Synonyms MCQs

Synonyms MCQS for preparation.

Synonym of “Tenacious” is?

A. Forgetful
B. Flexible
C. Stubborn
D. Loving

Synonym of “Exquisite” is?

A. Plain
B. Beautiful
C. Ordinary
D. Simple

Synonym of “Sycophant” is:

A. Rebel
B. Critic
C. Follower
D. Flatterer

Synonym of “Novice” is:

A. Expert
B. Beginner
C. Professional
D. Veteran

Thank you very much for such kind words (Choose the synonym of Kind)

A. Gentle
B. Sweet
C. Good
D. Friendly

They decided to remain calm (Choose the synonym of Calm)

A. Fed
B. Exist
C. Stay
D. Live

He was always willing to guide and help him. (Choose the synonym of Willing))  

A. Very Happy
B. Ready to help
C. Generous and Nice
D. Kind and Friendly

Choose the synonym of VICISSITUDES:

A. Changes
B. Evils
C. Mistakes
D. Rules

Choose the correct synonym of Ceded?

A. Withhold
B. Abdicate
C. breeze
D. None of these

Indentify the nearest possible meaning to the word, “Swell”?

A. Decrease
B. Increase
C. Break
D. Rubbed

Dead bodies were kept in a mortuary. (Choose the Synonym of Mortuary)

A. Dormitory
B. Morgue
C. Sanclvary
D. Infirmary

She is well-versed in Contemporary English Lecturer. (Choose the Synonym of Contemporary)

A. Latest
B. Improved
C. Revised
D. Modern

She suffers from fits. (Choose the synonym of Fits)

A. Suddenly Attacks
B. Traumas
C. Shocks
D. Panics

Choose the Synonym of Noble?

A. Great
B. Splendid
C. Beautiful
D. Big

The synonym of Obligatory is ___?

A. Useful
B. Required
C. Stubborn
D. Agreeable

Synonym of Rebate is ___?

A. Discount
B. Refund
C. Both a & b
D. Compensation

Synonym of Foster is:

A. Increase
B. Lessen
C. Raise
D. None of these

The synonym of Abreast is:

A. Smart
B. Informed
C. Opposite
D. None of these

Synonym of reformation is ___?

A. Renewal
B. Abolish
C. Polish
D. None of these

Choose the synonym of Quickly from the following:

A. Soon
B. Fastly
C. Fast
D. Shortly

Choose the Synonym of Immemorial from the following:

A. Beyond Imagination
B. Beyond Human History
C. Beyond Human Memory
D. Beyond Human Record

Choose the Synonym of Idea from the following:

A. Advice
B. Thinking
C. Thought
D. Consideration

What is the Synonym of Wear?

A. Use
B. Cover
C. Put on
D. Cloak

Synonym of “Humiliated”?

A. Degraded
B. Elevated
C. Beaten
D. None of these

Synonym of “Exhausted”?

A. Active
B. Damaged
C. Tired
D. None of these

Jiang Zemin, the famous _____ leader died in 2022.

A. Chinese
B. Japanese
C. South Korean
D. None of these

Synonym of Simulate is:

A. Imitate
B. Original
C. Genuine
D. None of these

Synonym of Decadence is:

A. Decency
B. Depravity
C. Goodness
D. None of these

Synonym of Prerogative is:

A. Privilege
B. First Rate
C. Paid
D. None of these

Logical (Choose a similar meaning word)?

A. Scientific
B. Simplest
C. Analytical
D. None of these

Choose the synonym of Isolation?

A. Fear
B. Plenitude
C. Solitude
D. Disease

Choose the synonym of Acute?

A. Not Serious
B. Chronic
C. Obtuse
D. Severe

Choose the synonym of Delegate?

A. Representative
B. Officer
C. Member
D. Servant

Choose the synonym of Brief?

A. Small
B. Short
C. Little
D. Limited

Choose the synonym of Diligent?

A. Hardworking
B. Denting
C. Agent
D. Drowning

What is the synonym of Preserve?

A. Consume
B. Conserve
C. Cut
D. None of these

What is the synonym of Logical?

A. Scientific
B. Simplest
C. Analytical
D. None of these

The synonym of lovely is:

A. Unattractive
B. Beautiful
C. Ugly
D. None of these

Synonym of the word ‘FAUX’?

A. Artificial
B. Sudden Body Flux
C. Warm
D. None of these

Synonym of Emancipate:

A. Defame
B. Incorporate
C. Release
D. None of these

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