Assistant Sports and Youth Affairs Department 2020

Assistant Sports and Youth Affairs Department 2020 for preparation. ( AJKPSC KPPSC CSS )

The first Mughal Emperor Babur’s Tomb is situated in:

A) Agra

B) Kabul

C) Lahore

D) Delhi

What is shortcut key for spelling to check In document?

A) F1

B) F2

C) F4

D) F7

The largest glacier of Pakistan is:

A) Baltoro

B) Siachen

C) Baifo

D) Batura

Which of the following become first Arab country to launch Mars Probe?

A) Qatar

B) Maldives

C) Indonesia


Longest canal in Pakistan is:

A) Nara Canal

B) Rohri Canal

C) Dadu Canal

D) Kirthar Canal

Choose the correct meaning of the idiom: “To break the ice” (آغاز کرنا):

A) To start fighting

B) To start conversation

C) To end the hostility

D) To suicide

A cell is defined as:

A) The intersection of a column and a row

B) An Input box

C) A rectangular marker

D) All of these

Fill in the blank: The mountains are covered …… snow.

A) By

B) To

C) With

D) of

The book “Friends not Master” was written by:

A) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

B) Liaqat Ali Khan

C) Zulfikar Ali Khan

D) General Ayub Khan

Choose the Antonym of “Folly” (احمقانہ حرکت):

A) Right

B) Exact

C) Mistake

D) Wisdom

Choose the correct Analogy of “Pardon : Offence”

A) Repent : Sin

B) Detect : Violation

C) Forgive : Wrong

D) Surrender : Fugitive

Pakistan does not recognize which of the following?

A) Kenya

B) Ghana

C) Columbia

D) Armenia

The strait which separate Iran with Oman and UAE is:

A) Palk Strait

B) Hormuz Strait

C) Sunda Strait

D) Malacca Strait

choose the Antonym of “Zeal” (جوش و خروش):

A) Save

B) Vice

C) Apathy

D) Cheerful

Choose the correct meaning of idiom: “Beat about the bush” (اصل نکتے سے ہٹ کر بے نتیجہ بحث کرنا)

A) Try to meet George Bush

B) To avoid the main topic

C) To Make noise

D) To accompany someone in jungle

The currency of Japan is:

A) Dollar

B) Lira

C) Yen

D) Dinar

MS Excel uses the ……. function when creating a data table.

A) Average

B) Count

C) Both A & B

D) Table

Choose the correct Analogy of “Clasp : Bracelet”

A) Hook : Coat

B) Buckle : Belt

C) Diamond : Ring

D) Cuff : Trousers

Which of the following mountain peaks is called killer mountain?

A) Godwin Austin

B) Broad Peak

C) Raka Poshi

D) Nanga Parbat

Identify the underlined part of speech: I do not like the idea, and moreover, I think it is legal.

A) Adverb

B) Preposition

C) Noun

D) Verb

Current Governor of Sindh is:

A) Dr. Ishrat Ibad

B) Muhammad Zubair

C) Imran Ismail

D) Shah Farman

The first British Ambassador to Mughal’s India was?

A) Sir John Simon

B) Sir Thomas Roe

C) Sir William Jones

D) None of these

Identify the underlined part of speech: She sang a Medley of old songs.

A) Noun

B) Verb

C) Adjective

D) Adverb

Speed of light is:

A) Eight fifty miles per second

B) Two hundred miles per second

C) One Lac eighty six thousand miles per second

D) One thousand miles per second

LAN is abbreviation for:

A) Large Access Network

B) Local Access Network

C) Learner Advisory Network

D) Local Area Network

Which city will host 51st Annual Summit of the World Economic Forum?

A) Davos

B) Seoul

C) Berlin

D) Sydney

What is the synonym of “Inquisitive” (تجسس ظاہر کرنے والا):

A) Complex

B) Brilliant

C) Mature

D) Curious

Carbon Dating is used for:

A) Collection Carbon

B) Finding the age

C) Hardening the diamond

D) Melting Steel

K-2 is also known as:

A) Godwin Austin

B) Broad Peak

C) Roshan Peak

D) Sia Kingri

First case of Corona Virus was detected in Wuhan china on:

A) January 2020

B) December 2019

C) November 2019

D) October 2019

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