Inspector Investigation FIA (2019)

Inspector Investigation FIA (2019) ( PPSC FPSC NTS CSS AJKPSC KPPSC SPSC )

The ozone gas?

A) Destroys the floating germs in the air

B) Increases the floating germs in the air

C) Decreases the floating germs in the air

D) None of these

The third isotope of hydrogen is called?

A) Protium

B) Deuterium

C) Tritium

D) None of these

Third shell in an orbit can hold up to?

A) 18 Electrons

B) 16 Electrons

C) 14 Electrons

D) None of these

Complete the series 2, 3, 5, 8,12, ….?

A) 16

B) 17

C) 18

D) None of these

If 10 people can do a piece of work in 5 days, working 2 hours a day, how long will 2 people take to do the same work, working 5 hours a day?

A) 8 days

B) 5 days

C) 10 days

D) None of these

PVC stands for?

A) Polyvinyle chloride

B) Polyvinyle chlorine

C) Polyvinyle carbon

D) None of these

Accessory Gland close to digestive system and duodenums?

A) Kidney

B) Liver

C) Pancreas

D) None of these

Galileo discovered that falling bodies have same?

A) Velocity

B) Acceleration

C) Speed

D) All of these

Cyclone is?

A) Centripetal force

B) Centripetal acceleration

C) Circular moving

D) None of these

Vitamin C prevents the disease of?

A) Scurvy

B) Heart attack

C) Abdominal pain

D) None of these

Silver fish belongs to?

A) Fish

B) Insect

C) Reptile

D) None of these

Fruits without seed, like banana are called?

A) Seedless fruits

B) Parthenogenesis fruits

C) Parthenocapric fruits

D) None of these

The study of energy production in living bodies is?

A) Biology

B) Biomechanics

C) Bioenergetics

D) None of these

The branch of science which deals with the nature of sound and its transmission is called?

A) Acoustics

B) Aeronautics

C) Mechanics

D) None of these

The main stimulant in tea leaves is?

A) Leaves

B) Caffeine

C) Grain

D) None of these

Which of the following elements is not present abundantly in earth’s crust?

A) Silicon

B) Radium

C) Aluminium

D) None of these

If two systems A and B are in thermal equilibrium with a third system C then A and B are is thermal equilibrium with each other. This Is called?

A) First law of thermodynamics

B) Second law of thermodynamics

C) Zeroth law of thermodynamics

D) None of these

The times constant of a circuit containing capacitance C and resistance R is?


B) 1/RC

C) R/C

D) None of these

Electric lines of force?

A) Intersect each other

B) Are always parallel

C) Never intersect

D) None of these

The current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the voltage across the two points, is known as?

A) Kirchhoff’s 1st law

B) Kirchhoff’s 2nd law

C) Ohm’s law

D) None of these

Among slaves who accepted Islam first of all?

A) Hazrat Bilal bin Rabah R.A

B) Hazrat Zaid bin Harris R.A

C) Hazrat Ammar bin Yassir R.A

D) None of these

Literal meaning of ‘Iblis’ is?

A) Angry one

B) Disputlous one

C) Disappointed one

D) None of these

The depth of Zam Zam well is?

A) 100 feet

B) 120 feet

C) 140 feet

D) None of these

Which bird was sent by Hazrat Noah A.S to search for land?

A) Dove

B) Pigeon

C) Woodpecker

D) None of these

In which night the Holy Quran was first revealed?

A) Shab-e-Barat

B) Shab-e-Miraj

C) Laila-tul-Qadar

D) None of these

According to the Holy Quran, the men of Kahf slept for a period of?

A) 200 years

B) 300 years

C) 309 years

D) None of these

Kalima Astaghfar is the Kalima number?

A) 2

B) 5

C) 6

D) None of these

Which religion is the favorite of God according to the Holy Quran?

A) Judaism

B) Christianity

C) Islam

D) None of these

How many stages are there in the Holy Quran?

A) Eight Stages

B) Eleven Stages

C) Seven stages

D) None of these

Who is called as Najeeb-Ullah?

A) Hazrat Musa A.S

B) Hazrat Isa A.S

C) Hazrat Dawood A.S

D) None of these

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