MS Excel MCQs

Important MS Excel MCQs for all competitive exams preparation and computer related tests.

In a MS-Excel, formula begins with

(A). >

(B). =

(C). <

(D). None of These

 In a spreadsheet, letters are used to represent…

(A). Cells

(B). Rows

(C). Columns

(D). None of These

Extension of computer MS-Excel file is

(A). Wrd

(B). Xlsx

(C). Doc

(D). None of These

A numeric data analysis tool that allows us to create a computerized ledger.

(A). Word Processing Package

(B). Spreadsheet Package

(C). Graphics Package

(D). None of These

The cell that is in use.

(A). Highlighted Cell

(B). Main Cell

(C). Active Cell

(D). None of These

Spreadsheets cannot:

(A). Do Calculations

(B). Create Graphics

(C). Plot Graphs

(D). None of These

In a computer spreadsheet, each cell contain a

(A). Label

(B). Value

(C). Formula

(D). All Of These

Which among following is divide symbol in excel?

(A). /

(B). D

(C). Div

(D). None of These

Which of the following isn’t a part of a spreadsheet?

(A). Row Number

(B). Column Number

(C). Column Letter

(D). None of These

…….. Help us to see patterns.

(A). Spreadsheets

(B). Calculations

(C). Charts

(D). None of These

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