FPSC SST Past Paper 2018 Batch 3


What are the merits of microteaching?

A) Feedback helps in the improvement of method of teaching

B) Due to shortage of time, you divide the lesson plan into small units and thus gain mastery over the content

C) It helps in self-evaluation and teachers build up confidence in them

D) All of the above

When a person must change to his existing position, to respond to a new situation is called?

A) Learning

B) Solution

C) Accommodation

D) None of the Above.

Who propounded the expectancy theory of learning?

A) Guthrie

B) C. Hull

C) Tolman

D) None of these

Experiments on learning by insight were performed by?

A) Kohler

B) Thorndike

C) Dewey

D) None of these

According to John Dewey school is a …….institution, and education is a ……. process?

A) social, philosophical

B) social, social

C) philosophical, philosophical

D) None of these

Which of the following embraces the same philosophical position toward teaching and learning as to discovery learning or student approaches?

A) Constructive approach

B) Lecture Method

C) Reception learning

D) None of these

H. Rugg (1976) states the curriculum is really the entire programme of?

A) Homework

B) Community work

C) School’s work

D) None of these

The scope of education is based on ……?

A) Scope of art

B) Scope of science

C) Scope of life

D) None of these

In Islamic system of education, the teacher is the central figure and …….?

A) Lawyer

B) Young person

C) Spiritual father

D) None of these

Which method of teaching is compulsory in Pragmatism?

A) Lecture method

B) Discussion method

C) Project method

D) None of these

One of the aims of education in pragmatism is?

A) Political efficiency

B) Social efficiency

C) Working efficiency

D) None of these

John Dewey says that Philosophy is ……?

A) Critical overview

B) Critical view

C) Critical bird view

D) None of these

Plato idealism derives its origin from?

A) Socratic teaching

B) Rossous teaching

C) Iqbal’s teaching

D) None of these

Socrates is the most honored philosopher in history of?

A) Africa

B) Asia

C) Europe

D) None of these

The scope of philosophy in education is?

A) Limited

B) Unlimited

C) Formulated

D) None of these

The function of philosophy is …?

A) Evaluative

B) Destructive

C) Creative

D) None of these

Management of functions do not include?

A) Developing strategy

B) Formulating objectives

C) Developing technology

D) None of these

Functionalism involves …?

A) A scalar chain of command

B) Assigning tasks to certain people

C) Quantitative

D) None of these

A managerial approach that uses those aspects of management schools that meet unique needs of the individual manager is called?

A) Eclectic

B) Behavioural

C) Quantitative

D) None of these

The principle that a subordinate should receive order and be responsible to only one boss is known as?

A) Unity of command

B) Unity of direction

C) Span of control

D) None of these

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