General Knowledge Set-15

General Knowledge Set-15 for preparation.

Pakistan joined which international organization first?

A. European Union
B. United Nations
D. None of these

Agra, (India) is famous for:

A. Temples
B. Ancient forts
C. Taj Mahal
D. Museums

Khartoum is situated on the bank of river:

A. Tiber
B. Seine
C. Tigris
D. Nile

The capital and important seaport of Hawaii Islands is:

A. Alaska
B. Honolulu
C. Havana
D. Lima

Name the Russian news agency:

C. Interfax
D. Ritzan

Moscow is situated on the bank of River:

A. Tigris
B. Spree
C. Tagus
D. Moskva

“Al-Aqsa Mosque” is in:

A. Tel Aviv
B. Jerusalem
C. Beirut
D. Cairo

Simla, famous for Simla Agreement, is the capital of:

A. Uttar Pradesh
B. Maharashtra
C. Bihar
D. Himachal Pradesh

Which city is located in Iraq?

A. Babylon
B. Dardanelles
C. Alexandria
D. Accra

Amman is a famous city and capital of:

A. Palestine
B. Sudan
C. Somalia
D. Jordan

Which place produces petroleum on large scale?

A. Aleppo
B. Kurkuk
C. Gaza
D. Kathmandu

Which place gained fame during French Revolution in 1789?

A. Alexandria
B. Jaffna
C. Bastille
D. Kirkuk

Which place is a famous resort for tourism?

A. Accra
B. Honolulu
C. Aligarh
D. Greenwich

Hollywood (USA) is famous for its:

A. Sports Complex
B. Golden gate bridge
C. University
D. Film Industry

Zurich is an important city of:

A. Germany
B. Italy
C. Switzerland
D. Greece

“Hot Line” is a direct telephone line between ___ for use in emergency.

A. Bankers
B. Journalists
C. Politicians
D. Heads of Governments

“Wall Street” is located in:

A. Washington
B. New York
C. Mexico
D. Chicago

“Bond Street”, located in ___, is famous for tailoring and jewelry.

A. New York
B. San Francisco
C. London
D. Birmingham

Bata Shoe Organization (BSO), the parent company of Bata Pakistan, is an:

A. American company
B. Canadian company
C. British company
D. French company

Software King Bill Gates was a dropout from which University?

A. Harvard
B. Stanford
C. Ohio State University

Which African country was founded in 1847 by freed American slaves?

A. Nigeria
B. Libya
C. Somalia
D. Liberia

Which country is Africa’s newest country?

A. South Sudan
B. Cote D’Ivori
C. Burkina Faso
D. Eritrea

What is Mount Godwin Austen’s original name?

A. Aconcagua
B. Denali
C. Choguri
D. Aoraki

Which countries flag has a dragon in the center, in between two yellow and orange triangles?

A. Laos
B. Nepal
C. Thailand
D. Bhutan

Of these Asian ‘seas’, which one is actually a real sea, and not a landlocked lake?

A. Aral Sea
B. Caspian Sea
C. Dead Sea
D. Flores Sea

Finland is very rich in:

A. Oil
B. Lakes
C. Silver
D. Tundra

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are called:

A. Balkan States
B. Yugoslavia
C. Scandinavia
D. Baltic States

Between which two Scandinavian countries would you find the Oresund?

A. Sweden and Finland
B. Sweden and Denmark
C. Denmark and Norway
D. Norway and Finland

‘Pampas’ are areas of:

A. Grassland
B. Desert
C. Rain forest
D. Mountain

Where is Easter Island located?

A. Pacific Ocean
B. Caribbean Sea
C. Atlantic Ocean
D. Indian Ocean

Which country of Asia has the most islands?

A. Indonesia
B. Philippines
C. Japan
D. Malaysia

Using the International Date Line as the limit, as geographers usually do, which country stretches farthest to the east?

A. China
B. North Korea
C. Japan
D. Russia

What river separates the Libyan Desert from the Nubian?

A. Nile
B. Orange
C. Zambezi
D. Vaal

The only line of latitude which is as large as any line of longitude is the:

A. Tropic of Capricorn
B. Prime Meridian
C. Tropic of Cancer
D. Equator

What is the traditional mode of transportation in the Sahara Desert?

A. Camel
B. Car
C. Horse
D. Train

Which country does Greenland belong to:

A. Great Britain
B. Denmark
C. Switzerland
D. Germany

Lake Victoria’s shores touch all of the following countries, except:

A. Rwanda
B. Tanzania
C. Kenya
D. Uganda

What river flows through Warsaw, Poland?

A. Oder
B. Danube
C. Vistula
D. Rhine

Which two European countries compose the Iberian Peninsula?

A. Spain & Portugal
B. Albania & Greece
C. Italy & San Marino
D. Norway & Sweden

Which city was the site of an infamous nuclear reactor meltdown in 1986?

A. Chernobyl, Ukraine
B. Chernihiv, Ukraine
C. Chelyabinsk, Russia
D. Cherepovets, Russia

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