PPSC Assistant Director Local Government Past Paper 2020

PPSC Assistant Director Local Government Past Paper 2020 for preparation. ( NTS CSS SPSC )

The …….. perspective draws on the ways in which human mental abilities serve adaptive purposes.

A) Cognitive

B) Evolutionary

C) Humanistic

D) None of these

Taking talk about suicide as a warning can help in prevention because:

A) Most people who commit suicide have shared their intentions with others

B) It can be altered

C) It is data for the study

D) None of these

A student who faces the stress of failing several courses might spend long hours studying seeking stress. Which stage of stress it is:

A) Alarm & mobilization

B) Exhaustion

C) Resistance

D) None of these

A personality characteristics associated with a lower rate of stress-related illness:

A) Type A

B) Type B

C) Type D

D) None of these

According to Rogers, the core conditions that are an integral part of the therapeutic relationship are:

A) Congruence


C) Empathy

D) All of these

According to Freud, which of the following is the ”royal road to the unconscious”:

A) Free association

B) Analysis of dream

C) Analysis of transference

D) None of these

…….. Section CrPC deals with arrest by or in presence of a Magistrate.

A) 61

B) 60

C) 64

D) None of these

Reference to the High court is made under section …… CPC.

A) 114

B) 113

C) 116

D) None of these

According to section 359 PPC, Kidnapping is of …… types?

A) Four

B) Five

C) Two

D) None of these

Suits to be instituted where subject matter situated deals under ……. section CPC.

A) 17

B) 15

C) 16

D) None of these

اس شعر میں قافیہ کیاہے؟

ستاروں سے آگے جہاں اور بھی ہيں
ابھی عشق کے امتحاں اور بھی ہيں

A) جہاں ، امتحان

B) اور بھی ہيں

C) بھی ہيں

D) شعر میں قافیہ نہیں

The Mosque of ‘Dai Anga’ is located in:

A) Rawalpindi

B) Multan

C) Lahore

D) Kasur

Holy Quran was translated into Persian by?

A) Syed Ahmad

B) Shah Waliullah

C) Shah Abdul Rahim

D) Shah Ismail

Mohanlal Karamchand Gandhi renounced his formal membership of the congress in?

A) 1934

B) 1940

C) 1946

D) 1947

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan is buried in:

A) Aligarh, UP India

B) Delhi, India

C) Karachi, Pakistan

D) London, UK

Which of the following river does not form delta before falling into sea?

A) Amazon River

B) Ok Tedi River

C) Columbia River

D) All of these

Lake Tana is present in:

A) Algeria

B) Uganda

C) Ethiopia

D) Somalia

The narrow strip in Afghanistan that separates Pakistan from Tajikistan is called?

A) Wakhan Corridor

B) Durand line

C) Makhmud Border

D) Khunjerab

Waterloo where Napoleon was finally defeated, is situated in:

A) France

B) Germany

C) Holland

D) Belgium

The headquarters of Arab Monetary Fund is located in:

A) Abu Dhabi

B) Cairo

C) Doha

D) Jeddah

According to section ……. CPC, a police officer may arrest without warrant:

A) 54

B) 59

C) 53

D) None of these

Giving false evidence is an offense punishment under section:

A) 189 PPC

B) 191 PPC

C) 190 PPC

D) None of these

The word Coin is defined under section ……. PPC.

A) 229

B) 230

C) 233

D) None of these

High Court may transfer case or try itself under section ……. CrPC.

A) 529

B) 530

C) 526

D) None of these

A police officer shall detain in custody a person arrested without a warrant for a period which does:

A) 12 hours

B) 24 hours

C) 48 hours

D) None of these

Rioting is defined under section …… PPC:

A) 142

B) 147

C) 146

D) None of these

The arrangement of jobs on the basis of their duties, responsibilities, and skills is prepared in:

A) Position classifications

B) Job descriptions

C) Equal employment opportunity programs

D) None of these

?رسالہ مخزن کا اجرا کب ہوا

A) 1900

B) 1901

C) 1902

D) 1903

ہندی صنف نظم ’’ دوہا ‘‘ مشتمل ہوتا ہے؟

A) فقط ایک شعر پر

B) دو شعروں پر

C) چار شعروں پر

D) طوالت پر پابندی نہیں

چراغ پا ہونا ‘‘ محاورہ ہے۔ اس کا مفہوم کیا ہے؟ “

A) غصے کی حالت

B) رو شنی بکھیرنا

C) خو شیاں باٹننا

D) تذ بذب کی حالت

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