English Literature MCQs

English Literature MCQs for all kind of competitive exams preparation online.

Repetition of sentences using the same structure

A. Adage
B. Parallel Structure
C. Aphorism
D. Pastoral

“The Alchemist” is written by_____?

A. Ben Johnson
B. Paulo Coelho
C. Marlowe
D. None of them

Name the first Englishwoman who earns her living as a playwright was:

A. Ann Hathaway
B. Nell Gwynn
C. Lady Teazle
D. Aphra Behn

Who was the first to use blank verse ?

A. Thomas Wyatt
B. Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
C. Sir Thomas more
D. None of the above

Thomas More utopia was originally written in _?

A. Roman
B. Latin
C. English
D. Spanish

The Conquest of Happiness” is a famous work of __?

A. F ‍Bacon
B. B Russell
C. R ‏Kippling
D. None Of These

The period of maturation, intellectual growth, and social graces during the Renaissance is called the:

A. aristocracy
B. Enlightenment
C. Reformation
D. New Age
E. None of these

The author of novel ” The Lord of the rings” is _?

A. Thomas Hardy
B. R R Tolkien
C. Mary Shelly
D. Ian Fleming

Periods of English literature which came last?

A. The Commonwealth Period
B. The Elizabethan Age
C. The Jacobean Age
D. The Middle English Period
E. None of these

Which of the following work was published first?

A. Lord Byron’s “Don Juan”
B. Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”
C. Blake’s “Songs of Innocence”
D. Sir Walter Scott’s “Ivanhoe”
E. None of these

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