Assistant S&Gad Past Papers

Assistant S&Gad Past Papers held in previous years by Punjab Public Service commission to fulfil the vacancies of Assistant (BS-16) in services and and general administration department.

John Logie Baird is known for his invention of__?

(A). Laptop

(B). Mobile Phone

(C). Television

(D). Radio

Thomas Jefferson was the_______ president of the United States?

(A). 4th

(B). 2nd

(C). 3rd

(D). 1st

Food is mainly digested in?

(A). Mouth

(B) Small intestine

(C). Large intestine

(D). Liver

A gene is a?

(A). Vitamin

(B). Unit of heredity

(C). Sleep inducing drug

(D). A body cell

Gobi Desert is located in___?


(B). Mongolia

(C). Pakistan

(D). Iran

Green house effect is mainly caused by the excess of ___in the atmosphere?

(A). Carbon dioxide

(B). Hydrogen sulfide

(C). Carbon monoxide


The capital of Zimbabwe is?

(A). Kadoma

(B). Harare

(C). Mutare

(D).  Bulawayo

Which one of the following is a chemical reaction__?

(A). Rusting of iron

(B). Melting of iron

(C). Tempering of iron

(D). Bending of iron

In the First Revelation the Holy Verse of Surah were cited?

(A). Al-Baqrah

(B). Al-Fatiha

(C). Yaseen

(D). AI-Alaq

Echoes are produced due to

(A). Reflection of sound

(B). Diffraction of sound

(C). Refraction of sound

(D). Polarization of sound

Which of the river is formed by the confluence of Tigris and Euphrates?

(A). Al Khabur

(B). Shatt-al-Arab

(C). Yarmouk River

(D). River Jordan

Formosa is the old name of?

(A). Bangkok

(B). Cambodia

(D). Taiwan

 (D). Rhodesia

Kitab ul Asar was compiled by?

 (A). Malik ibn Anas

(B). Ahmad ibn Hanbal

(C). Imam Shafi

(D). Imam Abu Hanifa

Note: According to some sources of history the book was compiled by Imam Muhammad al-Shaybani, the studen of Imam Abu Hanifa. This option was not included in the original paper paper of s&gad by PPSC.

Speed of Laser Jet printer is measured in___?

(A). Line per minute

(B). Page per minute

(C). Character per second

(D). Character per minute

A rolling stone gathers no ____?

(A). Clay

(B). Grass

(C). Moss

(D). Dirt

Antonym of Oblivion is:

(A). Disregard

(B). Indifference

(C). Awareness

(D). Insensibility

Complete the proverb: Familiarity breeds____?

(A). Bonding

(B). Enmity

(C). Contempt

(D). Friendship

Hell hath no fury like_____?

 (A). A woman scorned

(B). A Devil’s advocate

(C). A burned woman

(D). A woman forgotten

“Implicate” synonyms is:

(A). To insult

(B). To instigate

(C). Explain

(D). To involve

The debate adjourned ____ the following week?

(A). Into

(B). With

(C). For

(D). To

The meaning of “Limpid” is:

(A). Relaxed

(B). Opaque

(C). Clear

(D). Calm

Metacarpal bones are located in which part of our body?

(A). Skull

(B). Hands

(C). Chest

(D). Feet

Pedagogy is a science of___?

(A). Languages

(B). Stamp collecting

(C). Diseases

(D). Teaching

Which of the following district of Balochistan contains huge deposits of Copper?

(A). Sibi

(B). Loralai

(C). Khuzdar

(D). Chaghi

The Muslim thinker and historian, Ibn Khaldun, was born in?

(A). Egypt

(B). Morocco

(C). Tunisia

(D). Iraq

Port Dickson is a famous seaport of?

(A). Norway

(B). Malaysia

(C). Italy

(D). South Africa

Where is the city of Aleppo located?

(A). Iraq

(B). Turkey

(C). Syria

(D). Lebanon

The nation of ____ was destroyed by a rain of stones?

(A). Hazrat Loot (A.S)

(B). Hazrat Salih (A.S)

(C). Hazrat Hood (A.S)

(D). None of these

Plutocracy is a form of government run by

(A). Dictators

(B). Elected Representatives

(C). The Wealthy

(D). Technocrats

In which country is the famous Taklamakan Desert is located?

(A). Turkmenistan

(B). China

(C). Kazakhstan

(D). Morocco

Yuan is the currency used in?

(A). China

(B). Bhutan

(C). Iran

(D). North Korea

The President under the 1973 Constitution is elected?

(A). By National Assembly

(B). By Senate and National Assembly

(C). By direct election

(D). By Parliament ( Senate and NA) and the Provincial Assemblies

Asian Games took place after every

(A). 5 years

(B). 2 years

(C). 4 years

(D). 3 years

How many points are in badminton game?

(A). 31

(B). 21

(C). 41

(D). 11

Headquarter of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is in?

(A). Geneva

(B). Cape Town

(C). Washington D. C.

(D). Berlin

Falkland’s islands were recaptured by the Britain in?

(A). 1983

(B). 1980

(C). 1982

(D). 1981

Petronas Tower is one of tallest building of the World located in?

(A). Jakarta

(B). Kuala Lumpur

(C). Riyadh

(D). Shanghai

Which is the latest version of MS Excel?

(A). MS Excel 2016

(B). MS Excel 2017

(C). Excel XP

(D). MS Excel 2007

Synonym of Eradicate is?

(A). Eliminate

(B). Validate

(C). To forget

(D). To forgive

Taurus are a mountain complex located in?

(A). Afghanistan

(B). Turkey

(C). Iran

(D). Pakistan

The Italian scientist Alessandro Volta is renowned for inventing?

(A). Electric Battery

(B). Hydrogen Lamp

(C). Both A & B

(D). None of these

Name the first written constitution of the world?

(A). Khutba Hajj Tul Wida

(B). Meesaq-e-Madina

(C). Treaty of Hudaybiya

(D). None of these

Under the Indus Water Treaty the use of which rivers were allocated to Pakistan?

(A). Sutlej, Indus, Jhelum

(B). Beas, Jhelum, Chenab

(C). Ravi, Indus, Jhelum,

(D). Indus, Chenab, Jhelum

”No person shall be deprived of life or liberty save in accordance with law ” is in Article ____ of the Constitution?

(A). 10

(B). 9

(C). 8

(D). None of these

Who was the Prime minister of India at the time of the 1965 War?

(A). Morarji Desai

(B). Lal Bahadur Shastri

(C). Sanjay Gandhi

(D). Indira Gandhi

The Objective Resolution was presented by?

(A). Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar

(B). Muhammad Ali Chaudhary

(C). Ch Rehmat Ali

(D). Liaquat Ali Khan

Name of the Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan ?

(A). Raja Zafar-ul-Haq

(B). Aitzaz Ahsan

(C). Nayyar Bukhari

(D). Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani

Under the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan who can declare emergency?

(A). President

(B). Defense Committee of the Cabinet

(C). Chief of Army Staff

(D). Prime Minister

Talks between Jinnah and Gandhi in 1944 failed due to?

(A). Opposition by Red Shirts

(B). Opposition by the Ahrars

(C). Opposition by the Khaksars

(D). The Two Nation Theory

Music of Pakistan’s National Anthem (Qaumi Tarana) was composed by?

(A). Ahmed Ali Chagla

(B). Rasheed Attre

(C). Khawaja Khurshid Anwar

(D). Hafeez Jallandri

Asar-ul-Sanadid was written by?

(A). Shah Waliullah

(B). Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

(C). Sheikh Ahmed Sirhindi

(D). Syed Ahmed Barelvi

Migrating from Makkah to Madina the Prophet (PBUH) took refuge in?

A). Thaur Cave

(B). Dar-e-Arqam

(C). Hira Cave

(D). None of these

Picasso, a famous sculptor, painter, print maker and stage designer belonged to?

(A). Italy

(B). Norway

(C). Spain

(D). Germany

Causes of the Indian Revolt (Asbab e Baghawat e Hind) was written by ?

(A). Viqar-ul-Mulk

(B). Nawab Salimullah

(C). Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk

(D). Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

The first dry port in Lahore Pakistan was established in?

(A). 1979

(B). 1976

(C). 1973

(D). 1965

The Sikh War (1845-46) was fought between Sikhs and?

(A). French

(B). Dutch

(C). Muslims

(D). British East India Company

Weight of Javelin throw of female is?

(A). 800 g

(B). 600 g

(C). 400 g

(D). None of these

The famous talks which led to the Camp David Agreements were hosted by the U.S President?

(A). Ronald Reagan

(B). Barack Obama

(C). Jimmy Carter

(D). Gerald Ford

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was signed on 4 April 1949 is a?

(A). Peace treaty

(B). Anti-narcotic organization

(C). Civil-military alliance

(D). Military alliance

Five Star Movement is a leading political party in the current general elections held in?

(A). France

(B). Italy

(C). Britain

(D). Germany

China Pakistan Boundary dispute was settled during the government of?

(A). Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

(B). Feroz Khan Noon

(C). Ayub Khan

(D). Liaquat Ali Khan

Pakistan’s Peace Keeping troops have served under UN in?

(A). Haiti

(B). Sierra Leone

(C). Congo

(D). All of these

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