Everyday Science MCQS Set-10

Everyday Science MCQS Set-10 for preparation.

Which area in a lake mainly nourished by detritus?

A. Limnetic Zone
B. Littoral Zone
C. Profundal Zone
D. All of these

Which of the following Vitamin is necessary for vision in dim light?

A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin B
C. Vitamin C
D. Vitamin D

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that it is impossible to determine accurately what of fast moving particles simultaneously?

A. Position and quanta
B. Principal and secondary quantum numbers
C. Electrostatic attraction
D. Position and momentum

If you have light of 5500 Angstroms, What color is it?

A. Blue
B. Green
C. Yellow
D. Yellow-Green

What Greek letter is used to denote frequency?

A. Lambda
B. Nu
C. Phi
D. Kappa

His theory, simplified, was that the electrons in the atom move in precisely determined orbits.

A. Pauli
B. Bohr
C. Aufbau
D. Hertz

He said all matter in motion has a wavelike nature.

A. de Broglie
B. Planck
C. Schrodinger
D. Thomson

What light source is used for most color analysis instruments?

A. Xenon
B. Neon
C. Tungsten
D. Deuterium

An “illuminant” is the term used to describe the light energy that hits an object. What is used to refer to the color of illuminants?

A. Gravity
B. Watts
C. Distance
D. Temperature

What type of radiation did Dr. Banner expose himself to in his experiment to achieve superhuman strength?

A. X-ray
B. Radio
C. Ultraviolet
D. Gamma

Which of the following EM types have the lowest energy levels?

A. Ultraviolet
B. Microwave
C. X-rays
D. Gamma rays

Which of the following EM types have the highest energy levels?

A. Radio
B. Visible
C. X-rays
D. Infrared

What device makes use of EM radiation?


What type of EM radiation gives people tans?

A. Gamma
B. Infrared
C. Ultraviolet
D. Visible

Besides X-rays, what other type of EM radiation is used to look inside a human body without cutting it open?

A. Infrared
B. Radio waves
C. Gamma rays
D. None of these

What range of electromagnetic radiation is used to cook food in special ovens?

A. Gamma
B. infrared
C. Microwave
D. ultraviolet

What is the range of frequencies in which AM radio operates?

A. 88 to 108 MHz
B. 215 to 220 MHz
C. 54 to 88 MHz
D. 550 to 1700 KHz

Which of the following mirrors is most suitable for using as a reflector in car headlights?

A. Parabolic mirror
B. Convex mirror
C. Concave mirror
D. Plane mirror

A ray of white light strikes a rectangular glass block normally. How many rays of light, and what, emerge from the block?

A. Seven rays of light (VIBGYOR)
B. Three rays of red, blue, and green light respectively
C. One ray of white light
D. None of these

Which of the following prisms would be suitable for use in a periscope?

A. An isosceles right angled prism
B. An equilateral prism
C. An isosceles prism
D. None of these

What do you get when you add all of the additive colors together?

A. Black
B. White
C. Brown
D. Grey

A red tomato appears to be which under blue light?

A. Black
B. Red
C. Blue
D. Purple

Why does a green cucumber appear green?

A. It gives off green particles, which enter your eyes.
B. Green particles are attracted to it.
C. It absorbs all the colors except for green, so you only see green
D. None of these

What is light subtraction?

A. It is shutting out light beams to create a darkened void.
B. It is using the color spectrum to see if stars are moving away from Earth.
C. It is how things that do not give off light are colored
D. None of these

What is light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation?

A. Solar energy
B. A laser
C. Plasma
D. Cosmic rays

A dental plate clings to the roof of the mouth because:

A. Force of cohesion increases
B. Force of cohesion decreases
C. Force of adhesion increases
D. Force of adhesion decreases

An ice ball floats into a water tank, when the ice melts, the water level:

A. Rises
B. Does not change
C. Falls down
D. None of these

A hot body will radiate heat most rapidly if its surface is:

A. White and polished
B. White and rough
C. Black and polished
D. Black and rough

The ratio of the velocity of the body to the velocity of the sound is called:

A. Magic number
B. Replace number
C. Natural number
D. Match number

Ponds looks shallow because of:

A. Reflection
B. Refraction
C. Diffusion
D. Dispersion

Diffusion of light in atmosphere takes place due to:

A. Carbon dioxide
B. Dust particles
C. Helium
D. Water Vapour

Which suffers minimum deviation when white light undergoes dispersion?

A. Green
B. Red
C. Violet
D. Yellow

The field in which Einstein won Nobel Prize:

A. Biology
B. Mathematics
C. Physics
D. Education

Shooting star is another name for:

A. Comet
B. Meteor
C. Solar flare
D. Nebulae

Galaxies are usually classified on the basis of there:

A. Mass
B. Size
C. Shape
D. All of these

Electromagnets are used in:

A. Electric bells
B. Telephones
C. Dynamos
D. All of above

Magnetite is a/an

A. Neutral magnet
B. Electromagnet
C. U-shaped magnet
D. None of these

Choose the source of energy which is different from others?

A. Biogas
B. Plants
C. Vegetable refuse
D. Crude oil

Instead of using an AC, what will happen if a refrigerator is placed open in an air-tight closed room?

A. Room will repeatedly become cool and hot alternatively
B. Room will become cooler
C. Room will become hotter
D. Room’s temperature will not change

The fuse wire is generally made of:

A. Silver
B. Copper
C. Tin-Lead Alloy
D. Silver & Copper

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