Different Fields of Science

Different fields of science that are studied at different levels and applied in our daily life activities.

Different Fields of Science
Science of languages → Philology
Study of fruit and Seeds → Carpology
Studies the structure of the body → Anatomy
Study of Culture and People → Ethology
Study of earthquakes → Seismology
Relation between Organism and Their Environment → Ecology
Study of Weather → Meteorology
Study of universe origin, nature and evolution → Cosmology
Study of Cancer → Oncology
Sound and its waves study → Acoustics
Life in Outer Space → Exobiology
Study of Coins → Numismatics
Force exerted on a body by the air → Aerodynamics
Improving human being by changing genetics component → Eugenics
Study of Birds → Ornithology
Science of Insects → Entomology
scientific study of mankind, behavior, culture and societies → Anthropology
Study of Epidemic diseases → Epidemiology
Study of tissuesHistology
Science of heavenly bodies → Astronomy
Study of rocks and mineral formation on other planet → Astrogeology
Vital processes of living things → Biophysics
Study of geographical areas plant and animal distribution → Chorology
Medicine dealing with skin → Dermatology
Structure and function of cell → Cytology
Study of adverse effects of chemicals on living organisms → Toxicology
Study of Glands → Endocrinology
Study of Fossil Fuels → Paleontology
Process of fermentation → Zymology
Study of eye diseases → Ophthalmology
Medicine dealing with diseases of skeletal system → Orthopedics
Medical Science dealing the cause, origin and nature of disease → Pathology
Study of religion – Theology
Agriculture Science concerning with flowers, fruits and vegetable → Horticulture
The science of structure and form of organisms → Morphology (biology)
Study of words formation → Morphology (language)
Study of Chemical composition of Earth crust → Geology
The study of plant → Botany
The science of animal life → Zoology
The study of heredity → Genetics
The exploration of the ocean → Oceanography
Study of fish → Ichthyology
Study of light and vision → Optics
Study of crystal structure and phenomena → Crystallography
Study of the origin and composition of rocks → Petrology
Medical study of the heart → Cardiology
Study of the immune system → Immunology
Study of laughter and its effects → Gelotology
The study of the human past → Archaeology
The study of language and phonetics → Linguistics
Study of blood vascular system → Angiology
Study of flower → Anthology
Study of honey bees → Apiculture
Study of spiders → Arachnology
Study of secret writing → Cryptography
Study of virus → Virology
Transference of thought without using sensory channels → Telepathy
The practical application of science to industry → Engineering
Study of growing old → Gerontology
Study of blood → Hematology
Science of law → Jurisprudence
Study of liver → Hepatology
study of facial beauty → Kalology
Study of fungi → Mycology
Medicine concerning with nervous system and its disorders → Neurology
Compiling of dictionary → Lexicography
Medicine dealing with pregnancy → Obstetrics
Study of dreams → Oneirology
Stydy of soils formation, nature and classification → Pedology
scientific study of the mind and behavior → Psychology
The cultivation of silkworms to produce silk → Sericulture

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