Everyday Science MCQS Set-16

Everyday Science MCQS Set-16 for preparation.

No of CO2 are present in 220 mg?

A. 5 Moles
B. 0.005 mole
C. 5000 moles
D. 10 moles

Ice looks white because:

A. It reflects Lights
B. It absorbs all light
C. It is due to the water being white
D. None of these

The Process which involves both solid and liquid phases is called:

A. Freezing
B. Boiling
C. Melting
D. Condensation

Currant is a ____.

A. Vegetable
B. Tool
C. Fruit
D. Machine

In Human being blood does not clot due to the presence of:

A. Heparin
B. Fibrinogen
C. Vitamin K
D. Thrombin

Study of Reptiles is called:

A. Herpetology
B. Ophiology
C. Petrology
D. Ophthalmology

Study of Snakes is called:

A. Herpetology
B. Ophiology
C. Petrology
D. Ophthalmology

The substance in human body which fights disease is _____.

A. Vaccines
B. Serums
C. Viruses
D. Anti-Bodies

1 Cubic foot per second unit of water management is equal to _____.

A. 5,4805 gallons
B. 6,4805 gallons
C. 7,4805 gallons
D. 8,4805 gallons

Cholera disease occurs due to contaminated _____.

A. Water
B. Air
C. Land
D. None of these

A person of _____ blood group is called as universal recipient.

A. A+
B. B+
C. AB+
D. O+

Which one of the following has its own light?

A. Moon
B. Planet
C. Asteroid
D. Star

Milk contains the fat-soluble vitamins A,D,E and _____.

A. Vitamin B
B. Vitamin C
C. Vitamin K
D. None of these

Malaria is a disease caused by ____.

A. Fungi
B. Parasites
C. Bacteria
D. None of these

Beriberi occurs due to the deficiency of _____.

A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin B
C. Vitamin C
D. Vitamin D

Another name of Erythrocytes is _____.

A. White Blood Cell
B. Platelets
C. Red Blood Cell
D. None of these

Asthma occurs due to _____.

A. Air Pollution
B. Water Pollution
C. Land Pollution
D. None of these

The smallest structural and functional unit of nervous system is _____.

A. Nephron
B. Neuron
C. Dendrites
D. Cerebrum

Which of the following cannot be transplanted?

A. Liver
B. Kidney
C. Brain
D. None of these

Hydrophytes is associated with _____.

A. Benzene
B. Water
C. Gas
D. None of these

Generally, plants take which gas at day time?

A. Carbon Dioxide
B. Carbon mono-oxide
C. Oxygen
D. Nitrogen

Which part of the donated eye is used by the recipient?

A. Cornea
B. Retina
C. Iris
D. None of these

Medicines used to kill weeds are known as:

A. Insecticides
B. Fungicide
C. Herbicides
D. None of these

Ultraviolet rays coming from the sun are filtered by?

A. Carbon dioxide
B. Ozone layer
C. Helium
D. None of these

The type of lens found in the human eye is:

A. Biconcave
B. Cylindrical
C. Biconvex
D. None of these

Water freeze in cold temperature conditions firstly at:

A. Below the surface
B. Top Surface
C. Tropical Region
D. None of these

Which part of the camera is just like to Retina of an eye?

A. Disk
B. Film
C. Lens
D. None of these

Sun is red at sunrise and sunset while white at noon due to ____.

A. Because of Refraction of Light
B. Because of Scattering of Light
C. Because of Reflection of Light
D. Because of a huge amount of Helium present in the Sun

Percentage of water in milk?

A. 70%
B. 87%
C. 93%
D. 95%

Which one of the following is the major Ingredient of leather?

A. Carbohydrates
B. Collagen
C. Syntans
D. None of these

Glucose syrup is commonly made from:

A. Sugar Cane
B. Maize
C. Beetroot
D. None of these

Bamboo belongs to:

A. A weed family
B. A Herb family
C. A Grass family
D. None of these

_____ can help Bats to fly in the dark.

A. Electromagnetic waves
B. Ultrasonic waves
C. Ultra Violet waves
D. None of these

Fibula is a bone found in one of the following parts of the human body.

A. Arm
B. Leg
C. Skull
D. None of these

Which is the most sensitive part of eye?

A. Retina
B. Cornea
C. Pupil
D. Lens

Lipid-rich component of bacterial cell are:

A. Capsule
B. Cell Wall
C. Cell membrane
D. None of these

The fact that viruses are obligate intracellular parasites means that they require _____ for reproduction.

A. Tissue Culture
B. Host Cell
C. Bacteria
D. All of these

The genetic information of bacteria is stored in _____, in one circular chromosome.

C. Protein
D. None of these

Because penicillin prevents peptidoglycan synthesis, it is more effective on ___ cells.

A. Gram Positive
B. Gram Negative
C. Acid Fast
D. All of these

Miscible liquids that have different boiling points can be separated by:

A. Filtration
B. Decanting
C. Distillation
D. None of these

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