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FPSC Assistant Past Paper

FPSC Assistant Past Paper held by federal public service commission in the year 2022. Who Presented Lahore Resolution (Pakistan Resolution) on 23rd March,1940? Who is the first Hindu Lt Colonel in Pakistan Army? Who Was The First Civilian Chief Martial Law Administrator In Pakistan? Allama Iqbal gave his historical Presidential Address at Allahabad in: The … Read more

Police Constable Past Papers 2020

Punjab Police Constable Past Papers 2020 for the preparation of Police test held by Punjab Public service commission. Hazrat _ added 2nd Azan for Friday prayers. Who is the current Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP)? The Capital of Country Australia is? Who is the current Governor of Punjab is __? Capital of … Read more

Punjab Police Junior Clerk past papers

Punjab Police Junior clerk past papers held by Punjab Public Service Commission in the year 2022. Who was known as king of Squash ? Pakistan largest glacier When is World Children`s Day celebrated? When Allama Muhammad Iqbal Died? Pakistan purchased Gwadar port from which country? How many masarif of zakat? Largest Island of Pakistan is … Read more

PPSC English MCQs

PPSC English MCQs Compiled from Past Papers held in the last three years. The MCQs include grammar, synonyms, antonyms, preposition, composition and one word substitution. We also strongly recommend to read: PPSC General Knowledge MCQs and PPSC Computer MCQs. Choose the correct antonym of “Ruthless”? (A). Cold-Blooded (B). Compassionate (C). Ferocious (D). Brutal Antonym of … Read more

Assistant S&Gad Past Papers

Assistant S&Gad Past Papers held in previous years by Punjab Public Service commission to fulfil the vacancies of Assistant (BS-16) in services and and general administration department. John Logie Baird is known for his invention of__? (A). Laptop (B). Mobile Phone (C). Television (D). Radio Thomas Jefferson was the_______ president of the United States? (A). … Read more

Different Fields of Science

Different fields of science that are studied at different levels and applied in our daily life activities. Different Fields of Science Science of languages → Philology Study of fruit and Seeds → Carpology Studies the structure of the body → Anatomy Study of Culture and People → Ethology Study of earthquakes → Seismology Relation between … Read more

PPSC Past Papers MCQs

PPSC past papers mcqs of general knowledge collected from previously held papers by Punjab Public Service Commission. Most common metal in earth’s crust (A). Aluminum (B). Copper (C). Silicon (D). Iron Source: Naib Tehsildar GK Paper 2022 In the earth crust, the oxygen is 46.6%, but oxygen belongs to the non-metal group. The most abundant … Read more