Fill In The Blanks MCQs

Fill In The Blanks MCQS for preparation.

The team worked ___ to complete the project on time.

A. Quickly
B. Carelessly
C. Slowly
D. Haphazardly

Despite the challenging circumstances, she remained ___.

A. Positive
B. Negative
C. Neutral
D. Indifferent

I expect you ___ from college by this time next year and will be looking for a job.

A. Will graduate
B. Will be graduating
C. Will graduated
D. Will have graduated

You will have to catch the morning flight, so you ___better get ready.

A. Would
B. May
C. Should
D. Had

His only ambition was ____ at his hob. (Find the appropriate infinitive)

A. To Success
B. To Succeeded
C. To Succeeding
D. To Succeed

Can’t you hear that ___ is knocking at the door? (Choose the correct indefinite pronoun)

A. Someone
B. Nothing
C. Either
D. Another

A ___ of locusts attached the crops.

A. Shoal
B. Group
C. Herd
D. Swarm

The two sisters look so ___ that it is difficult to tell one from the other.

A. Resembling
B. Similar
C. Identical
D. Alike

The soldiers were instructed to ___ restraint and handle the situation peacefully.  

A. Exercise
B. Control
C. Enforce
D. Remain

He has good ____ over the famous world languages.

A. Authority
B. Expertise
C. Hold
D. Command

Some people revel ____ gossip.

A. At
B. With
C. By
D. In

There is an Exception ___ every rule.  

A. On
B. To
C. In
D. For

I am fed up ___ this type of behavior.

A. At
B. Of
C. With
D. By

The inspector must enquire ___ the complaint.  

A. About
B. In
C. Into
D. Of

When I listened to his cogent arguments, all my ____ were ____ and I was forced to agree with his point of view.

A. Senses, Stimulated
B. Doubt , Confirmed
C. Doubt, Dispelled
D. Question, Asked

_____ the bad weather, the outdoor party was rescheduled.

A. Because of
B. In order to
C. Despite
D. None of these

I prefer tea ____ coffee.

A. To
B. Than
C. The
D. Of

If you read the questions carefully you ____ them easily.

A. Answer
B. Will Answer
C. Might Answer
D. May Answer

“Brain Drain” means ___?

A. Mad Person
B. Migration of Skilled Person to Other Country
C. Emigration of Intellectuals Indonesia
D. None of these

A person fluent in two languages is known as ___?

A. Bilgamy
B. Bilingual
C. Brittle
D. None of these

___ you will consider my request favorably.

A. I Hope that
B. I am Hoping that
C. I will Hope that
D. I would be Hoping that

This is to inform you that ____.

A. You selected for Post you Applied for
B. You are Selected for the Post You had Applied
C. You are being Selected for the Post You had Applied for
D. You have been selected for the Post you Applied for

Road Accidents ___ people do not follow traffic rules.

A. Are Happening Since
B. Happen Because
C. Happen Since
D. Are Happened for

This section is meant for ___.

A. Only Practice oral
B. Practice only Oral
C. Oral Practice Only
D. Orally Practice Only

The first sentence has been written ___ an example.

A. For
B. As
C. With
D. By

He promised to ___ me in all difficult situations.

A. Stand with
B. Stand up to
C. Stand by
D. None of these

It ___almost every next day in Murree.

A. Rain
B. Rains
C. Raines
D. None of these

She is much ashamed ___ her mistake.

A. By
B. Of
C. At
D. None of these

The furniture in this hall ___ made of steel.

A. Had
B. Is
C. Has
D. None of these

Her case was put ___ the enquiry committee and the committee decided it within a month.

A. Of
B. From
C. Before
D. None of these

Maryam ____ to repeat the question once again.

A. Ordered her Teacher
B. Told to her Teacher
C. Asked her Teacher
D. None of these

He ought to have arrived ___ this time.

A. By
B. In
C. At
D. With

She reproduced sentences ____ the original text.

A. From
B. To
C. In
D. Into

Shah Latif is called the “Saint ___ Bhit”.

A. From
B. At
C. Of
D. In

All the planets except Plato ____ the sun.

A. Travelling Around
B. Traveled Around
C. Travel Around
D. None of these

Condensation involves ____ from its vapor to its liquid state.

A. A Substance is changed
B. The change of substance
C. A substance of changing
D. To change of substance

The electrical field produced by a single wire is not very strong, so to increase it, ___ into a coil.

A. The wire is wound
B. The wire wound
C. To wind the wire
D. By winding the wire

Because auto repair places have such ____ rates, many community colleges have ____ courses in automotive mechanics.

A. Shattering, Planned
B. Exorbitant, Instituted
C. Impertinent, Discussed
D. Reasonable, Introduced

Optical instruments such as cameras, microscopes, and ____ all produce images with lenses.

A. Projecting
B. Projection
C. To Project
D. Projectors

The unique world of the film is ____ both wholly recognizable and unfamiliar.

A. Contradictory
B. Realistic
C. Simplistic
D. Timeless

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