inspector Youth Affairs 2019 sports Archeology Department

inspector Youth Affairs 2019 sports Archeology Department

Which country is ahead in coffee production?

A) Brazil

B) England

C) India

D) Kenya

Hamburg is the chief seaport of:

A) Germany

B) Canada

C) Belgium

D) England

Chennai is the new name of which Indian state?

A) Haryana

B) Chandigarh

C) Calcutta

D) Madras

‘Blue House is the official residence of:

A) Prime Minister of Britain

B) Chancellor of Germany

C) Vatican Pope

D) President of Korea

“Asiana Airlines” is the airline of which country?

A) Japan

B) South Korea

C) North Korea

D) Malaysia

What is a ‘Brain Drain’?

A) Emigration of skilled workers to other countries

B) Emigration of intellectuals and technical personnel to other countries

C) Emigration of a lot of people to other countries

(D) Lack of unity among the nation

‘Nippon’ is the stock exchange of:

A) Japan

B) France



The American Declaration of Independence was written by:

A) George Washington

B) Thomas Jefferson

C) James Madison

D) John Adams

The famous “Tennis Court Oath” is associated with:

A) American War of Independence

B) French Revolution

C) Emperor Czar Alexander

D) Russian Revolution

Akhtar Hameed Khan was associated with:

A) Urban development

B) Rural Development

C) Both A and B

D) None of these

The First Civilian martial law in Pakistan ended on:

A) 20 April 1970

B) 20 April 1971

C) 20 April 1972

D) None of these

Which of the following river does not make a delta?

A) Narmada River

B) Ganges River

C) Indus River

D) Jamuna River

What is the old name of Idara Farogh e Qoumi Zuban?

A) Idara Qoumi Zuban Urdu

B) Muqtadra Oaumi Zaban

C) Idara Tahafuz e Urdu

D) None of these

In Microsoft Windows 7 which among the following is not a gadget?

A) Currency

B) Weather

C) Calendar

D) News

Which of the following is the largest unit of storage?

A) Kilobytes

B) Megabytes

C) Gigabytes

D) Terabytes

Pervaiz Musharaf was elected chief of Army Staff on:

A) 6 Oct 1998

B) 19 Jan 1998

C) 6 March 1998

D) None of these

ISBN stands for:

A) International Standard Book Numbering

B) International Stationed Bloomberg Number

C) International Standard Booking Number

D) International Standard Book Number

G20 is a group of:

A) 19 Countries and the EU

B) EU end the G7

C) 10 Countries and the EU

D) None of these

Complete the Chinese proverb. “Heaven is high end the …… is far away”.

A) King

B) Emperor

C) Ruler

D) None of these

How many columns are there in Excel 2015?

A) 16,388

B) 16,384

C) 17,384

D) None of these

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