Assistant Environment Climate Change & Coastal Department 2020

Assistant Environment Climate Change & Coastal Department 2020 for preparation. ( FPSC CSS KPPSC )

Which city connects two continents:

A) Sydney

B) Tbilisi

C) Istanbul

D) Hawaii

Urine is produced in:

A) Kidney

B) Bladders

C) Large intestine

D) Liver

URL stands for:

A) Universal Resource locater

B) Uniform Resource locater

C) Universal  Reader Line

D) Uniform Requirement Location

Choose the antonym of “Disdain” (حقارت):

A) Attitude

B) Honesty

C) Humbly

D) Zeal

Choose the correct one word substitution: A critical judge of any art craft:

A) Referee

B) Arbitrator

C) Connoisseur

D) Magistrate

Choose the correct one word of substitution: One who is not sure about God’s existence.

A) Agnostics

B) Arbitrator

C) Connoisseur

D) Magistrate

Choose the correct meaning of the idiom:” A cock and bull story”?

A) Interesting story

B) Detective story

C) An absurd tale

D) A relevant story

……………: Festive :: Funeral : Somber

A) Tension

B) Soiree

C) Eulogy

D) Sari

Choose the synonym of “Abstruse” (مشکل ۔ کٹھن ):

A) Showy

B) Evident

C) Skillful

D) Concealed

CEO of Google is:

A) Sundar Pichai

B) Steve Jobs

C) Bill Gates

D) Satya Narayana Nadella

Choose the correct Analogy of “Negative : Aborignal :: Naïve : ……”?

A) Learned

B) Arid

C) Unsophisticated

D) Tribe

Badshahi Masjid at Lahore was made by:

A) Shahjahan

B) Aurangzeb

C) Jhangeer

D) Akbar

Kyoto protocol is related to:

A) Sea routes

B) Air corridors

C) Climate change

D) Uranium use

Coastline of Pakistan is:

A) 990 km sq

B) 850 km sq

C) 1125 km sq

D) 600 km sq

What is the name of Russian currency?

A) Lira

B) Euro

C) Ruble

D) Pound

Pakistan is …… hours ahead Of GMT:

A) 4

B) 5

C) 6

D) 7

Kartarpur is in which district:

A) Narowal

B) Sialkot

C) Kasur

D) Lahore

Great philosopher Socrates belong to:

A) Portugal

B) Spain

C) Greece

D) Italy

Which foreign Airline started its service for Pakistan on 11th December 2020:

A) Air Sial

B) Air Arabia

C) Virgin Atlantic

D) Fly Dubai

The Noor Mahal is located in:

A) Bahawalpur

B) Multan

C) Khairpur

D) Sukkur

Fall of East Pakistan was on:

A) 16th December,1970

B) 16th December,1971

C) 20th December,1972

D) 20th December,1973

The test of atoms bomb of Pakistan was conducted at:

A) Thar

B) Pokhran  

C) Chagai

D) Cholistan

Choose the Antonym of “Enigma” (سمجھ نہ آنے والی بات):

A) Mystery

B) Postmortem

C) Demise

D) Clarity

Choose the correct one word substitution: “By leaps and bounds”.

A) Very fast

B) Very slow

C) In detail

D) Aimlessly

Capital of Bhutan:

A) Lima

B) Rangoon

C) Thimphu

D) Kathmandu

Choose the synonym of “Succinct” (جامع ۔ مختصر):

A) Concise

B) Tranquil

C) Ratify

D) Slowly

A computer cannot “Boot” if it does not have the:

A) Compiler

B) Loader

C) Operates System

D) Assembler

HTML is abbreviated for:

A) Hi tech Meaningful Language

B) Hypertext Markup Language

C) Hi tech Markup Language

D) Hypertext Markup Link

The old name of Jacobabad was:

A) Khanpur

B) Khangarh

C) Sahiwal

D) Agra

Central National Muhammad Association was founded by:

A) Sir Ahmed khan

B) Chaudry Rahmat Ali

C) Waqar-ul-Mulk

D) Allama Iqbal

E) Syed Ameer Ali

The Headquarter of International Labour Organization (ILO) is in:

A) New York

B) Geneva

C) Paris

D) The Hague

Marco polo International Airport is the name of an Airport in which major city?

A) Istanbul

B) Tehran

C) Venice

D) Tokyo

Meteorology is the study of:

A) Rain

B) Iron

C) Winds

D) Atmospheric science

Choose the Antonym of “Discrepancy” (اختلاف):

A) Inconsistency

B) Harmony

C) Inappropriate

D) Variance

Choose the correct one word substitution: “Lean and Mean”?

A) To create something

B) To destroy something

C) Using only what is necessary

D) Not afraid dangerous situation

Which sign indicates to multiplication?

A) Asterisk

B) Caret

C) Percent sign

D) Forward slash

Choose the correct one word substitution: A person who deliberately sets fire to a building.

A) Atheist

B) Arsonist

C) Apostate

D) Anarchist

Wall Street is situated in:

A) London

B) Paris

C) New York

C) Toronto

Choose the synonym of “Anomaly” (بے تر تیبی):

A) Normal

B) Straight

C) Irregularity

D) Integrity

New Zealand is located in continent:

A) Asia

B) Europe

C) Australia

D) South America

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