ASI Past Papers SPSC Anti Corruption 30 April 2024

SPSC ASI Past Papers Anti Corruption Department sindh held on 30 April 2024.

  1. What is the correct plural form of “Analysis”? analyses
  2. The line dividing Pakistan and India was drawn by: Cyril Redcliff
  3. Autobiography “Daughter of East” is written by —–? Benazir Bhutto
  4. Smog is the case of: Air Pollution
  5. What is the correct plural form of “child”? Children
  6. Angel Falls is the world’s tallest waterfalls. It is located at: Venezuela
  7. The largest Island in the world located at: Greenland
  8. Choose the Idiom of “To keeps one’s temper”: To be in good mood
  9. Arab League’s summit 2023 was held in? Saudi Arabia
  10. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan become chief judge in the year: 1846
  11. What is the official language of brazil: Portuguese
  12. Which forest act as barriers against cyclones? Mangrove forests
  13. Hanna lake is located in: Quetta
  14. World’s largest salt mine is “Sifto salt Mine”. Canada
  15. Fill in the blanks: Ali Must have the—– to stick to his diet, if he wants to lose weight: determination
  16. Name the country that won FIFA Women’s World cup 2023? Spain
  17. Which Pakistan poet got “Lenin Prize”? Faiz Ahmad Faiz
  18. Which country is known as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon”? Bhutan
  19. Who is the national poet of Sindh? Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai
  20. According to the scientists, how many galaxy are there in the universe? 100 Billion Galaxies
  21. The Famous book named “Hayat-e-Javed” by Altaf Hussain Hali was written on the life of: Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
  22. The thar Coalfield Has huge reserves of coal. It is located in ____ district Sindh: Tharparkar
  23. Antonym of “Consolidate” is: weaken
  24. What is the correct form of the verb: “She ____ to the party last night” went
  25. The correct of acting in aid of civil power by the armed forces has been laid down in the constitution of Pakistan: 245
  26. When the martial Law of Ayub Khan was abolished? June 8,1962
  27. Anwaar ul Haq Kakar was sworn in as the ____ interim prime minister of Pakistan on 14th August 2023? 8th
  28. The shrine of the sachal sarmat is situated in: Gambat
  29. Which region of the moon is known as “Dark side”? South Pole
  30. The first constitution of Pakistan was promulgated on 23rd March: 1956
  31. “Fair field and no favor ” idiom means: equal chance to every one
  32. What is the correct plural form of “radius”? radi
  33. What is the correct plural form of “fish”? Fish and fishes
  34. What is the correct plural form of “mouse”? mice
  35. What was the first Women Governor of State Bank of Pakistan? Dr Shamshad Akhter
  36. “The six Roads: A New History of the World” is written by _____ ? Peter Frankopan
  37. Which of the following is the power house of the cell? Mitochondria
  38. How many countries are declared nuclear powers? 9 Israel
  39. Frederick X become king on 14th January 2024 Of which country? Denmark
  40. Fill In the blank: Make only a few rules for students that emphasize ____ behavior: appropriate
  41. What is the correct plural form of “Index”? indexes” and “indices
  42. What is the correct plural form of “Criterion”? criteria
  43. Antonym of ” Quiescent” is: Active

The paper was held by Sindh Public Service Commission on 30 April 2024.

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