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Active and Passive Voice

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Turn to passive voice: Fatima had informed me.

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Change the Voice of the Sentence" The postman will deliver the letters"

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Change the voice: Does she write a letter?

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Change the voice "I remember my sister taking me to the museum."

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Change the voice, "They would not agree to my proposal"

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Change the Voice of the sentence: "Why do you tell a lie"?

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Change the Voice "Villagers fell all the trees."

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Change the voice: 'I will have finished that book'

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Change the Voice of the Sentence "She has made the cake."

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Change the voice of the sentences, "Do you know my father?"

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Change the voice: "Will my mother have baked cake?


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Change the voice: "She has torn the book".

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Turn to passive voice, 'The child chose the hat'?

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Change the voice "She is singing a song"

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Change the voice "Are they chasing the thieves"?

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Change the Voice: “was she sewing my shirt”?

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Change the Voice  "He had cleaned the tables."

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Change the voice of the sentence, "The girl is riding the horse" ?

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Change the voice of the sentence: 'Have you laughed at them'?

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Change the voice "You must obey your parents".

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  1. There is a mistake in q. No 3.
    The villagers fell all the trees.
    It’s passive voice will be:
    All the trees were felled by the villagers. Not all the trees are felled by the villagers.
    Fall: fell: fallen
    Fell: felled: felled


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