Sentence Completion English MCQs

Sentence Completion English MCQS for preparation.

Although it was a new dress he was too ___ to find into it.

A. Complacent
B. Fat
C. Plump
D. Eager

____boys loiter about and waste their time in gossiping.

A. Ideal
B. Lazy
C. Ruffian
D. Idle

Ahmad ___ the business deal without wasting any time.

A. Expressed
B. Clinched
C. Damaged
D. Facilitated

____ You say so, I must take it for granted.

A. As
B. When
C. Since
D. If

They quarrelled over the distribution ____ the plunder.

A. By
B. At
C. Or
D. To

I had ___ told him your name when he stood up from his seat and went out.

A. Slowly
B. No Sooner
C. Scarcely
D. Rarely

I have no other object ___ to study.

A. Yet
B. From
C. Than
D. But

Examinations ____ the energy of examinees and make them sleepless at nights.

A. Sap
B. Absorb
C. Divert
D. Damage

It is no use ___ so.

A. For you to Say
B. You to Say
C. You Saying
D. Your Saying

He is scarcely entitled to all the praise that the contemporaries lavished ___ him.

A. On
B. Upon
C. To
D. Over

This matter is irrelevant ____ the topic for discussion.

A. To
B. Over
C. At
D. About

Although he is sick, he ___ for drinking.

A. Waits
B. Craves
C. Laments
D. Feels

When I saw her after twenty years a ___ of thoughts filled my mind.

A. Numerous
B. Feeling
C. Galaxy
D. Multitude

Many a man ____ done so.

A. Had
B. Has
C. Have
D. Are

I have done the best ___ i could do.

A. As
B. Which
C. That
D. None of these

I shall wait ___ it stops raining.

A. Since
B. Until
C. Till
D. So Long as

They are all envious ___ my good fortune.

A. For
B. To
C. Of
D. At

There is a notice saying Keep ____ the grass.

A. Of
B. Off
C. Out
D. Away

He jumped ____ my suggestion that he should take charge of the arrangements.

A. For
B. With
C. To
D. At

They wanted advice ____ how they could procure funds for their new business.

A. As
B. As If
C. To
D. As to

Found guilty ____ stealing, he was imprisoned for six months.

A. Upon
B. Of
C. With
D. For

Afzal has nothing in common ___ them.

A. Through
B. For
C. With
D. By

It is not easy to ____ old customers.

A. Give Up
B. Shake Off
C. Leave
D. Reject

He is a foreigner but he ____ with us on various issues related to Pakistan.

A. Associates
B. Disagree
C. Converses
D. Coincides

He displayed great courage and ____ in those very difficult days.

A. Fortitude
B. Durability
C. Cunningness
D. Fortification

Ahmad threw ___ Ali’s shoulders the modest shawl.

A. Over
B. On
C. Above
D. By

His hesitancy in taking quick decision cost him ____ in this matter.

A. Collectively
B. Dearly
C. Barely
D. Admirably

_____ about future market movements should be based on scientific study.

A. Reference
B. Inference
C. Conference
D. Deference

Ocean currents play a ___role in setting long-term climate ___.

A. Vital _ Date
B. Important _ Variation
C. Major _ Patterns
D. Unusual _ Changers

Ali got me _____ his essay.

A. to write
B. write
C. writing
D. wrote

They refused to _____ any more evasive replies and decided to resolve the issue within the _____ of the major.

A. notice, eccentricity
B. brook, jurisdiction
C. bloom, indulgence
D. suffer, fortitude

We can coax physical nature into _____ many of our wishes but we cannot ____ authority over it or make it change its ways one jot.

A. granting, empower
B. satiating, display
C. satisfying, exercise
D. stimulating, exercise

The people of Europe came to India ____ for riches, followed quickly by the desire to rule.

A. Basically
B. Fundamentally
C. Primarily
D. Seemingly

His presentation was so lengthy and _____ that it was difficult for us to find out the real _____ in it.

A. verbose, content
B. tedious, skill
C. laborious, coverage
D. simple, meaning

The _____ successfully repelled every _____ on the city.

A. defenders, comment
B. citizens, onslaught
C. thieves, robbery
D. judge, criticism

Handicrafts constitute an important _____ of the decentralized sector of India’s economy and _____ employment to over six million artisans.

A. factor, aims
B. extension, plants
C. segment, provides
D. period, projects

The village headman was unlettered, but he was no fool, he could see through the _____ of the businessman’s proposition and promptly ____ him down.

A. deception, forced
B. naivete, turned
C. potential, forced
D. sophistry, turned

Whereas off-Broadway theatre over the past several seasons has clearly _____ a talent for experimentation and improvisation, one deficiency in the commercial stage of late has been its marked incapacity for ____.

A. manifested, spontaneity
B. lampooned, theatrically
C. cultivated, orthodoxy
D. disavowed, histrionics

She was a/an ____ liar who had mastered the art of making untrue statements in a manner that sounded ____.

A. congenial, creditable
B. incorrigible, plausible
C. convincing, illogical
D. blatant, incongruous

The ____ of opinion which emerged at a recently concluded seminar was that the problem of dowry cannot be ____ unless the law against it is made more stringent.

A. divergence, managed
B. convergence, appreciated
C. consensus, tackled
D. similarity, curbed

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