PPSC lecturer Botany Past Paper 2017

PPSC lecturer Botany Past Paper 2017 for preparation. ( AJKPSC KPPSC SPSC )

Endosperm in gymnosperm is:

A) Diploid

B) Haploid

C) Triploid

D) None of these

Secondary growth occurs by the activity of:

A) Phloem

B) Xylem

C) Cambium

D) Bark

Which of the following is correct for vascular bundle of gymnosperms?

A) Stele

B) Exarch

C) Collateral

D) Conjoint

Pteridophytes are also called:

A) Phanerogams

B) Vascular cryptogams

C) Amphibians of the plant kingdoms

D) Spermatophytes

According to the available fossil record which of the following are the first vascular plants?

A) Horsetails

B) Cycads

C) Lycopsida

D) Psilophytales

Most primitive type of stele found in pteridophytes is:

A) Dicytostele

B) Solenostele

C) Siphonostele

D) Protostele

Mushrooms are classified in which of the following division?

A) Ascomycota

B) Basidiomycota

C) Zygomycota

D) Deuteromycota

A mutualistic association made up of a fungus and a cyanobacterium is called?

A) A saprobe

B) A gamete

C) Lichen

D) Dimorphic

An organism in the Deuteromycota has all the following except ……?

A) Asexual spores

B) Absorptive nutrition

C) Ascospores, basidiospores or zygospores

D) A nucleus

The number of sets of chromosomes in a dikaryotic cell?

A) is greater that diploid cell

B) is lesser than diploid cell

C) is equal to diploid cell

D) None of these

Which of the following is a part of mitosis in the cells of seed plants?

A) Centriole

B) Asters

C) Spindle

D) Cleavage

The sources of hydrogen atom for synthesis of glucose is?

A) H2O



D) n(CH2O)

Which of the following colours of light work (s) best for photosynthesis?

A) Green

B) Yellow

C) Blue and red

D) Violet and yellow

In plant cells the dark reaction of photosynthesis take place in the?

A) Cytosol

B) Endoplasmic reticulum

C) Leucoplast

D) Chloroplast

Axillary bud and terminal bud derived from the activity of?

A) Lateral meristem

B) lntercalary meristem

C) Apical meristem

D) Parenchyma

As a tree grows older, which of the following increased more rapidly in thickness?

A) Heart wood

B) Sap wood

C) Phloem

D) Cortex

Bordered pits are found in:

A) Sieve cells

B) Vessel wall

C) Companion cells

D) Sieve tube wall

Karyotaxonomy is based on:

A) Organic evolution

B) Chemotaxonomy

C) Morphological characters

D) Number of chromosomes

Methane is the simplest:

A) Alcohol

B) Hydrocarbon

C) Carbonyl

D) Amine

Antibodies are:

A) Proteins

B) Glycoproteins

C) Carbohydrate

D) Nucleic acid

How many moles of C12H22O12 are needed to prepared OSL a 0.300M solution?

A) 0.750 mole

B) 0.430 mole

C) 8.33 mole

D) 0.15 mole

A plant population that reproduce by self-pollination is an extreme example of?

A) The bottleneck effect

B) The founder effect

C) Rapid gene flow

D) Assortative mating

Most fossils are found in:

A) Sedimentary rocks

B) Granite

C) Black soil

D) Lava flows

Deletions occur most often in chromosomal fragments?

A) Of polytene chromosome

B) With inversion

C) Without centromere

D) With centromere

When two non allelic gene pairs on the same homologous chromosome are each defective but together give a normal phenotype, this is called?

A) Collaboration

B) Complementation

C) Epistasis

D) Modification

How many different kinds of gametes can an organism of genotype AaBbCc produce?

A) 3

B) 4

C) 9

D) 16

Restriction enzymes are synthesized by?

A) Bacteria only

B) Yeast and bacteria

C) Eukaryotic cells

D) All kinds of cells

An operon is the:

A) Protein that suppresses gene expression

B) Protein that accelerate gene expression

C) Gene that switches other genes on or off

D) Cluster of structural genes with related functions

Codon that do not code for amino acids code for?

A) Phosphates

B) Start and stop signals

C) Nonsense

D) Sugars

A polypeptide is assembled on a:

A) DNA molecule

B) Nuclear membrane

C) Nuclear pore

D) Ribosome

Fungi that lack partitions (septa) are called?

A) A hyphae

B) Coenocytic

C) Yeast

D) Conidia

The endomycorrhizas are also called as?

A) Hartwig nets

B) Mat forming mycorrhizas

C) Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (VAM)

D) intracellular mycorrhizas

Pseudofoot is present in:

A) Funana

B) Polytrichum

C) Porella

D) Anthoceros

Protonema is found in:

A) Marchantia

B) Polytrichum

C) Porella

D) Anthoceros

Which plant does belong to Hepaticopsida?

A) Funaria

B) Polytrichum

C) Porella

D) Anthoceros

The basal swollen portion of the archegonium is?

A) Venter

B) Neck

C) Jacket

D) Oospere

Which of the following algal divisions is characterized by possession of chlorophylls A and B. starch as the energy storage material, cellulosic cell walls and live in freshwater and marine habitats?

A) Chlorophyta

B) Chrysophyta

C) Phaeophyta

D) Pyrrophyta

Which are the most primitive group of algae?

A) Blue green algae

B) Red algae

C) Brown algae

D) Green algae

Members of biological species are potentially able to?

A) Compete

B) Express all the same genes

C) Introgress

D) Interbreed

A lethal gene has a selection coefficient of:

A) 0

B) 0.50

C) 1.00

D) 100

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