Pakistan Studies MCQS set wise

Pakistan Studies MCQS set wise for preparation.

When Muhammad Ali Jinnah joined Congress?

A. 1896
B. 1902
C. 1904
D. 1906

In which year Quaid-e-Azam accepted the Cabinet Mission Plan?

A. 1946
B. 1947
C. 1948
D. 1949

In which year Quaid-e-Azam resigned from congress due to differences with its leaders?

A. 1907
B. 1913
C. 1916
D. 1920

In which city, Indian National Congress and the All India Muslim League held their sessions jointly in 1916?

A. Bombay
B. Lucknow
C. Calcutta
D. Delhi

Which Muslim leader established London branch of the Muslim League?

A. Quaid-e-Azam
B. Allama Iqbal
C. Sir Syed Ahmad
D. Syed Ameer Ali

When did LoC come into existence?

A. 03 July 1972
B. 23 July 1972
C. 03 July 1973
D. 23 July 1973:

The Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 that took place between:

A. January 1965 and February 1965
B. March 1965 and May 1965
C. April 1965 and September 1965
D. September 1965 and December 1965

The Siachen conflict, was fought in which years?

A. 1982 – 2000
B. 1983 – 2003
C. 1984 – 2003
D. 1988 – 2003

In Kargil War how many Pakistani soldiers received the Nishan-e-Haider?

A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. None

Kargil War was fought in which year?

A. 1996
B. 1997
C. 1998
D. 1999

Bangladesh Liberation War was fought in which year?

A. 1969
B. 1970
C. 1971
D. 1972

Who was the founder of Islamic State in India?

A. Shahabuddin Ghori
B. Qutubuddin Aibak
C. Iltutmish
D. Muhammad bin Tughluq

Mohammad bin Qasim conquered Sindh during:

A. Abbasid caliphate
B. Umayyad caliphate
C. Rashidun caliphate
D. Ottoman caliphate

Present Sindhi alphabets made by:

A. Sir Bartle Frere
B. John Hookham Frere
C. Frederic Thesiger
D. Cetshwayo kaMpande

When Ilbert Bill was presented?

A. 1881
B. 1882
C. 1883
D. 1884

Hayate-e-Javed is written by Altaf Hussain Hali about:

A. Agha Khan
B. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
C. Allama Iqbal
D. Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan

In India English Education Act was first initiated in:

A. 1838
B. 1835
C. 1836
D. 1837

Who wrote Loyal Mohammandan’s of India (The Causes of the Indian Revolt)?

A. Mohsin-ul-Mulk
B. Khwaja Salimullah
C. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
D. Nawab Waqar

Who founded Urdu Defence Association?

A. Nawab Waqar Ul Kamboh
B. Mohsin-ul-Mulk
C. Agha Khan III
D. Khwaja Salimullah

War of independence started on:

A. May 9, 1855
B. May 10, 1856
C. May 10, 1857
D. May 9, 1858

Who was the first Viceroy of the subcontinent?

A. Lord Mount Batten
B. Lord William
C. Lord Canning
D. Lord Warren Hastings

n India the first gate of entrance of Europeans was:

A. Mumbai
B. Calicut
C. Sindh
D. Amritsar

Silk Letter Movement (Rashmi Romal) campaign started by ____ before war of Independence.

A. Maulana Husain Ahmed Madni
B. Maulana Shah Raheem
C. Maulana Mahmud Hasan
D. Ubaidullah Sindhi

In India French East India company was established in:

A. 1664
B. 1665
C. 1666
D. 1667

Who was the Governor General of India during Sepoy Mutiny (Indian Rebellion)?

A. Lord William Banting
B. Lord Mayo
C. Lord Canning
D. Lord Mount Batten

Sir John Marshal ordered the digging of Mohenjo-Daro in:

A. 1921
B. 1922
C. 1923
D. 1924

Mohenjo-Daro discovered in which year?

A. 1921
B. 1922
C. 1923
D. 1924

First census in India made during the period of:

A. Lord Mayo
B. Lord Canning
C. Sir John Marshal
D. Lord William Bantink

Tashkent Pact was signed by Ayub khan and Shastri in:

A. 1948
B. 1954
C. 1966
D. 1972

Major Aziz Bhatti was martyred in ____.

A. 1962 war
B. 1965 war
C. 1975 war
D. 1976 war

Defense day is celebrated in Pakistan since:

A. 1948
B. 1954
C. 1966
D. 1972

Shuddhi movement was started by ____.

A. Mahatma Gandhi
B. Swami Dayanand Saraswati
C. Abdul Kalam Azad
D. Agha Khan

Hijrat Movement was launched in which year?

A. 1919
B. 1920
C. 1921
D. 1922

War of Independence started in 1857 from which city?

A. Kolkata
B. Mumbai
C. Meerut
D. Banaras

Khilafat day was observed on:

A. November 17, 1917
B. October 17, 1918
C. March 17, 1919
D. October 17, 1919

When Chauri Chuara incident took place?

A. 1916
B. 1919
C. 1920
D. 1922

When Khilafat Movement started?

A. 1916
B. 1919
C. 1921
D. 1923

Rowaltt Act was passed in which year?

A. 1916
B. 1918
C. 1919
D. 1921

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