PPSC English MCQs

PPSC English MCQs Compiled from Past Papers conducted in the last three years. The MCQs include grammar, synonyms, antonyms, preposition, composition and one word substitution.

Choose the correct antonym of “Ruthless”?

(A). Cold-Blooded

(B). Compassionate

(C). Ferocious

(D). Brutal

Antonym of “Ambiguous” is?

(A). Equivocate

(B). Secular

(C). Explicit

(D). Obscure

Choose the correct synonym of “Ecstasy”?

(A). Grimness

(B). Remorse

 (C). Exultation

(D). Lugubriousness

The word ‘REX’ stands for?

(A). The King

(B). The Parliament

(C). The Court

(D). The Crown

Synonym of ‘Odour’ is:

(A). Color

 (B). Smell

(C). Taste

 (D). Texture

The Antonym of “FRUGAL” is?

(A). Economical

(B). Simple

(C). Spendthrift

(D). Fun

‘Just good enough’ means?

(A). An estimated criteria

(B). Not sufficient time

(C). Good for Circumstances

(D). None of these

Change the Voice of the following sentence: “was she sewing my shirt”?

(A). Was my shirt been sewing by her

(B). Had my shirt been sewed by her??

(C). Was my shirt sewing by her?

(D). Was my shirt being sewn by her?

Fill in the blank: He traveled ____ difficult circumstances?

(A). In

(B). Under

(C). About

(D). Above

You cannot have your ___ and eat it?

(A). Biscuit

(B). Cake

(C). Bun

(D). Apple

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