Lecturer History (Male) Past Paper 2021 MCQs

Lecturer History (Male) Past Paper 2021 for preparation. ( PPSC FPSC NTS )

To convert Word file into PDF file which of the following command is used?

A) Save as

B) New Document

C) Click Edit

D) None of these

Military commander of Sultan Abdul Hameed was?

A) Kamal Pasha

B) Sarwat ud Din

C) Hassan Pasha

D) None of these

President Muhammad Al Gaddafi belongs to which country?

A) Libya

B) Iran

C) Syria

D) None of these

Iberian Peninsula Muslim forced conversion to Christianity:

A) Ethnicity

B) Conversos

C) Moriscos

D) None of these

You are angry …… me on this matter.

A) In

B) To

C) With

D) None of these

Who was the architect of Deccan Policy?

A) Jahangir

B) Babar

C) Aurangzeb

D) None of these

Proverb: Still water runs deep. Deep is?

A) Adverb

B) Verb

C) Noun

D) None of these

Who stood against Akbar Deen-i-llahi?

A) Khawaja Baki Billah

B) Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi

C) Aurangzeb

D) None of these

Queen Khizran was the wife of:

A) Kousar

B) Al Mehdi

C) Al Ateeb

A) 82

B) 76

C) 313

D) None of these

How many years did Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) spend in Mecca after Prophethood?

A) 13

B) 10

C) 5

D) None of these

War of Independence started in?

A) 10 May 1857

B) 20 May 1857

C) 30 May 1857

D) None of these

Objective Resolution was passed in?

A) 12-03-1949

B) 07-03-1949

C) 05-03-1949

D) None of these

Urdu Hindi Controversy was started in:

A) 1867

B) 1857

C) 1958

D) None of these

Geneva Accord was signed between Pakistan and …….?

A) Iran

B) Afghanistan

C) Turkey

D) None of these

Basic Democracies was introduced by which President?

A) Zulifqar Ali Bhutto

B) Ayub Khan

C) Zia Ul Haq

D) None of these

Chakravarti Rajagopalachari CR formula presented in:

A) March 1944

B) May 1944

C) April 1944

D) None of these

At the time of the 1857 war of Independence, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was Sadar Amin of:

A) Ali Garh

B) Delhi

C) Bijanaur

D) None of these

Aligarh Movement was started by?

A) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

B) Syed Amir Ali

C) Altaf Hussain Hali

D) None of these

When Qutub ud din Aibek official announcement Delhi Sultanate?

A) 1205

B) 1206

C) 1207

D) None of these

Which of the following was contemporary of eight Indian Ruler?

A) Ameer Khusro

B) Iltutmish

C) Balban

D) None of these

During the British administration which year Shimla declared as Summer Capital of British India?

A) 1864

B) 1865

C) 1866

D) None of these

Partition of Bengal in 1905 Announced by?

A) Lord Minto

B) Lord Harding

C) Lord Curzon

D) None of these

Nadir Shah belongs to which country?

A) Iran

B) Afghanistan

C) Tunisia

D) None of these

Who was the head of the Cabinet Mission?

A) Lord Wavell

B) Lord Alexander

C) Lord Pathic Lawrence

D) None of these

Wavell Plan presented at which conference?

A) Simla Conference

B) Cripps Mission

C) Simon Commission

D) None of these

In which Movement claimed land belongs to Allah no one can levied tax and rule?

A) Faraizi movement

B) Islamic movement

C) Reshmi Roomal

D) None of these

Which of the following Prime Minister of Pakistan was former ambassador to USA?

A) Muhammad Ali Bogra

B) Ch.Muhammad Ali

C) Khawaja Nazim uddin

D) None of these

Which famous leader is known with the title of “Quaid e Millat”?

A) Fatima Jinnah

B) Liaquat Ali Khan

C) Quaid-e-Azam

D) None of these

According to Indus Water Treaty Mangla Dam build on which river?

A) Chenab

B) Indus

C) Jhelum

D) None of these

Who was the Founder of Bahawalpur State?

A) Nawab Muhammad Sadiq II

B) Nawab Bahawal

C) Nawab Sadiq I

D) None of these

During the Khilafat Movement Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar Advised Muslim to migrate to:

A) Egypt

B) Afghanistan

C) Syria

D) None of these

Last king of Iran during 1979 Revolution?

A) Kazim Shahnawaaz

B) Kamal Ata Turk

C) M. Raza Shah Pehlvi

D) None of these

Jang-e-Yamama fought in the era of?

A) Hazrat Abu Bakar RA

B) Hazrat Umar RA

C) Hazrat Usman RA

D) None of these

Earthquake Intensity is measured by:

A) Seismograph

B) Richter scale

C) T-Graph

D) None of these

In which year Mughal Molvi Syed Mumtaz Ali and his Second wife Muhammad Ali begum published Gender equality magazine?

A) 1898

B) 1896

C) 1890

D) None of these

Prior to 19th century Ottoman empire main rival was?

A) Poland

B) Germany

C) Russia

D) None of these

When did Japan Attack Russian?

A) 1901

B) 1903

C) 1904

D) 1905

Treaty of Lausanne signed in?

A) 1921

B) 1922

C) 1923

D) None of these

Which of the following toolbar used to access Menu bar and toolbar quickly?

A) Access Toolbar

B) Standard Toolbar

C) Formatting Toolbar

D) None of these

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