Sentence Completion English MCQs

Sentence Completion English MCQS for preparation. ( AJKPSC KPPSC SPSC ) Although it was a new dress he was too ___ to find into it. A. ComplacentB. FatC. PlumpD. Eager ____boys loiter about and waste their time in gossiping. A. IdealB. LazyC. RuffianD. Idle Ahmad ___ the business deal without wasting any time. A. ExpressedB. … Read more

One Word Substitution

One Word Substitution for preparation. (PMS KPPSC MOD ) One Word Substitute: Triumvirate? A. A Group of Four Powerful PeopleB. A Group of Five Powerful PeopleC. A Group of Three Powerful PeopleD. None of these One Word Substitute: Alumnus? A. A former Student of SchoolB. A former Student of CollegeC. A former Student of UniversityD. … Read more

Antonyms MCQs

Antonyms MCQS for preparation. (PMS KPPSC MOD ) The appropriate antonym of abridge is? A. CondenseB. LengthenC. ShortenD. Reduce What is the Antonym of Yell? A. ShriekB. WhisperC. HollerD. None of these What is the Antonym of Heartfelt? A. CordialB. DeepestC. InsincereD. None of these Choose the Antonym of Scribble? A. ScratchB. SquiggleC. LegibleD. None … Read more

Synonyms MCQs

Synonyms MCQS for preparation. (CSS OTS MPT ) Synonym of “Tenacious” is? A. ForgetfulB. FlexibleC. StubbornD. Loving Synonym of “Exquisite” is? A. PlainB. BeautifulC. OrdinaryD. Simple Synonym of “Sycophant” is: A. RebelB. CriticC. FollowerD. Flatterer Synonym of “Novice” is: A. ExpertB. BeginnerC. ProfessionalD. Veteran Thank you very much for such kind words (Choose the synonym … Read more

Analogy MCQS

Analogy MCQS for preparation. ( PPSC FPSC NTS ) Analogy Fragile: Crack A. Competent : DeathB. Pliable : bendC. Hydro : WaterD. Irreducible : Reduce Analogy : Coach: Team A. Groupie : BandB. Foreman : JoyC. Diplomat : CountryD. Senator : Severe Analogy: Carelessness: Accident A. Money : LuckB. Trophy : WinnerC. Runner : FatigueD. … Read more

IDIOMS And Phrases MCQs

IDIOMS AND PHRASES MCQS for preparation. ( CSS FPSC SPSC ) The idiom “Break a leg” means? A. InjuredB. Good LuckC. In hurryD. None of these Khan is always ready to eat anyone’s salt. Does the phrase mean? A. To be one’s guestB. To Cook tasty DishesC. An Infectious DiseaseD. None of these Idiom “to … Read more

Pedagogy MCQs

Pedagogy MCQS for preparation. ( CSS KPPSC SPSC ) The opinion that “our aim should be to produce men who possess both culture and expect knowledge” given by: A. FroebelB. MontessoriC. A.H. WhiteheadD. All of the above You have a student who has failed in a particular class. How will you motivate this student to … Read more

Pair Of Words With Sentence

Pair Of Words With Sentence for preparation. ( NTS KPPSC SPSC ) The Upper Indus Plain consists of areas between Attock to: A. HyderabadB. SukkurC. MultanD. Mithankot Merry means _______. A. to see each otherB. to weddingC. joyful D. in front Marry means _______. A. to meetB. to wedding C. joyfulD. None of these Principal means ________. … Read more

Fill In The Blanks MCQs

Fill In The Blanks MCQS for preparation. ( KPPSC OTS MPT ) The team worked ___ to complete the project on time. A. QuicklyB. CarelesslyC. SlowlyD. Haphazardly Despite the challenging circumstances, she remained ___. A. PositiveB. NegativeC. NeutralD. Indifferent I expect you ___ from college by this time next year and will be looking for … Read more

English Preposition

English Preposition for preparation. ( PPSC FPSC NTS ) She’s allergic ___ cats. A. AtB. OnC. OfD. To The restaurant is located ___ the beach. A. AtB. OnC. OverD. In I am looking forward ___ the party. A. ToB. AtC. InD. For You have enrolled ___ more than one class. A. OnB. IntoC. ForD. At … Read more