulture is growing of flowers and fruits.

 In Pakistan iron ore is found in Kalabagh.

  Khartoum lies on the Nile River.

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 Panama Canal is the busiest ocean trade route.

 Brightest planet is Venus.

 Planet with most satellites is Saturn.

 Coldest place in the world is Vostok in Antarctica.

 Longest glacier is Lambert Glacier.

 Largest desert is Antarctica (According to definition of desert).

 Second Largest desert is Sahara Desert.

 Largest lake is The Caspian.

World’s highest waterfall is in Venezuela.

 The deepest lake in the world is Baikal.

 The radius of the earth is 6,371 km.

 The mass of the earth is 5.972 × 10^24 kg

 The gravity of earth is 9.807 m/s².

 The diameter of the earth at the equator is 12,756 km.

 The density of the earth is 5.51 g/cm³.

 The earth’s distance from moon is 384,400 km.

 The distance of earth from sun is around 150 million km.

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