General Knowledge Set-3

General Knowledge Set-3 for preparation.

Which of the following countries is the largest supplier of meat?

A. Argentina
B. Pakistan
C. Brazil
D. Saudi Arabi

Common Wealth organization has total number of members?

A. 54
B. 56
C. 60
D. 58

The smallest republic of the world is:

A. Nauru
B. Tuvalu
C. Kiribati
D. Samoa

D-8 Summit was held in which country?

A. Vietnam
B. Cairo
C. Qatar
D. Ethiopia

What is the world’s biggest National Park in the world?

A. Wood Buffalo Canada
B. Wood Buffalo France
C. Wood Buffalo USA
D. Wood Buffalo Austria

Which country was the first to introduce old age pensions?

A. Germany
B. France
C. Italy
D. Austria

Who is the only American president elected unopposed?

A. George Washington
B. Thomas Jefferson
C. John Adams
D. Ibrahim Lincoln

In 1953 what was first successfully transmitted in the USA?

A. Colour Television
B. Black and white Television
C. Radio transmission
D. Phone transmission

Who has won the most Oscars?

A. Louis Bleriot
B. Douglas Bader
C. Margaret Mitchell
D. Walt Disney

Which is the most traded product in the world?

A. Petroleum
B. Cars
C. Wheat
D. Integrated Circuits

Who was the first man to fly across the channel?

A. Louis Bleriot
B. Douglas Bader
C. Margaret Mitchell
D. Walt Disney

What head of Government was the first to give birth in office?

A. Srimavo Bandaranaike Sri Lanka
B. Maria Estate Pew Argentina
C. Benazir Bhutto Pakistan
D. None of them

Who was the first African-American woman in space?

A. Susan Jane Helms
B. Sally Ride
C. Marsha Sue Ivins
D. Mae Jamison

Who was the world’s first female Prime Minister?

A. Margaret Thatcher
B. Mary Eugenia Charles
C. Sirimavo Bandaranaike
D. Indira Gandhi

Who was the first woman to win Nobel Prizes in two different categories?

A. Selma Lagerlof
B. Pearl Buck
C. Betty Williams
D. Marie Curie

Who was the first black woman elected to the U.S. Congress?

A. Shirley Chisholm
B. Anna J. Cooper
C. Rosa Parks
D. None of these

What is the largest Muslim country in the world, by population, according to survey of 2013?

A. Pakistan
B. Saudi Arabia
C. Kazakhstan
D. Indonesia

Who was the first woman to become a cosmonaut?

A. Christa McAuliffe
B. Mae Jemison
C. Valentina Tereshkova
D. Elena Kondakova

Which two countries share longest frontier in the world?

A. China and India
B. Australia and Japan
C. Canada and USA
D. None of these

Which type of storm is the most severe storm?

A. Hurricane
B. Tornado
C. Typhoon
D. None of these

Statue of Liberty is located in:

A. Paris
B. New York
C. London
D. Washington D.C

Dasht Lut is located in which country?

A. Iraq
B. Iran
C. Kuwait
D. Saudi Arabia

Who wrote ‘Das Capital’?

A. Leon Trotsky
B. Karl Marx
C. Vladimir Lenin
D. Adam Smith

Who was the Brazil’s first female President?

A. Paula Rousseff
B. Dilma Rousseff
C. Gleisi Hoffmann
D. Marina Silva

Which country is the world’s biggest GHG emitter?

A. China
C. India
D. Germany

Which is the world’s largest ocean?

A. Atlantic Ocean
B. Indian Ocean
C. Pacific Ocean
D. Arctic Ocean

Which religion is followed by the largest amount of people?

A. Christianity
B. Islam
C. Hindusim
D. Buddhism

Which is the largest nuclear bomb?

A. Tsar Bomba
B. Castle Bravo
C. Chagan
D. Trinity

Which is the largest national park in the world?

A. Liverpool Land
B. Scoresby Sund
C. Cape Farewell, Greenland
D. Northeast Greenland National Park

Which is the largest shopping mall in the world?

A. Golden Resources Mall
B. Persian Gulf Complex
C. Delgosha Garden
D. New South China Mall

Which is the largest island in the world by area?

A. Greenland
B. Iceland
C. Faroe
D. Shetland

Which is the largest hotel chain in the world?

A. Inter-Continental Hotels Group
B. Hilton Hotels & Resorts
C. Marriott International
D. Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Which is the largest continent in the world?

A. North America
B. Asia
C. Africa
D. Australia

Which is the largest continental lake in the world by area?

A. Lake Erie
B. Lake Huron
C. Lake Superior
D. Lake Ontario

Which is the largest football (or soccer) stadium in the world?

A. Rungnado May Day Stadium
B. Michigan Stadium
C. Beaver Stadium
D. Ohio Stadium

Which is the largest English speaking nation in the world?

A. United Kingdom
B. United States
C. France
D. Canada

Which is the biggest desert in the world?

A. Antarctica
B. Sahara
C. Arabian
D. Kalahari

Which is the biggest Disneyland in the world?

A. Disneyland Park
B. Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando
C. Magic Kingdom Park
D. The Haunted Mansion

Which is the world’s biggest public company?


Which is the largest bank in the world?

A. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)
B. Banco Santander Río
C. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
D. Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation ( OCBC)

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