Lecturer Zoology Past Paper 2018

Lecturer Zoology Past Paper 2018 for preparation.

This is not a characteristic of primates?

A) Opposable digits

B) A well developed cerebrum

C) Binocular vision

D) A cloaca

In Microcephaly, the individuals are born with small?

A) Skull

B) Eyes

C) Brain

D) Hands

Insulin has 51 amino acids, which are arranged in two polypeptide chains having?

A) 20 & 31 amino acids

B) 11 & 40 amino acids

C) 21 & 31 amino acids

D) 25 & 26 amino acids

This is a polyunsaturated fatty acid?

A) Oleic acid

B) Linleic acid

C) Palmitic acid

D) Palmitleic acid

When a single gene effects two or more traits, the phenomenon is called?

A) Transposition

B) Transduction

C) Epistasis

D) Pleiotropy

An organism that has escaped from domestication and returned, partly or wholly, to a wild state is called?

A) Native

B) Vulnerable

C) Ferals

D) Semi-wild

Wildlife of Pakistan includes a unique aquatic mammal protected by various wildlife agencies?

A) Blue Dolphin

B) Porpoise

C) Sea Whale

D) Blind Dolphin

This is small locally located Subpopulation of organisms subjected to selection?

A) Cline

B) Phenon

C) Deme

D) Axon

The specimen on which the taxonomic description is based is?

A) Holotype

B) Homotype

C) Heterotype

D) Homonym

An endemic species is ……?

A) Epidemic disease

B) A taxonomist’s mistake

C) A taxonomist’s choice

D) Which is found uniquely in one place

Sahara desert demark the regions?

A) Ethiopian and Palearctic

B) Oriental and Neotropical

C) Ethiopian and Oriental

D) Palearctic and Nearctic

Darwin was strongly influenced by the book An Essay on the Principles of Population written by?

A) Erasmus

 B) Linnaeus

C) Wallace

D) Malthus

Human dentition is of type?

A) Lophodont

B) Selenodont

C) Bunodont

D) Hypsodont

These rocks are rich in fossils?

A) Igneous rocks

B) Sedementary rocks

C) Metamorphic rocks

D) Salt mines

Morphology similar or identical populations which are reproductively isolated are?

A) Sibling species

B) Allopatric species

C) Parapatric species

 (D) Geographical species

Without this phenomenon average temperature of the earth might be less than -71°C?

A) Ozone depletion

B) Greenhouse effect

C) Deforestation

D) Desertification

Which of the following trophic level represents the carnivores?

A) Producers

B) Primary consumers

C) Secondary consumers

D) Decomposers

A large regional community primarily determined by climate is?

A) Biome

B) Biotype

C) Ecotone

D) Range

Grassland ecosystems are common in Pakistan like in?

A) Chinji

B) Lal Sunhara

C) Magalla

D) Deosai

This step ios absent in the Calvin cycle?

A) Carbon fixation

B) Oxidation

C) Reduction

D) Regeneration of CO2 acceptor (RuBP)

The environment where evaporation exceeds precipitation is called?

A) Desert

B) Tropical

C) Temperate

D) Coniferous

Mangrove forests are common in?

A) Bahawalpur

B) Karachi

C) Murree Hills

D) Quetta

The most abundant and best-known greenhouse gas is?

A) Methane

B) CO2


D) Nitrogen

Assuming Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, what will be the genotype frequency of heterozygote, where frequency alleles being studied are 0.7 and 0.3?

A) 0.42

B) 0.5

C) 0.48

D) 0.21

Phenotype ratio of monohybrid crosses with incomplete dominance?

A) 3 : 1

B) 1: 2 : 1

C) 2 : 2

D) 9 : 3 : 3 : 1

Which is the correct order, from smallest to largest of base pairs?

A) Plasmid, transposon, chromosomal DNA

B) chromosomal DNA, transposon, plasmid

C) Transposon, plasmid, chromosomal DNA

D) Plasmid, chromosomal DNA, transposon

Blood group system ABO was discovered by?

A) Bernstein

B) Landsteiner

C) Correns

D) T.H. Morgan

The process in which bacteria take up the DNA released from lysed cells nearby or surrounding medium is?

A) Generalized Transduction

B) Conjugation

C) Specialized transduction

D) Transformation

What will be the frequency of T in a population if tasters are 64%?

A) 0.24

B) 0.4

C) 0.6

D) 0.8

Which of the following is NOT an amino acid?

A) Glutamic acid

B) Aspartic acid

C) Glutarnine

D) Palmitic acid

In glucose molecule, the number of asymmetric carbon atoms is?

A) One

B) Two

C) Three

D) Four

The breakdown of a glucose molecule in two molecules of pyruvate results in the production of ……. ATP molecules?

A) 2

B) 4

C) 36

D) 38

Metal ions used by many enzymes to change their non-functional active sites to functional ones are called?

A) Co-enzymes

B) Apo-enzymes

C) HoloenzYmes

D) Co-factor

ptyalin is an amylase which digests starch and glycogen to?

A) Sucrose

B) Lactose

C) Maltose

D) Galactose

The positive charge on Histones is due to an abundance of the following amino acids?

A) Valine or Histidine

B) Arginine or Lysine

C) Proline or Methionine

D) Alanine or Valine

Ring form ribose sugar is known as?

A) Ribopyranose

B) Ribofuranose

C) Furoribanose

D) None of these

This protein has anti-viral activity?

A) Interferon

B) C-reactive

C) Insulin

D) Growth factor

The sarcoplasmic reticulum in the muscle cells acts as a store of ……. ions?

A) Potassium

B) Sodium

C) Calcium

D) Magnesium

The conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin is catalyzed by the enzyme?

A) Fibrin stabilizing factor

B) Thrombinase

C) Prothrombinase

D) Hydroxylase

The heart of class Pisces is?

A) Single circuit

B) Double circuit

C) Triple circuit

D) Open circuit

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