PPSC Past Paper Accountant Local Government 2020

PPSC Past Paper Accountant Local Government 2020 for preparation. ( MPT MCQs FPSC )

Main Instrument of the money market is:

A) Shares

B) Debentures

C) Mortgages

D) Treasury bill

…… is a form of partnership where a partner is liable for the amount of capital invested in business:

A) Special partnership

B) General partnership

C) Limited partnership

D) None of these

……. related personality factor deals with one’s ability to manage emotions.

A) Emotional Intelligence

B) Consciousness

C) Neuroticism

D) Openness to experience

The ownership of the central bank of may belong to:

A) Government

B) Private ownership

C) Both A and B

D) None of these

Herzberg’s Motivation two-factor theory covers, factors named ……. And ……?

A) Hygiene and motivator factors

B) Hygiene and esteem factors

C) Motivators and esteem factors

D) None of these

Selling is different from marketing, as:

A) Selling is outside in activity

B) Selling is inside out activity

C) Marketing is inside out activity

D) All of these

Classroom lectures, seminars, and workshops are examples of:

A) Non-Job training

B) On-the-job training

C) Off-the-job training

D) None of these

Marketing is an ……..?

A) Outside inactivity

B) Inside-out activity

C) Both in and outside activity

D) None of these

Setting goals and devising strategies to achieve them denotes which of the management function?

A) Controlling

B) Leading

C) Organizing

D) Planning

…… is a better synonym for an average.

A) Geometric mean

B) Harmonic mean

C) Arithmetic mean

D) Weighted average mean

PSX is a/an ……. company:

A) Limited by shares

B) Unlimited liability

C) Single member

D) Limited by guarantee

Pakistan follows the following budgeting system at the Federal level:

A) Zero-Based Budgeting

B) Program Budgeting

C) Incremental/decremental budgeting

D) Responsibility Budgeting

Under the Rule of thumb, a good current rate is:

A) 6: 1

B) 10: 1

C) 5: 1

D) 2: 1

The following represent tangible assets and are shown in the balance sheet:

A) People

B) Expenses

C) Revenue

D) Goodwill

The worksheet is equivalent to the:

A) Balance sheet

B) Income statement

C) Trial Balance

D) None of these

Accounting requirements governing NGOs prescribed in:

A) Partnership Act 1932

B) Cooperative Societies legislation

C) Companies Ordinance 1984

D) None of these

Trading loss occurs when:

A) Revenues exceed the matching relevant

B) Revenue and matching costs are equal to costs each other

C) When relevant matching cost exceeds revenues

D) None of these

Under the Companies Ordinance 1984, disclosure of financial information is legally required for listed companies under:

A) Schedule 6

B) Schedule 5

C) Schedule 4

D) Schedule 8

The accumulated loss of a company is shown in the balance sheet as:

A) Liability

B) Asset

C) As a footnote to the balance sheet

D) None of these

Conversion Cost is calculated as under:

A) Labour plus Materials

B) Labour plus overheads

C) Labour minus overhead

D) None of these

An auditor is liable under the following circumstances:

A) Third-Party Liabilities

B) Fraud perpetrated in highly sophisticated circumstances

C) Both of the above

D) None of these

Sugar used in a sugarcane company is:

A) Variable cost

B) Semi-Variable Cost

C) Fixed cost

D) Step fixed cost

Return on investment is computed:

A) Investment / Profit x 100

B) (Profit / Investment) x 100

C) (Profit — dividend) / investment x 100

D) None of these

Under the diminishing balance method depreciation amount is:

A) Payment

B) Receipt

C) Expenditure

D) None of these

Amount, cash, or other assets removed from business by owner is:

A) Capital

B) Drawings

C) Assets

D) None of these

Unpaid and unrecorded expenses are called?

A) Prepaid expenses

B) Accrued expenses

C) Additional expenses

D) None of these

For preparing balance sheets expenses are shown as part of:

A) Liability

B) Equities

C) Assets

D) None of these

Books of original entry are called?

A) Ledger

C) Journal

B) Worksheets

D) None of these

Sources of funds can be increased by:

A) Describing selling prices

B) Increasing expenditure

C) By opting for efficient processes

D) None of above

The combination can be best described as:

A) Restructuring of Capital of a Company

B) Reduction of Capital of a Company

C) Amalgamation of two different types of businesses

D) Joint venture

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