Deputy Social Welfare Officer

Deputy Social Welfare Officer for preparation. ( MCQs PPSC OTS )

اردو کی آخری کتاب “کس کی تصنیف ہے؟ “

A) منشی پریم چند

B) ڈپٹی نذیر احمد

C) عبدالحلیم شرر

D) ابن انشاء

?…… چپڑی اور

A) ایک ایک

B) دو دو

C) تین تین

D) چار چار

گل کرسٹ ماہر زبان کے علاوہ کس میں ماہر تھے؟

A) طب

B) وکالت

C) فوج

D) کوئی جواب درست نہیں

How many methods of social work?

A) 2

B) 4

C) 6

D) 8

Who coined the term Sociology?

A) Saint Samon

B) Herbert Spencer

C) Auguste Comte

D) None of these

The United Nations designated …… as the UN Decade for Women?

A) 1965–75

B) 1975–85

C) 1985-95

D) None of these

The world’s Largest Lake is?

A) Lake Baikal

B) Caspian sea

C) Lake Superior

D) Lake Victoria

Auguste Comte was born in ……?

A) 1798

B) 1898

C) 1800

D) 1900

Women’s seats in Senate are?

A) 10

B) 15

C) 17

D) 19

Abdul Sattar Edhi was a …….?

A) Philanthropist

B) Politician

C) Physician

D) Writer

In which constitution Bicameral Legislature was provided for the first time?

A) 1947

B) 1956

C) 1962

D) 1973

What was the reason behind the Partition of Bengal in1906?

A) Muslim demand

B) Administrative

C) Hindus demand

D) None of these

World famous Golden Gate Bridge is located in?

A) France



D) Germany

Humayun-Nama was written by?

A) Abul Fazal

B) Humayun

C) Badauni

D) Gulbadan Begum

Which of the following is the highest mountain in Japan?

A) Mountain Kita

B) Mountain Fuji

C) Mountain Senjo

D) None of these

Machu Picchu is located in?

A) Peru

B) Brazil

C) Chile

D) Ecuador

Ibn-e-Battuta was famous ……?

A) Astronomer

B) Mathematician

C) Traveler

D) Physicists

How many points are in the National Action Plan 2015?

A) 5

B) 10

C) 17

D) 20

Malika-e-Tarannum was the title of ……?

A) khursheed bano

B) Neelam Munir

C) Noor Jahan

D) None of these

Jinnah: India, Partition, Independence book was written by?

A) Jaswant Singh

B) Ghandi

C) Kamal Ahmad

D) Abu Kalam Azad

In which year One Unit was created?

A) 1953

B) 1954

C) 1955

D) 1965

Which feature starts a new line whenever a word or sentence reached a border?

A) Text Line

B) New Line

C) Text Wrapping

D) None of these

Format painter tool can be found in?

A) Options toolbar

B) Formatting toolbar

C) Drawing toolbar

D) Standard toolbar

What is the function of Ctrl + B in Ms-Word?

A) It converts selected text into the next larger size of the same font

B) It adds a line break to the document

D) It makes the selected text bold

D) None of these

When did Waqia e Karbala ( The Battle of Karbala ) occur?

A) 58 A.H

B) 59 A.H

C) 60 A.H

D) 61 A.H

In MS Excel 2016, Ctrl+Space shortcut keys are used to?

A) Select the Entire Row

B) Select the Entire Column

C) Selection of Entire Rows and Columns

D) None of these

CD-ROM stands for ……?

A) Compactable Read Only Memory

B) Compact Data Read Only Memory

C) Compact Disk Read Only Memory

D) None of these

Siha e Sitta are …. books of Hadith?

A) 2

B) 4

C) 6

D) 8

Who was called “The Desert Fox”?

A)  Adolf Hitler

B) Gen. Erwin Rommel

C) Sir. Robert Rogers

D) Napoleon Bonaparte

Which continent has the lowest population growth rate naturally?

A) South America

B) North America

C) Europe

D) Asia

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