English Words Meaning MCQs

English Words Meaning MCQS for preparation.

“Brain Drain” means ____.

A. Mad Person
B. Migration of Skilled Person to Other Country
C. Emigration of Intellectuals Indonesia
D. None of these

Preserve (Choose the most appropriate similar meaning word)?

A. Consume
B. Conserve
C. Cut
D. None of these

What is the literal meaning of “betray”?

A. Deceive
B. Dishonesty
C. Cheating
D. All of these

The man had been sent with other convicts to Australia, the underline word means?

A. Prisoners
B. Delegation
C. Troupe
D. None of these

Waleed is a real couch potato the metaphor “Couch potato” mean?

A. Waleed is always buying with some activity
B. Waleed is lazy
C. Waleed likes to go outside and play
D. Waleed is a fool

Proletariat means:

A. Lower Class
B. Middle Class
C. Elite Class
D. None of these

HOGWASH can be substituted with:

A. Running Fast
B. Nonsense
C. Flying Kit
D. None of these

Does the word ‘Congruent’ mean?

A. Have the Same Shape
B. Have Different Shape
C. Both sides Equal to any object
D. None of these

ARGOSY means:

A. Arrogant
B. A big trading ship
C. Misguiding
D. None of these

Meaning of Once in a blue moon?

A. Often
B. Rarely
C. Frequently
D. None of these

Choose the correct meaning of: “Make hay while the sun shines”?

A. To Dance Happily
B. To Hurry
C. Make advantage of favorable condition
D. To Destroy

Obese means:

A. Obstinate
B. Short Tempered
C. Fat and dull-looking
D. None of these

Chatty means?

A. Abusive
B. Talkative
C. Loud Speaking
D. None of these

What does ‘Maiden Speech’ mean?

A. First Speech
B. Support
C. Moral Courage
D. None of these

Choose the correct meaning of “A Jaundiced Eye”?

A. A Prejudiced Person
B. Offer Gratitude
C. An Unbiased Person
D. An Intelligent

Select the word similar in the meaning to the given word: Abjure

A. Discuss
B. Project
C. Perjure
D. Renounce

What is the meaning of “Be taken aback”?

A. Surprised
B. Ashamed
C. Enjoying
D. Sad

Which of the following is closest in meaning to Illegible?

A. Incapable of being Understood
B. Incapable of being Read
C. Illegal
D. Excellent Writing

Monotheism means:

A. Belief in many gods
B. Belief in one God
C. Belief in all religions
D. Belief in one Religion

A laser beam is used to ‘penetrate’ even the hardest substance. Meaning of penetrate?

A. Light Up
B. Confronted
C. Repair
D. Pass-Through

A good student is eager to learn and doesn’t need to be warned for being absent too much. Meaning of ‘warned’?

A. Spanked
B. Punished
C. Admonished
D. Uncertain

A vacant apartment in Karachi city is difficult to find. Meaning of ‘vacant’?

A. Good
B. Large
C. Clean
D. Empty

Gloss means:

A. Annoying
B. Tasteless
C. Dark
D. Shine

The word “Troupe” means a collection of ____.

A. Actors
B. Players
C. Trees
D. Flowers

Familiarity breeds means:

A. Formality
B. Contempt
C. Admiration
D. None of these

Hackneyed means:

A. Lacking in freshness
B. Interesting
C. Furious
D. None of these

Caesarian means:

A. A Laser Operation
B. A Surgical Operation
C. Normal Operation
D. Computer Operation

One person or thing that can not go or move like another

A. Flustered
B. Relaxed
C. Calm
D. Composed

A Child born after the death of his father?

A. Posthumous child
B. Illegitimate child
C. Awaited Child
D. None of these

Spick and Span means:

A. Dirty and Fresh
B. Clean and Dusty
C. Neat and Clean
D. None of these

What is the meaning of Flourish?

A. Hostile
B. Develop
C. Destroy
D. Beneficial

“A fear weather friend” means:

A. False Friend
B. Good Friend
C. Loyal friend
D. Close Friend

Industrious means:

A. Sensible
B. Successful
C. Diligent
D. Painful

An “above board” person means:

A. Dishonest
B. Cruel
C. Trustworthy
D. Wise

I have a bone to pick with you in this matter. Bone to pick means?

A. Have goodness with
B. Have Focus with
C. Have grievance with
D. All of these

Select the Synonyms of a word abandon from the following words.

A. Pursue
B. Give up
C. Collect
D. Hunt

The foreign phrase De novo means?

A. New
B. On one Side only
C. Indefinitely
D. Ending

“Adversary” is a/an:

A. Contemporary
B. Opponent
C. Geologist
D. Physicist

“Air-head” means:

A. A stupid person
B. A pilot
C. A proud Monarch
D. A genius

“Monolith” means:

A. An ancient Greek building
B. A single, large organization, very slow of change
C. A holy religious document of Jews
D. The codified law of the Roman Empire

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