SPSC Past Papers

Most repeated SPSC Past Papers MCQs for all type of competitive exams and screening tests.

The book ‘21 Lessons of 21st Century’ is written by:____?

 (A). George Friedman

(B). Yuval Noah Harari

(C). Alan Guth

(D). BF Skinner

Solar system was discovered by:

(A). Kepler

(B). Galileo

(C). Copernicus

(D). Plato

“To break the ice” means?

(A). To start quarreling

(B).To end the hostility

(C). To start a conversation

(D). To end up partnership

Short-sightedness is due to:

(A). Shifting of the iris

(B). Elongation of eyeballs

(C). Weakening of the retina

(D). Weaker muscles

A cell is defined as

(A). The intersection of a column and a row

(B).An input box

(C). A rectangular marker

(D). All of the above

The oldest Tennis Tournament in the world is:

(A). Wimbledon

(B). French Open

(C). Australian Open

(D). US Open

Who accepted Islam first in men?

(A). Hazrat Ali

(B).Hazrat Abubakar

(C). Hazrat Usman

(D). Hazrat Umer

Angstrom is unit of which quantity:

(A). Force


(C). Resistance

(D). Length

Uighur population is present in:

(A). South of China

(B). South of Russia

(C). West of China

(D). East of Turkmenistan

Which is the rarest Isotope of Hydrogen?

(A). Protium


(C). Tritium

(D). None

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  1. Plz also share material about English literature and Linguistics.
    You are doing really very well and matchless.

    • Thank you so much. English Literature and Linguistics mcqs will be uploaded soon.

  2. Ist men accepted Islam would be Hazrat Abu Bakr.
    While among children it would be Hazrat Ali .

    • First person accepted Islam: Hazrat Khadija RA
      First man accepted Islam: Hazrat Ali RA

      • First Woman Hazrat Khadija R.A…
        First Child Who Accepted Islam Firstly Was Hazrat Ali R.A
        First Man Who Accepted Islam Was Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A


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