Pair Of Words With Sentence

Pair Of Words With Sentence for preparation.

The Upper Indus Plain consists of areas between Attock to:

A. Hyderabad
B. Sukkur
C. Multan
D. Mithankot

Merry means _______.

A. to see each other
B. to wedding
C. joyful 
D. in front

Marry means _______.

A. to meet
B. to wedding 
C. joyful
D. None of these

Principal means ________.

A. head 
B. rules of conduct
C. manner
D. lesson

Principle means _______.

A. courage
B. authority
C. head
D. rules of conduct

Affect means _______.

A. result
B. principle
C. to pretend
D. conduct

Effect means ______.

A. to pretend
B. result
C. rules of conduct
D. mark

Angel means ________.

A. A messenger from heaven 
B. Point of interjection
C. Beautiful Girl
D. Pretty

Angle means _______.

A. Act
B. Manner
C. Messenger from heaven
D. Point where two straight lines meet

Artisan means _______.

A. rules of conduct
B. messenger
C. a mechanic 
D. fine arts

Artist means _______.

A. a mechanic
B. one who practices a fine art 
C. a skilled person
D. None of these

Adept means _______.

A. Skilled 
B. Talented
C. Manner
D. give

Adapt means _______.

A. Genius
B. Practice
C. Skilled
D. to fit

Adopt means _______.

A. hire
B. cover
C. to take 
D. to leave out

Except means _______.

A. without
B. to leave out 
C. lost
D. All of these

Accept means _______.

A. to take 
B. to leave out
C. to fit
D. agree

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