PPSC Sub Inspector Past Papers

Solved PPSC Sub Inspector Past Papers 2019 for Open merit candidates.

In PowerPoint, the selected design template can be applied?

(A). To current slide only

(B). To all the slides

(C). To all the new presentation you create

(D). All of these

Thomas Jefferson was the___ president of United States?

(A). 1st

(B). 2nd

(C). 3rd

(D). 4th

What is the name of the autobiography of Adolf Hitler?

(A). Hope and Success

(B). Mein Kampf

(C). Das Kapital

(D). Third Reich

Which one number will complete the series: 8, 13,10, 15, 12,17, 14 ____?

(A). 19

(B). 22

(C). 16

(D). 20

Babri Mosque which was demolished in 1992 was/is situated in the state of.

(A). Maharashtra

(B). Utar Pardesh

(C). Madhya Pardesh

(D). Andra Pardesh

Which of the following words is closest in meaning to the word Monitor?

(A). Punish

(B). Conclude

(C). Observe

(D). Interfere

In field of telecommunication, LTE stands for?

(A). Long Time Energy

(B). Law Term Evolution

(C). Long Term Evolution

(D). Life Time Evolution

Ahmad reads 24 pages of a book in 15 minutes. The rate of pages read per minute by him will be?

(A). 1.6

(B). 2

(C). 2.5

(D). 3

Linux is a/an?

(A). Operating System

(B). Utility program

(C). Application Software

(D). Educational Software

Chaudhery Rehmat Ali, who proposed the name ‘Pakistan’ is buried in?

(A). Karachi

(B). London

(C). Oxford

(D). Cambridge

A hybrid computer?

(A). Resembles digital computer

(B). Resembles analogue computer

(C). Resembles both a digital and analogue computer

(D). None of these

Solve: 7500 + ( 1250/50)

(A). 7500

(B). 7525

(C). 7650

(D). 8000

Microsoft Windows uses a GUI environment, GUI stands for__?

(A). Geographical User Interchange

(B). Graphical User Interface

(C). Geometrical Upper Intelligence

(D). Grammatical User Incorporation

‘Leukemia’ is a disease of the?

(A). Lungs

(B). Blood

(C). Skin

(D). Nerves

To copy a picture of the screen to the Clipboard use?

(A). Alt Key

(B). Shift Key

(C). Print Screen Key

(D). None of these

Ali can type at a speed of 25 words per minute. How many words he can type in one hour?

(A). 1300

(B). 1200

(C). 1500

(D). 1475

CRT is the technology used in a?

(A). Mouse

(B). Monitor

(C). COO

(D). Trojan Horse

In MS Excel, we can not edit the contents of a cell by?

(A). Pressing the Alt key

(B). Clicking the formula bar

(C). Pressing the F2 key

(D). Double clicking the cell

Pakistan lost to India in the final of the 2016 Asian Men’s Hockey Champions Trophy. Where was the final match played?

(A). Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

(B). Ipoh, Malaysia

(C). Kauntan, Malaysia

(D). Johar, Malaysia

15 men were hired to plough a piece of land in 10 days. How many more men will be required to do the same job is 3 days?

(A). 35

(B). 40

(C). 50

(D). 30

PowerPoint presentations are widely used as?

(A). Note outlines for teachers

(B). Project presentations by students

(C). Communication of planning

(D). All of these

Which of the following fraction is the smallest?

(A). 11/13

(B). 9/11

(C). 3/4

(D). 5/7

Solve: √134

(A). 520

(B). 169

(C). 28561

(D). None of these

9 is 1/3% of what number?

(A). 2700

(B). 300

(C). 27

(D). 30

Find the relationship similar to Throat : Insecurity?

(A). Challenge: Fight

(B). Reason: Anger

(C). Thunder: Lightening

(D). Speed: Acceleration

A is twice as good as workman as B and together they finish a piece of work in 18 days. In how many days will B alone finish the work?

(A). 27 days

(B). 54 days

(C). 56 days

(D). 68 days

Who is the current Mayor of London?

(A). Zac Goldsmith

(B). Bons Johnson

(C). Sadiq Khan

(D). None of these

In MS Word 2016, which of the following command is not available in Insert menu?

(A). Columns

(B). Table

(C). Page Number

 (D). Object

The ratio of the length of a field to its width is 5:3. find its length if the width is 42 meters?

(A). 100 m

(B). 60 m

(C). 50 m

(D). 70 m

Which type of computer program would be used to design an invitation card?

(A). Word processing

(B). Simulation

(C). Desktop publishing

(D). Virtual reality

The Khudai khidmatgar Movement was started by?

(A). Abdul Ghani Khan

(B). Solar Aslam Khan

(C). Abdul Ghaffar Khan

(D). Inayatullah Mashriqi

Look at this series 2, 6,18, 54, ___ what number should come next?

(A). 108

(B). 148

(C). 162

(D). 218

Shortcut Keys to switch to the next window is?

(A). Alt + Tab

(B). Shift + Tab

(C). Alt + ctrl

(D). Ctrl + Tab

x, 9, 25, 49, 81,121 find value of x?​

(A). 5

(B). 1

(C). 4

(D). 3

What was the capital of Japan before Tokyo?

(A). Osaka

(B). Hiroshima

(C). Kyoto

(D). Okinawa

The shortcut key to close a selected window?

(A). Alt + F4

(B). Ctrl + F4

(C). Alt + F5

(D). Alt + F3

What is the missing number in the sequence 4, 6, 10, 18, ___, 66?

(A). 22

(B). 34

(C). 45

(D). 54

The transfer of data from one place to another is called?

(A). Data processing

(B). Data distribution

(C). Data communication

(D). Data encryption

Where is Bathsheba Beach situated?

(A). Chile

(B). Brazil

(C). Barbados

(D). Mexico

Who among the following was convicted in Rawalpindi Conspiracy Case?

(A). Habib Jalb

(B). Agra Shorash Kashmir

(C). Faiz Ahmad Faiz

(D). None of these

Which of the following way cannot be used to link excel worksheet data to a Word document?

(A). With the right drag method

(B). With a hyperlink

(C). With the copy and paste special commands

 (D). With the copy and paste buttons

What is the percentage is 12 of 36?

(A). 35%

(B). 33.33%

(C). 30%

(D). 40%

Which among the following countries was the first to give women the right to vote?

(A). Iceland

(B). Switzerland

(C). New Zealand

(D). USA

Statistical study of human population is called?

(A). Ecology

(B). Anthropology

(C). Entomology

(D). Demography

A hockey team won 6 games and lost 8. What is the ratio of wins to number of games?

(A). 6:8

(B). 8:6

(C). 3:7

(D). 8:14

(25 x10)/(5(6-4)2) = ?

(A). 200

(B). 50

(C). 25/2

(D). 25

Complete the series: 1, 1, 8, 4, 27, 9 ___?

(A). 64

(B). 20

(C). 60

(D). 16

If Jack needs 2.5 pints of cream to make a dessert. How many pints will he need to make 3 desserts?

(A). 7.5

(B). 3

(C). 4

(D). 5.5

If the average arithmetic mean of 8, 12, 15, 21, x and 11 is 17 then what is x?

(A). 3

(B). 15

(C). 17

(D). 35

LED stands for?

(A). Laser Emitting Direction

(B). Laser Eating Diode

(C). Light Exit Direction

(D). Light Emitting Diode

If Mary traveled 116 miles on day 1 130 miles on day 2 114 mites on day 3. How many miles per day did she average?

(A). 120

(B). 115

(C). 116

(D). 114

Find the average of 8, 13, 25, 43 and 11?

(A). 20

(B). 32

(C). 27

(D). 19

Linux is a/an?

(A). Operating System

(B). Utility program

(C). Application Software

(D). Educational Software

Trackball is a(n)?

(A). Storage device

(B). Output device

(C). Input device

(D). Programming language

Which of the following is the method by which data is converted from a readable form to an encoded version?

(A). Encryption

(B). Spooling

(C). Censoring

(D). COD

The length and breadth of a rectangle are in the ratio 3 : 1. If the breadth is 1 cm, than the length of the rectangle is?

(A). 14

(B). 16

(C). 18

 (D). 21

The Kabul River joins River Indus near?

(A). Attock

(B). Jhang

(C). Mianwali

(D). Swabi

Solve: 6.334 x 104

(A). 0.0006334

(B). 0.06334

(C). 6334

(D). 63340

What is the maximum font size you can apply for any character in MS-Word?

(A). 163

(B). 1638

(C). 16038

(D). Nona of these

If x=3, then x³ =?

(A). 6

(B). 9

(C). 27

(D). 81

The ratio 35 : 84 in simplest form is?

(A). 5:7

(B). 7:12

(C). 5:12

(D). None of these

___ is used to transmit digital data over telephone lines?

(A). Network card

(B). Sound card

(C). Graphic card

(D). Modem

Synonym of ANGUISH is?

(A). Attack

(B). Agony

(C). Relief

(D). Anxious

What is a terabyte?

(A). An optical storage medium capable of storing vast amounts of information

(B). A multifunctional operating environment

(C). Flash memory

(D). Roughly a trillion bytes

Solve: √(1.44)

(A). 0.8

(B). 1.2

(C). 8

(D). 12

Civil Disobedience Movement was started by?

(A). Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

(B). Mahatma Gandhi

(C). Jawahralal Nehru

(D). Agha Khan III

What does RAM in a computer stand for?

(A). Read and Memorize

(B). Random Access Memory

(C). Random Access Module

(D). Random Access Modem

How are human rights enforced?

(A). Against Public authorities

(B). By interpreting legislation and common law

(C). Only against individuals

(D). By striking down inconsistent legislation

Which short cut key inserts a new slide in the current presentation in PowerPoint?

(A). Ctrl + N

(B). Ctrl + M

(C). Ctrl + S

(D). All of these

If you pay 22.90 for a DVD that includes a 7% sales tax, what is the price of the DVD before the sales tax?

(A). 23

(B). 21.40

(C). 25

(D). 20.50

Imran Khan was recently sworn in Pakistan’s Prime Minister?

(A). 19th

(B). 20th

(C). 21st

(D). 22nd

The value of 1/3 of 24 is?

(A). 8

(B). 5

(C). 12

(D). None of these

Aalia has three types of balls red green and blue. If their ratio is 2:3:5 what percent of balls are green?

(A). 20%

(B). 30%

(C).  45%

(D). 50%

Macintosh series of personal computers were developed by which of the following companies?

(A). Dell

(B). Apple

(C). IBM

(D). Microsoft

The Chairman of Boundary Commission of the Punjab & Bengal was?

(A). Mountbatten

(B). Auchinieck

(C). Gracey

(D). None of these

Income of A is 25% less than B. How much percent B’s income would be more than that of A?

(A). 33%

(B). 30%

(C). 35%

(D). 48%

Who is called the Father of Computers?

(A). Charles Babbage

(B). Thomas Kurtz

(C). Konrad Zuse

(D). Bill Gates

Total number of students in a class is 95. if the total number of girls in the class is 45 then the ratio of the total number. If boys to total number girls is?

(A). 9:10

(B). 7:8

(C). 10:9

(D). 9:11

Sam bought a 12 pack of soda for $5.40. How much did he pay per can of soda?

(A). $0.45

(B). 0.54

(C). $0.40

(D). $2.22

Pakistan is located in?

(A). East Asia

(B). South Asia

(C). South East Asia

(D). North East Asia

In MS Excel, which function automatically total a column or row of values?


(B). ADD

(C). SUM

(D). AVG

Which of the following is not a major reason for an email bounce?

(A). Bad user account name

(B). bad domain name

(C). Stale file handle

(D). Domain server is down

___ to used as a disk-scanner in Microsoft Windows?

(A). Disk cleanup

(B). Disk defragmenter

(C). Disk cleanout

(D). Disk cleaning

A program that can destroy all of your computer programs?

(A). Anti-virus

(B). Virus

(C). Switched computer

(D). Dust

Choose the correct indirect speech of He asked, “Who speaks French?”

(A). He wanted to know which spoke French

(B). He wanted to know who speak French

(C). He wanted to know who was to speak French

(D). He wanted to know who spoke French

In computing, NOS stands for?

(A). Non-operating Software

(B). Network Operating System

(C). Node Open Software

(D). Neutral Operating System

Dar-es-Salaam is the major city of?

(A). Tanzania

(B). Nigeria

(C). Kenya

(D). Uganda

فتح کا مترادف ہے ؟

شکست .(A)

سرور .(B)

اقبال .(C)

ظفر. (D)

مشہور ناول’’ خدا کے بستی‘‘ مصنف کا کیا نام ہے ؟

شوکت صدیقی .(A)

 وقارعظیم. (B)

احمدسرور. (C)

امجد اسلام امجد. (D)

الل ٹپ کی ترکیب کا مفہوم ہے

سو چ بچار کے. (A)

بغیر سوچے سمجھے .(B)

راز کی بات .(C)

زبان خلق .(D)

اس ڈائری یا نوٹ بک کو جس میں شاعر اپنا تخلص یا منتخب اشعار بیان کرتا ہے کہتے ہیں

کلیات .(A)

دیوان. (B)

بیاض .(C)

کوئی جواب درست نہیں .(D)

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