FPSC SST Past Paper 2018


…… is responsible for the accreditation of teachers’ education in Pakistan?




D) None of theseDetail

National Education Commission 1959 was established under the headship of?

A) Fazal ur Rehman

B) Liaqat Ali Khan

C) S.M. Sharif

D) None of these

What is the meaning of Null Hypothesis?

A) Difference between two parametric is zero

B) The difference is due to error in sampling

C) Both A & B

D) None of these

What type of statistical data are used in educational research?

A) Descriptive statistical analysis

B) Inferential statistical analysis

C) Both A & B

D) None of these

A set of questions asked and filled in by the interviewer in a face-to-face situation with another person is called?

A) A schedule

B) A checklist

C) A questionnaire

D) None of these

The case study is the study of a?

A) Single group

B) Single individual

C) Single community of family

D) None of these

……. type of educational research does not make accurate predictions?

A) Associational

B) Descriptive

C) Intervention

D) None of these

Which is the technique of investigation involving face to face conversion?

A) Questionnaire

B) Interview

C) Objectives

D) None of these

National Education Policy 1970 was headed by ……?

A) Fazal ur Rehman

B) S.M. Sharif

C) Noor Khan

D) Abdul Hafeez Pirzada

Which are the characteristics of a good measuring technique?

A) Objectivity

B) Reliability

C) Usability

D) None of these

……. Validity is the extent to which a tool appears to measure what it is supposed to measure?

A) Construct

B) Face

C) Internal

D) None of these

…… is the collection of, analysis and interpretation of information about any aspect of a programme of education or training as part of a recognised process of judging its effectiveness, its efficiency and any other outcomes it may have?

A) Evaluation

B) Summarization

C) Standardization

D) None of these

….. reliability involves administering two equivalent forms of questionnaire in the same group on two separate occasions?

A) Intrarater

B) Test related

C) Internal consistency

D) None of these

……. validity involves making a comparison between a measure and an external standard?

A) Content

B) Construct

C) Face

D) None of these

……. describes the events to which we measure what we purpose to measure?

A) Reliability

B) Validity

C) Adaptability

D) None of these

At the …… level of measurement, values can be placed into categories that are rank, ordered or rated along a continuous, such as from high to low?

A) Interval

B) Ordinal

C) Ratio

D) None of these

The relationship between and among the values in a set is referred to as?

A) Level of measurement

B) Objectives of measurement

C) Outcomes of measurement

D) None of these

…… provides a systematic process for categorizing and quantifying attributes and characteristics of the thing that we observe, experience and report?

A) Evaluation

B) Measurement

C) Validity

D) None of these

To be effective, …… need to be something to which the children aspire to and want?

A) Rewards

B) Rules

C) Instructions

D) None of these

…… help to minimize behaviour challenges in the classroom are key in a well-managed and organized classroom?

A) Teachers

B) Learners

C) Routines

D) None of these

Rules create clear …… for the children and need to define what an acceptable behaviour is?

A) Vision

B) Picture

C) Expectations

D) None of these

…… management is defined as those events and procedures involved in the decision to initiate a specific activity for an individual student?

A) Classroom

B) Instructional

C) School

D) None of these

…… is defined as the practice of teaching others to obey rules or norms by using punishment to correct unwanted behaviors?

A) Discipline

B) Learning

C) Procedure

D) None of these

Teachers with no structured classroom …… skills contributed to negative outcomes?

A) Weak

B) Reprimand

C) Warning

D) None of these

Classroom management revolves around teachers’ and students’ …… and actions that influence students’ behaviours in the classroom?

A) Attitudes

B) Aptitude

C) Creativity

D) None of these

Classroom management creates a set of …… used in an organized classroom environment?

A) Expectations

B) Past learning

C) Sequence

D) None of these

The most important component of lesson plan is?

A) Curriculum evaluation

B) Objectives

C) I.Q

D) None of these

Rote learning is a demerit of?

A) Subject centered learning

B) Learner centered learning

C) Activity centered learning

D) None of these

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