General Knowledge Set-16 ( AJKPSC KPPSC SPSC )

General Knowledge Set-16 for preparation. ( SPSC KPPSC CSS )

The official language of Delhi Sultanate was?

A. Urdu
B. Arabic
C. Persian
D. None of these

River Denube is located in which of the following continent?

A. Africa
B. Asia
C. Europe
D. None of these

World’s longest street “Yonge Street” is located in:

B. Brazil
C. Canada
D. Argentina

The world’s widest street “Broadway” is in which country?

B. France
C. Germany
D. Canada

World’s shortest street “Elgin Street” is located in:

A. Scotland
B. London
C. New York
D. Paris

Which is the highest mountain peak in Europe?

A. Everest
B. Mont Blanc
C. Elbrus
D. Olimpus

Which is the longest river in Europe?

A. Danube
B. Volga
C. Dnepr
D. Thames

Which is the largest country of Europe according to area excluding Russia?

A. Germany
B. Italy
C. Spain
D. Ukraine

Which is the largest desert in Australia?

A. Simpson and Stony Sturt Desert
B. Great Sandy Desert
C. Great Victoria Desert
D. Tanami Desert

What is the largest country in terms of population in Africa?

A. Sudan
B. Nigeria
C. Uganda
D. Chad

What is the largest country in terms of area in Africa?

A. Sudan
B. Nigeria
C. Algeria
D. Chad

Which of the following is the world’s longest epic?

A. Mahabharata
B. The Epic of Gilgamesh
C. Virgil
D. Firdawsi

Which is the longest railway lines in the world?

A. The Trans Siberian Railway
B. BHP Iron Ore
C. Mauritanian Mineral
D. None of these

Which river is the world’s longest river?

A. Nile River
B. Amazon River
C. Yangtze River
D. Yellow River

Which of the following is the world’s Biggest Airbus?

A. Airbus A370
B. Airbus A376
C. Airbus A380
D. Airbus A390

The highest airport in the world is:

A. Changdu Bangda Airport
B. Daocheng Yading Airport
C. Kangding Airport
D. Garze Gesar Airport

Which of the following is the world’s biggest Museum?

A. British Museum
B. Russian Museum
C. Louvre Museum
D. Vatican Museums

Which of the following is the world’s highest city?

A. Jiuquan
B. Oruro
C. Cochabamba
D. La Paz

The largest Diamond is Cullinan Diamond found in which country?

A. New York
B. Russia
C. South Africa
D. Saudi Arabia

Which flower is the largest flower of the world?

A. Rose
B. Rafflesia Arnoldii
C. Jasmine
D. Sunflower

The world’s longest Railway tunnel is:

A. Gotthard Base Tunnel
B. Channel Tunnel
C. Seikan Tunnel
D. Tanna Tunnel

World’s longest railway platform is Kharagpur Station located in which country?

A. India
B. Pakistan
C. Russia
D. China

The highest road of the world is:

A. Khardung La
B. Arlberg
C. Mont Blanc
D. Folgefonn

Which is the highest Plateau in the world?

A. Colorado Plateau
B. Deccan Plateau
C. Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
D. Deosai National Park

The highest mountain range is Himalayas is in which continent?

A. South Africa
B. Asia
C. Europe
D. Australia

Which of the following is the world’s highest lake?

A. Kajin Sara Lake
B. Llagba Pool
C. Caspian Sea
D. Ojos del Salado

Which temple is the largest Temple in the world?

A. Jakarta Temple
B. Meenakshi Temple
C. Akshardham Temple
D. Angkor wat Temple

Which of the following is the largest seabird?

A. Black vulture
B. Andean condor
C. Wandering Albatross
D. South Andean deer

Which stadium is the world’s largest stadium?

A. Narendra Modi Stadium
B. Rungrado 1st of May Stadium
C. Michigan Stadium
D. Ohio Stadium

The largest Park in the world is:

A. Northeast Greenland National Park
B. Griffith park
C. Namib-Naukluft National Park
D. Chugach State Park

Which Palace is the world’s largest residential palace?

A. Forbidden City
B. Buckingham Palace
C. Apostolic Palace
D. Istana Nurul Iman

The largest Mosque in the world is:

A. Imam Ali Shrine
B. Grand Jamia Mosque
C. Al-Masjid an-Nabawi
D. Masjid al-Haram

Largest library of the world is:

A. The Library of Congress
B. The British Library
C. Library of Parliament
D. None of these

Which country is the largest country by Area?

A. Nigeria
B. China
C. Russia
D. Canada

The largest cemetery of the world is:

A. Wadi al-Salam Cemetery
B. Highgate Cemetery
C. Ohlsdorf Cemetery
D. Recoleta Cemetery

Which bird is considered as fastest bird?

A. Kiwi
B. Swift
C. Peregrine falcon
D. None of these

Which wall is the world’s longest wall?

A. Great Wall of China
B. Berlin Wall
C. Western Wall
D. None of these

Which is the widest waterfall in the World?

A. Angel Fall
B. Victoria Fall
C. Gullfoss Falls
D. Khone Falls

Which city is the most populous city in the world?

A. Wuhan
B. Lahore
C. Tokyo
D. Mumbai

Which of the following lake is the deepest lake of the world?

A. Superior Lake
B. Baikal Lake
C. Caspian Sea
D. Munchur Lake

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