Analogy MCQS

Analogy MCQS for preparation.

Analogy Fragile: Crack

A. Competent : Death
B. Pliable : bend
C. Hydro : Water
D. Irreducible : Reduce

Analogy : Coach: Team

A. Groupie : Band
B. Foreman : Joy
C. Diplomat : Country
D. Senator : Severe

Analogy: Carelessness: Accident

A. Money : Luck
B. Trophy : Winner
C. Runner : Fatigue
D. Hard Work : Success

Analogy Portico: Building

A. Wheel : Bicycle
B. Ship : Steamer
C. Stove : Kitchen
D. Fort : Fortress

Analogy Hamlet: Village

A. Highway : Car
B. Building : Skyscraper
C. Photograph : Portrait
D. Cottage : House

Analogy of Lion: Roar

A. Elephant: Tusk
B. Snake: Shelter
C. Goat: Bleat
D. Lizard: Crawl

Rhythm is related to Music in the same way as Design is related to:

A. Symmetry
B. Architect
C. Beauty
D. Building

Patrol is related to Security in the same way as Insurance is related to:

A. Money
B. Protection
C. Policy
D. Finance

Helm is related to Rudder in the same way as Brain is related to:

A. Heart
B. Ribs
C. Limbs
D. Body

Poison is related to Socrates in the same way as Assassination is related to:

A. Liaqat Ali
B. Sikandar Ali
C. Fatima Jinnah
D. Ghulam Muhammad

Crumb is related to Bread in the same way as Morsel is related to:

A. Fruit
B. Biscuit
C. Food
D. Cake

Forfeit is related to Surrender in the same way as Remit is related to:

A. Perceive
B. Confiscate
C. Exempt
D. Cancel

Boat is related to Oar in the same way as Bicycle is related to:

A. Chain
B. Pedal
C. Road
D. Wheel

Door is related to Bang in the same way as Chain is related to:

A. Thunder
B. Clinch
C. Inkle
D. Clank

Hong Kong is related to China in the same way as Vatican is related to:

A. Canada
B. Mexico
C. North America
D. Rome

Taj Mahal is related to Love in the same way as Jallianwala Bagh is related to:

A. Lahore
B. Martyrdom
C. War
D. Punjab

Water is related to Ocean in the same way as Snow is related to:

A. Peaks
B. Hail
C. Glacier
D. Mountain

Librarians is related to Books in the same way as Bankers are related to:

A. Customers
B. Banks
C. Money
D. Creditors

Symphony is related to Composer in the same was as Fresco is related to:

A. Painter
B. Inventor
C. Singer
D. Writer

Ostrich is related to Antelope in the same way as Egret is related to:

A. Cow
B. Buffalo
C. Camel
D. Zebra

Trigonometry is related to Triangles in the same way as Mensuration is related to:

A. Geometry
B. Circles
C. Areas
D. Polygons

Blood is related to Circulation in the same way as Harmonic is related to:

A. Egestion
B. Control
C. Coordination
D. Digestion

Writer is related to Reader in the same way as Producer is related to:

A. Seller
B. Consumer
C. Creator
D. Contractor

Man is related to Arms in the same way as Cockroach is related to:

A. Wings
B. Pseudopodia
C. Legs
D. Antennae

Transistor is related to Radio in the same way as Television is related to:

A. Entertainment
B. Cinema
C. Video
D. Cassette

Cobra is related to Snake in the same way as Leopard is related to:

A. Tiger
B. Lion
C. Cat
D. Zebra

Green Revolution is related to Plants in the same way as Silver Revolution is related to:

A. Poultry
B. Rubber
C. Animals
D. Forests

Pride is related to Humility in the same way as Desire is related to:

A. Wish
B. Hate
C. Suppress
D. Indifference

Face is related to Expression in the same way as Hand is related to:

A. Waving
B. Handshake
C. Work
D. Gesturer

Umbrella is related to Rain in the same way as Goggles is related to:

A. Light
B. Glare
C. Stare
D. Sight

Land is related to Cape in the same way as Water is related to:

A. Strait
B. Lagoon
C. Bay
D. Island

What is related to Graduate in the same way as Cassock is related to Priest?

A. Cap
B. Tie
C. Coat
D. Gown

Laborer is related to Wages in the same way as Entrepreneur is related to:

A. Loan
B. Interest
C. Taxes
D. Profit

A tooth is related to Grit in the same way as Fist is related to:

A. Blow
B. Hand
C. Open
D. Clench

DDT is related to Abbreviation in the same way as LASER is related to:

A. Antithesis
B. Acronym
C. Epigram
D. Epithet

Distill is related to Whisky in the same way as Brew is related to:

A. Ferment
B. Gin
C. Beer
D. Sugar

Summit is related to Apex in the same way as Summon is related to:

A. Court
B. Judge
C. Witness
D. Beckon

Bull is the related to Drought in the same way as Cow is related to:

A. Livestock
B. Mitch
C. Farm
D. Fodder

South is related to North-West in the same way as West is related to:

A. South-West
B. East
C. North-East
D. South

Jesus is related to Christian in the same way as Zoroaster is related to:

A. Jews
B. Parses
C. Tribals
D. Catholics

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