Islamiat General Knowledge

Islamiat General Knowledge MCQs compiled from various previous papers held by public service commission for different jobs tests.

The oldest revealed divine book is:

(A). Tawrat

(B). Injeel

(C). Zaboor

(D). None of these

Umm-ul-Masakeen was the title given to one of the wives of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)?

(A). Hazrat Aysha R.A

(B). Hazrat Khadija R.A

(C). Hazrat Salma R.A

(D). Hazrat Zainab bint e Khuzaima R.A

Prostration is obligatory in the Holy Quran, for how many times?

(A). 18

(B). 14

(C). 20

(D). 13

The only sahabi who was mentioned by name in the Holy Quran is?

(A). Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed R.A

 (B). Hazrat Umar R.A

(C). Hazrat Zaid bin Harith R.A

(D). None of the these

In the First Revelation the Holy Verse of Surah were cited?

(A). Al-Baqrah

(B). Al-Fatiha

(C). Yaseen

(D). AI-Alaq

When zakat system was fully enforced in the life of the Holy Prophet (SAW)?

(A). 7 A.H

(B). 2 A.H

(C). 5 A.H

(D). 9 A.H

Name the Surah in which mentions the Rights of Parents?

(A). AI-Maeda

(B). Surah Luqman

(C). Surah Ahzab

(D). Al-Mudassar

Hazrat Ali (R.A) martyred in?

(A). 17 Ramazan, 40 Hijri

(B). 17 Rajab, 40 Hijri

(C). 21 Shaban, 40 Hijri

(D). 21 Ramazan, 40 Hijri

Who was the mother of Hazrat Usman (R.A)?

(A). Arwa

(B). Haleema binte Saad

(C). Salma binye Sukhar

(D). None of these

Which of the following punishment was introduced by Hazrat Umer (R.A) during his Caliphate?

(A). Cutting of hands

(B). Exile

(C). Capital Punishment

(D). Flopping

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