Labour Inspector Past Paper 2017

labour inspector past paper 2017 for preparation. ( FPSC CSS KPPSC )

How many countries are presently members of the Non-Aligned Movement?

A) 120

B) 110

C) 125

D) 150

The Headquarters of the World Trade Organization (WTO) is located in:

A) Paris

B) Washington

C) Brussels

D) Geneva

Nagorno Karabakh region is recognized as part of?

A) Georgia

B) Turkey

C) Azerbaijan

D) Iran

Time associated with Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is situated in?

A) Greenland

B) Australia

C) England

D) Finland

Current President of Syria is?

A) Abdul Halim Khaddam

B) Bashar al-Assad

C) Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

D) Hafez al-Assad

Britain has ……?

A) One Party system

B) One dominant Party system

C) Two-Party system

D) Multi-Party system

Grameen Bank was a brain-child of Prof. Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh. It is known for its services in?

A) Microfinance and credits

B) Industrial credits without collateral

C) Financing of Medium Scale enterprises

D) Islamic Banking

Which country’s flag never flies at half-mast?

A) Jordan

B) Syria

D) Iran

D) Saudi Arabia

Which of the following agencies related to UNO was In existence before the World War II?





‘Ashes’ Cricket Series is played between?

A) Australia & New Zealand

B) England & New Zealand

C) Australia & England

D) Australia & South Africa

Who is the author of ‘India Wins Freedom’?

A) Ch. Mohammad Ali

B) Dr. Abdul Hameed

C) Khalid Bin Saeed

D) Abul Kalam Azad

Who wrote the book “The Myth of Independence”?

A) General Ayub Khan

B) Mahbub-ul-Haque

C) Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

D) Lt. Gen.(r) Kamal Matinuddin

After which incident Sir Syed Ahmed predicted that the gulf between Muslims Hindus would widen with the passage of time?

A) Swadeshi Movement

B) Arya Samaj campaign

C) Discrimination against Muslims jobs

D) Urdu-Hindi controversy

After the creation of Pakistan, the first radio station was established at?

A) Lahore

B) Karachi

C) Peshawar

D) Islamabad

Who was the last Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan?

A) Muhammad Mian Soomoro

B) Sardar Mir Balakh Sher Mazari

C) Justice Mir Hazar Khan Khoso

D) Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi

According to the 1973 Constitution President is the Head of the State. Who the elect the President?

A) The Senate, National and Provincial Assemblies

B) The National Assembly

C) The Senate

D) The Senate and the National Assembly

Who was the first Chief of Army Staff Pakistan Army?

A) Gen. Zia-ul-Haq

B) Gen. Tikka Khan

C) Gen. Ayub Khan

D) Gen. Aslam BaigDetail

In which year was West Pakistan established as One Unit in Pakistan?

A) 1953

B) 1954

C) 1955

D) 1956

From where does the River Indus originates?

A) Jammu

B) Kashmir

C) Pamir

D) Tibet

Headquarter of UNIDO is in?

A) Geneva

B) Vienna

C) Bonn

D) New York

Name the first Pakistan female Cricketer to take 100 wickets in ODI?

A) Sana Mir

B) Javeria Khan

C) Marina lqbal

D) Sadia Yousaf

Ricky Ponting was the captain of?

A) Australian Cricket Team

B) English Cricket Team

C) West Indies Cricket Team

D) New Zealand Cricket Team

Which cricket team is generally known as ‘Chokers” because of their track record in major championship matches?

A) Australian

B) Sri Lankan

C) South African

D) Zimbabwe

Two Pakistani test Cricketer have got out on 199 runs. One of them was Younus Khan who was the other?

A) Hanif Muhammad

B) Majid Khan

C) Javed Miandad

D) Mudassar Nazar

Quaid-i-Azam Fourteen Points were issued in response to?

A) 3rd June Plan

B) Nehru Report

C) Minto Morley Reforms

D) None of these

Who was the leader of “Quit India Movement”?

A) Muhammad All Jinnah

B) Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar

C) Mahatma Gandhi

D) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

The famous newspapers “Comrade and Hamdard” were launched by?

A) Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar

B) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

C) Ch. Rehmat Ali

D) Allama lqbal

Who is the current Chief Justice of Federal Shariat Court?

A) Justice Riaz Ahmad Khan

B) Justice Fida Muhammad Khan

C) Justice Agha Rafiq Ahmad

D) Justice Sheikh Najam ul Hassan

First meeting of Indian National Congress was held in?

A) Calcutta

B) Bombay

C) Delhi

D) Aligarh

Who became the Governor General of Pakistan after Khawaja Nazim ud din?

A) Liaqat Ali Khan

B) Chaudry Muhammad Ali

C) Ghulam Muhammad

D) Muhammad Ali Bogra

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