Everyday Science MCQS Set-11

Everyday Science MCQS Set-11 for preparation.

Which of the following is the cause of greenhouse effect?

A. Over urbanization
B. Industrialization
C. Deforestation
D. All of these

Russia launched its space station into space in 1986, which was?

A. Skylab-II
B. Mir
C. Sputnik
D. Rahber

Bodies which usually fall from the sky on the Earth are called?

A. Rock
B. Meteors
C. Comets
D. None of these

Which of the following gases is most predominant in the Sun?

A. Helium
B. Hydrogen
C. Nitrogen
D. Ozone

“Deep Blue Black Box” term is connected with:

A. Computer science
B. Motor vehicle
C. Space science
D. Aircraft industry

Which of the following is a non-metallic mineral?

A. Cobalt
B. Gypsum
C. Thorium
D. Uranium

Unlike rodents, the rabbit has how many incisor teeth?

A. Five
B. Four
C. Three
D. Two

Human mouth produces ___ pints of Saliva a day?

A. 2-3
B. 2-2
C. 1-3
D. 3-4

XXY individual in Drosophila (fruit fly) is:

A. Male
B. Female
C. Sterile
D. All of the these

Sibling species are produced as a result of?

A. Sympatric Speciation
B. Allopatric Speciation
C. Both a & b
D. None of these

Which one of the following fertilizers contains a high percentage of nitrogen?

A. Urea
B. Ammonium nitrate
C. Calcium nitrate Ammonium
D. None of these

When the source is moving towards the observer at rest the apparent frequency will:

A. Increased
B. Decreased
C. Both of above
D. None of these

Bats navigate and find food by:

A. Eco-sounding
B. Eco-location
C. Acoustical echo
D. None of these

If the stars are moving away from the Earth show a:

A. Redshift
B. Blueshift
C. Greenshift
D. None of these

If the stars are moving towards the earth show a:

A. Redshift
B. Blueshift
C. Yellowshift
D. None of these

Doppler affect can be used to calculate the speeds of:

A. Planets
B. Distant stars
C. Galaxies
D. All of these

The military applications of Doppler’s effect are:

A. Location of submarines
B. Control of anti-submarine weapons
C. Depth measurement of sea
D. All of these

Sonar is the name of technique or detecting the presence of objects under water by:

A. Eco-ranging
B. Eco-sounding
C. Eco-acoustical
D. All of these

In Hook’s law, K is the spring constant depending on the:

A. Dimensions of spring
B. Material of spring
C. Applied force
D. All of these

Hook’s law is defined as:

A. F and X are direct proportional
B. F and X are inverse proportional
C. F and X has no relation
D. None of these

Restoring force is the:

A. Opposing force
B. Frictional force
C. Elastic force
D. All of these

The vibrating bodies produce:

A. Sound
B. Waves
C. Disturbance
D. All of these

The restoring force is always directed towards the:

A. Initial position
B. Final positions
C. Rest position or mean position
D. All of these

The body oscillates due to a:

A. Applied force
B. Restoring force
C. Frictional force
D. None of these

Oscillatory motion is a type of motion which is:

A. To and from
B. Vibratory motion
C. Periodic motions
D. All of these

Laser beam can be used for:

A. Wilding of detached retinas
B. Destroy tissues in a localized area
C. Sealed off capillaries for prevention of disease
D. All of these

Laser can be used in the field of:

A. Polarization
B. Telecommunications
C. Radioactivity
D. None of these

LASER is the potential energy source used to inducing:

A. Fission reactions
B. Fusion reactions
C. Chemical reactions
D. None of these

Laser light is used to destroy the:

A. Cancerous cells
B. Pre-cancerous cells
C. Tissues
D. All of these

In which process, the photon emits to produce laser beam?

A. Induced absorption
B. Spontaneous emission
C. Induced emission
D. All of these

In LASER principle, a photon produce another photon by the process of:

A. Excitation
B. De-excite
C. Ionization
D. None of these

LASER is a beam of light which is:

A. Monochromatic
B. Coherent
C. Very Narrow
D. All of them

X-rays are useful for which cells?

A. Living cells
B. Damaged cells
C. Cancerous cells
D. None of these

Darkening of X-ray film is proportional to the:

A. Current
B. Voltage
C. Radiation exposure
D. None of these

X-Rays can penetrate into a solid matter for:

A. Some millimeter
B. Centimeter
C. Several centimeters
D. None of these

The energy of characteristic X-rays depends on the:

A. Wavelength
B. Target material
C. Frequency
D. None of these

Inner shell transition in X-Rays takes place in:

A. Lighter elements
B. Medium element
C. Heavy elements
D. None of these

Using spectroscopy the helium was identified in the:

A. Stars
B. Sun
C. Earth
D. None of these

When an electric current passes through atomic gas under reduced pressure, the spectra observed is

A. Continuous
B. Line
C. Band
D. None of these

Balmer series of hydrogen spectrum were identified by J.J. Balmer in:

A. 1882
B. 1888
C. 1885
D. 1896

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