Everyday Science MCQS Set-9

Everyday Science MCQS Set-9 for preparation.

Which of the following is the source of purest water in nature?

A. River
B. Rain
C. Spring
D. Well

About 50% of the Earth’s crust including the waters on the earth and atmosphere is?

A. Clay
B. Silicon
C. Carbon Dioxide
D. Oxygen

Which of the following is Heavy water?

A. Seawater
B. D2O
C. H2O
D. None of these

Which atomic reactor is used for studies of uranium of heavy water lattice?

A. Apsara
B. Zerlina
C. Dhurva
D. Purnima -I

Which of the following can’t be used to make a solar cell?

A. Silicon
B. Platinum
C. Gallium
D. Germanium

The split ring in motion is called:

A. Armature
B. Rotor
C. Commutator
D. Core

Laws of electrolysis was given by:

A. Faraday
B. Maxwell
C. Lenz
D. Bohr

The various distribution circuits are connected in:

A. Series
B. Parallel
C. Series or parallel
D. None of these

The wire of an electric lamp has a:

A. High resistance and a high melting point
B. High resistance and a low melting point
C. Low resistance and a low melting point
D. Low resistance

Focusing in a camera is carried out by varying:

A. The amount of light
B. The distance of the lens from the film
C. The distance of the lens from the object
D. The brightness of light and speed of the shutter

What is the colour of red rose in green light?

A. Red
B. Yellow
C. Black
D. Blue

Ludington, Michigan has the biggest ___ storage system in the world.

A. Compressed Air
B. Chemical
C. Superconducting
D. Pumped Hydroelectric

An artificial earth satellite is said to be in geostationary orbit when:

A. It is so placed in the space that it does not move
B. It remains stationary in relation to the earth
C. Its course is governed by terrestrial gravity
D. It is made to stay in one place in obedience to commands from a space centre on earth

A gradual rise in a barometer height indicates:

A. Approach of fair weather
B. Approach of the immediate storm
C. Likelihood of rainfall
D. Nothing significant

Which is the densest planet of our solar system?

A. Sun
B. Jupiter
C. Mercury
D. Earth

Which habit may cause heart diseases?

A. Smoking
B. Taking Fast Foods
C. Taking soft drinks
D. All of the Above

One Kilometer is equal to ___.

A. 100 m
B. 1000 m
C. 1000 cm
D. 1000 mm

The sudden automatic responses of the body without the will of person are called ____.

A. Voluntary reaction
B. Involuntary reaction
C. Automatic reaction
D. Both B and C

Water is also called a Universal ______.

A. Reactor
B. Solution
C. Solute
D. Solvent

The term “Aqua” is a Latin word means _____.

A. Fire
B. Water
C. Sand
D. Air

Any two colors when combine and gave us White is called __________.

A. Compulsory colour
B. Secondary colour
C. Tertiary colour
D. Complementary colour

“Yellow + Blue” give us ______ Color.

A. Pink
B. Green
C. White
D. Grey

Red + Green give us _____ color.

A. White
B. Yellow
C. Black
D. Orange

“Red+Blue+Green” give ___ Color.

A. White
B. Black
C. Dark Red
D. Violet

Rainbow is produced by the ____ of light.

A. Resonance
B. Refraction
C. Reflection
D. Dispersion

When Iron metal rust it form ____.

A. Hydrogen Gas
B. Carbon Dioxide
C. Sulphur Oxide
D. Iron Oxide

The big bang theory was presented by _____.

A. Georges Lemaître
B. Mayim Bialik
C. Edwin Hubble
D. Ralph Asher Alpher

According to big bang theory all Mater was concentrated in one ____ meter.

A. Milli
B. Micro
C. Nano
D. Macro

____ observe that galaxy are not in stationery.

A. Edwin Hubble
B. Mark Stonnis
C. Carey Williams
D. Steve Anderson

Building blocks of the universe is called ____.

A.  All of the below
B. Air
C. Sand
D. Galaxies

Clusters of billions of store called _____.

A. Stars
B. Sky
C. Galaxies
D. Both A and C

A Fuse is used to prevent _______.

A. control voltage
B. Shortage
C. Excess of current
D. All of these

Fuse is connected in _____ in the electric circuit.

A. Parallel
B. Series
C. Perpendicular
D. opposite

Fuse work on the ____ of current.

A. Heating effect
B. Flow of charges
C. Flow of heat
D. None of these

Blood is an example of ______.

A. Circulation
B. Purification
C. Heating Effect
D. Suspension

Gasses necessary for burning and respiration is called _____.

A. Hydrogen
B. Nitrogen
C. Oxygen
D. Carbon Dioxide

Milk is the type of ___.

A. Rectification
B. Suspension
C. Saponofication
D. Dispersion

Plastic is a type of _____.

A. Polymer
B. Monomer
C. Suspension
D. None of these

A process in which Easter are converted into alcohol and soap are called ____.

A. Sanctification
B. Rectification
C. saoponification
D. Saponification

Ammonium Nitrate (Nh4No3) contain _____ percent of Nitrogen by mass.

A. 30%
B. 32%
C. 35%
D. 40%

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