General Knowledge Set-2

General Knowledge Set-2 for preparation.

Las Palmas Port is located in which of the following country?

A. China
B. Germany
C. Spain
D. Vietnam

Bolivia is one of the land-locked nation of which of the following Continent??

A. Asia
B. Africa
C. Europe
D. South America

Anti Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM) and the Interim Agreement on the limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (SALT-I) were signed on?

A. 26 May 1972
B. 18 May 1974
C. 26 June 1972
D. 28 March 1988

The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty ( START) was signed between?

A. Juius and Ethel Rosnberg
B. President Boris and President George Bush
C. President George W. and President Mikhail Gorbachev
D. President De Clerk and Jacques Chirac

A deliverable hydrogen bomb “Bravo” using solid lithium deuteride was tested by?

A. China
B. United States
C. United Kingdom
D. Soviet Union

Which of the following satellites are present on the planet Jupiter?

A. 33
B. 35
C. 38
D. 39

Which of the following is the coldest planet?

A. Mercury
B. Jupiter
C. Pluto
D. Venus

The defense minister of Qatar in 2016 was?

A. Khalid bin Saud bin Harib al-Buasidi
B. Khalid bin Mohamed al-Attiyaha
C. Peter Gajdos
D. Ank Bijleveld

Who was the defense Minister of Belgium in 2018?

A. Olta Xhacka
B. Amir Hatmi
C. Didiger Reynders
D. Karl Erjavec

The Author of the Book Aab-e-Hayat is?

A. Syed Ameer Ali
B. Maulana Muhammad Hussain Azad
C. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
D. Hafiz Shirazi

Who is the author of the book Al-Badayan wan Nahaya?

A. Qadi Ayyad
B. Al-Khwarizmi
C. Ibn-e-Kathir
D. Al-Beruni

Which of the following is the current length of Indus River?

A. 4112 km
B. 3059 km
C. 3180 km
D. 2900 km

The source of the Volga River is?

A. Himalayas
B. Valdai Hills
C. Kunlun
D. Arabian Sea

China Sea is the outflow of which River?

A. Yangtze River
B. Amazon River
C. Orange River
D. Congo

The Length of Amazon River is?

A. 8110 km
B. 7111 km
C. 6222 km
D. 6400 km

The Longest River of the world is?

A. Ob
B. Amazon
C. Nile
D. Volga

Kunlun Mountains are the source of which River?

A. Volga River
B. Indus River
C. Yellow River
D. Brahmaputra

Asia is the first Largest continent, Its Highest Point is?

A. Mt.Denali (McKinley)
B. Mount Elbrus
C. Mount Everest
D. Vinson Massif

Asia is the world’s largest continent, its area in square miles is:

A. 11,677,240 sq mi
B. 17,212,048 sq mi
C. 15,390,000 sq mi
D. 14,245,000 sq mi

Maginot Line connects which two countries?

  1. Indo-Pak
  2. Indo-China
  3. France-Germany
  4. USA-Canada

The first Woman Prime Minister of Israel was:

  1. Ana Brnabic
  2. Tansu Ciller
  3. Maria Das Never
  4. Golda Meir

The first Woman Prime Minister of Bangladesh was:

  1. Sylvie Kilning
  2. Begum Khaleda Zia
  3. Mia Mottley
  4. Jenny Shipley

What was the name of the first Atomic Bomb?

  1. First Lightning
  2. Bravo
  3. Trinity
  4. Gerboise

The First atomic bomb was tested on:

  1. 16 June 1945
  2. 16 July 1945
  3. 15 June 1945
  4. 16 September 1945

Which of the following countries is not a member of D-8?

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Pakistan
  3. India
  4. Egypt

Shanghai Cooperation Organization was found in Shanghai on:

  1. 13 May 2001
  2. 15 June 2001
  3. 15 August 2001
  4. 14 September 2001

G-20 was set up in:

  1. September 2000
  2. September 2001
  3. September 1999
  4. September 1998

The World Muslim Congress was set up by which country?

  1. Iran
  2. Iraq
  3. Russia
  4. Saudi Arabia

World Trade Organization has a total number of members?

  1. 173
  2. 164
  3. 189
  4. 163

Which of the following country is not a member of WEU?

  1. Greece
  2. Italy
  3. Iran
  4. Luxembourg

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