KPPSC Past Papers

KPPSC Past Papers for preparation. ( CSS FPSC IBA )

The movement that developed in the 1990s in opposition to the possible expansion of the United Nations Security Council is called:

A) Coffee Club

B) Uniting for Consensus (UFC)

C) Both of these

D) None of these

Which of the following is not associated with UNO?





The headquarters of the International Red Cross is situated in:

A) Paris

B Geneva

C) Hague

D) None of these

The term “Million” is an expression of:

A) Ten Lac

B) Hundred Lac

C) A thousand times one thousand

D) A thousand times one Lac

Which of the following countries has unwritten constitution?

A) Saudi Arabia

B) Canada

C) Both of these

D) None of these

Mention the country which is not the member of UNO:

A) China


C) Taiwan


Who is the current president of the United Nations General Assembly?

A) Trygve Lie

B) Antonio Guterres

C) Tijjani Muhammad Bande 

D) None of these

The main organs of the United Nations are:

A) Five in number

B) Six in number

C) Seven in number

D) None of these

The main objective of the Non-Alignment Movement is to:

A) Improve the world economy

B) Abolish racial discrimination

C) Forge unity in the third world countries 

D) Work towards world peace

The main thrust of the doctrine of “Panchsheel” consists in:

A) Non-alignment

B) Disarmament agreements

C) Peaceful coexistence

D) Trade agreements  

Althing is the oldest parliament in the world. Of which of the following countries this parliament belongs?

A) England

B) Poland

C) Germany

D) Iceland

Which of the following countries has the lowest life expectancy rate?

A) Finland

B) Central African republic

C) Sri Lanka

D) Maldives

How many people died in Titanic incident?

A) 3513

B) 2513

C) 1513

D) None of these

First cloned animal is:

A) Dotty (Donkey)

B) Dolly (Monkey)

C) Dolly (Sheep)

D) Alpha (Sheep)

Which country is the largest oil consumer?


B) Russia

C) Pakistan

D) China

Name the first man who did walk in space?

A) Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin

B) Neil Armstrong

C) Lt. Col Alexei Lenovo

D) Jr. Lt. Vladimirovna

Who was the first lady Prime Minister in the world?

A) Benazir Bhutto

B) Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike

C) Margret Thatcher

D) None of these

Which is the fastest flying bird?

A) Indian Falcon

B) African Falcon

C) Australian Falcon

D) Peregrine Falcon

Who is the largest crude oil producer in the world?

A) Saudi Arabia


C) Russia

D) Iran

Longest frontier 16416 km exists between:

A) China & India

B) Australia & Japan

C) Canada & USA

D) USA & Mexico    

Pinpoint the wrong statement:

A) The CTBT has been signed up in 1999 by 155 states

B) Pakistan has voted in the favour of CTBT when it was adopted by UNO

C) CTBT will not come into force unless Pakistan, India & Korea signed the treaty

D) Only France, UK & China have ratified the treaty among the permanent of The UN Security Council

The dispute over the Siachen Glacier area belt is between:

A) Afghanistan & Pakistan

B) India & Pakistan

C) China & Pakistan

D) China & India

What do you understand by the term “Anti Semitism”?

A) Total ban of free trade

B) Animosity towards Hindus

C) Animosity towards Jews

D) None of these

The headquarters of SEATO is located in:

A) Bangkok (Thailand)

B) Vienna (Austria)

C) Paris (France)

D) Willington (New Zealand)

Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand & Philippines form an Association named:





Free Trade means:

A) No restriction on the movement of the goods from one part of country to other

B) No ban on the import or export of commodity between different countries

C) Goods exchange between countries with lowest rate

D) None of these

Which of the following country is included in Arab league?

A) Iraq

B) Libya

C) Both of these

D) None of these

Most popular Tax heaven countries include:

A) Andorra

B) Hong Kong

C) Panama

D) All of these

Which is the most populous continent?

A) Africa

B) Asia

C) America

D) Europe

Country with the lowest GDP per capita is:

A) South Sudan

B) Bhutan

C) Maldives

D) Congo

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