There will be Twenty (20) URDU MCQs in each section of quizzes.

Question Resources: Past Papers

After the “Quiz Submission” you will see your acquired percentage, participants competitive aspirant average percentage and link to the next quiz.

Urdu MCQs Quiz 1

Urdu MCQs Quiz 2

Urdu MCQs Quiz 3

Urdu MCQs Quiz 4

Urdu MCQs Quiz 5

Urdu MCQs Quiz 6

Urdu MCQs Quiz 7

We strongly recommend you to practice each quiz at least twice to see the average percentage rate of candidates.

All the question are compiled from past papers of federal and provincial public service commission conducted for lecturers and other top notch posts.

The passing marks for each urdu mcqs quiz is fifty percent. After submitting the quiz, you will see your acquired percentage and other candidates average percentage for each quiz.

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