PPSC PMS Islamic Study Past Paper 2022 MCQs

PPSC PMS Islamic Study Past Paper 2022 MCQs for preparation. ( SPSC KPPSC CSS ) The Holy Prophet (PBUH) spent how many years in Makkah? The name of Hazrat Bilal’s (R.A) master was ____ ? Name the person whose house become the center of preaching of Islam Who is the first female martyr (Shaheed) of … Read more

Islamic Studies MCQs

Islamic Studies MCQS for preparation. ( NTS MCQs PTS ) Jizya was imposed in the Islamic State by the Prophet of Islam in ___ year A.H?   A. 9B. 7C. 11jD. None of these   At the time of His last Hajj, the Prophet Muhammad (PBHU) addressed ___ Muslims at Arafat? A. 200,000B. 140,000C. 150,000D. … Read more

Islamiat MCQs for PST Test

Importan Islamiat mcqs for pst test and all other competitive exams online practice. There are twenty Islamiat mcqs for pst test in this online quiz practice Time allowed to solve this pst test is only twenty minutes. Submit the test to see you obtained score for this quiz and move to the next quiz.

Islamiat Quiz with answers

Most important islamiat mcqs quizzes with answers for islamiyat papers and competitive exams. Islamiat Quiz 1 Islamiat Quiz 2 Islamiat Quiz 3 Islamiat Quiz 4 Islamiat Quiz 5 Each Islamiat quiz with answers in this series consist of highly important mcqs for islamiyat preparation. Whether you are going to appeared in class test, lecturer paper … Read more

Islamiat Important MCQs

Islamiat important mcqs quiz for the preparation of one paper competitive exams online. Submit your quiz to see the obtained marks and more practice links for preparation in series. There are 10 minutes allowed for this quiz test. The quiz will help you to crack your Islamiat portion easily.

MCQs of Islamiat

Most repeated MCQs of Islamiat for all types of one paper test preparation and competitive exams. Abu-Al-Bashr is the title of Harat Adam (A.S). Koh-e-Adam is a mountain located in Sri Lanka. The second prophet of Allah after Adam A.S was Hazrat Shees (A.S). The Third prophet of Allah was Hazrat Idrees A.S Hazrat Idrees … Read more

Islamiat MCQs CSS

Islamiat mcqs for css, pms and one paper preparation with online quiz practice. Solve the quiz and submit it to see your obtained score and link to the next quiz for more practice. Time allowed for this Islamiat mcqs css quiz is only 10 minutes. quiz will be automatically stopped after ten minutes.

Islamiat MCQs Quiz

Islamiat MCQs Quiz online practice for all types of competitive exams preparation. For complete preparation solve all the quizzes in series. Submit the quiz to see your obtained marks for this Islamiat MCQs Quiz online. Maximum time allowed for this quiz is only ten minutes.

Islamiat MCQs Test Online

Islamiat mcqs test online for preparation of competitive exams including CSS, PMS, NTS, FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, BPSC and AJKPSC. Solve this Islamiat mcqs test online, submit this to see your obtained marks and the link to next quiz in a series. Maximum time allowed for this quiz is only 10 minutes. you can solve … Read more

Islamiat MCQs

Important basic Isamiat MCQs for all type competitive exams and other tests. Name the First foster mother of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)? (A). Hazrat Khola (R.A) (B). Hazrat Sobia (R.A) (C). Hazrat Haleema (R.A) (D). None of these Which Prophet is known as Zun Nun? (A). Hazrat Younas (A.S) (B). Hazrat Shoaib (A.S) (C). Hazrat Zull-Kifl … Read more