Everyday Science MCQS Set-17

Everyday Science MCQS Set-17 for preparation. What is the study of the structure and behavior of the universe at a very small scale? A. AstrophysicsB. Quantum MechanicsC. CosmologyD. Thermodynamics What is the study of the behavior and control of machines? A. RoboticsB. Artificial IntelligenceC. CyberneticsD. All of the above What is the study of the … Read more

Everyday Science MCQS Set-16

Everyday Science MCQS Set-16 for preparation. No of CO2 are present in 220 mg? A. 5 MolesB. 0.005 moleC. 5000 molesD. 10 moles Ice looks white because: A. It reflects LightsB. It absorbs all lightC. It is due to the water being whiteD. None of these The Process which involves both solid and liquid phases … Read more

Everyday Science MCQS Set-15

Everyday Science MCQS Set-15 for preparation. In a rechargeable cell, what kind of energy is stored within the cell? A. Kinetic energyB. Electrical energyC. Potential energyD. Chemical energy Which colour of light shows maximum deviation when fast through a prism? A. RedB. YellowC. VioletD. Green The highest volume of gases in lower atmosphere is comprised … Read more

Everyday Science MCQS Set-14

Everyday Science MCQS Set-14 for preparation. For which Diode is used: A. PurificationB. ModulationC. OscillationD. Amplification Which organic compound is used to remove stains of iron compounds? A. Benzoic acidB. Oxalic acidC. Cinnamic acidD. Phthalic acid ‘Cryogenics’ is a science dealing with: A. Low temperatureB. High temperatureC. Growth of crystalD. Friction and wear Bleaching powder … Read more

Everyday Science MCQS Set-13

Everyday Science MCQS Set-13 for preparation. The material used in the fabrication of transistor is: A. SilverB. CopperC. SiliconD. Aluminium In the heavy vehicles, diesel is used as fuel because: A. It has high power and economic savings.B. It is less costly and useful from the fuel-saving point of viewC. It has more mileage and … Read more

Everyday Science MCQS Set-12

Everyday Science MCQS Set-12 for preparation. Nearest star to the sun is: A. Proxima CentauriB. Alpha ScorpiusC. Beta OrionisD. Vegetal Charon is the natural satellite of: A. NeptuneB. JupiterC. PlutoD. Uranus The world’s first test tube baby was born in which of the following? A. SpainB. BritainC. GermanyD. China Which of the planet moves fastest … Read more

Everyday Science MCQS Set-11

Everyday Science MCQS Set-11 for preparation. Which of the following is the cause of greenhouse effect? A. Over urbanizationB. IndustrializationC. DeforestationD. All of these Russia launched its space station into space in 1986, which was? A. Skylab-IIB. MirC. SputnikD. Rahber Bodies which usually fall from the sky on the Earth are called? A. RockB. MeteorsC. … Read more

Everyday Science MCQS Set-10

Everyday Science MCQS Set-10 for preparation. Which area in a lake mainly nourished by detritus? A. Limnetic ZoneB. Littoral ZoneC. Profundal ZoneD. All of these Which of the following Vitamin is necessary for vision in dim light? A. Vitamin AB. Vitamin BC. Vitamin CD. Vitamin D The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that it is impossible … Read more

Everyday Science MCQS Set-9

Everyday Science MCQS Set-9 for preparation. Which of the following is the source of purest water in nature? A. RiverB. RainC. SpringD. Well About 50% of the Earth’s crust including the waters on the earth and atmosphere is? A. ClayB. SiliconC. Carbon DioxideD. Oxygen Which of the following is Heavy water? A. SeawaterB. D2OC. H2OD. … Read more

Everyday Science MCQS Set-8

Everyday Science MCQS Set-8 for preparation. Literally the word “Ethics” stands for ___. A. Study of moralityB. Understand human natureC. Properties of chemical substancesD. Both B and C Which has the highest protein content per gram? A. GroundnutB. Soya BeanC. AppleD. Wheat NASA first mission capable of finding Earth size and: A. Size of StarsB. … Read more